Liverpool credit card: how to process it

Liverpool credit card: how to process it

One of the largest department stores in México makes available to its customers a series of credit cards that allow them to enjoy promotions and discounts that you will definitely love.

Here we present the Liverpool credit card and how to process it.

What is Liverpool?

Liverpool is a department store chain with a large presence in México and that seeks to establish itself in the taste of customers through its wide range of top quality products, its quality of service and its constant interest in innovation.

It offers people promotions, discounts, a diverse depósito of elementos and its incredibly useful financial products, such as the liverpool credit card This network of stores promises to remain in the taste of Mexicans for a long time.

We recommend entering the website of the department store to know much more about the benefits, services and details that this trade offers.

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Liverpool Credit Cards

This highly reputable department store in Aztec lands offers a series of quite interesting products for those who want a payment instrument that allows them to start credit, pay for their purchases without having cash and obtain benefits in the Liverpool chain stores.

The Liverpool card is a financial product sponsored by the Liverpool department store chain, to enjoy the promotions and benefits created exclusively for it.

Among the benefits offered by the Liverpool credit card in México, include:

  • Ten percent discount on purchases you make when the card is released.

    This discount is added to current promotions both in stores and in the virtual store.

  • No annual fee is paid.
  • Fixed payments in Liverpool warehouses and Factories in France.
  • Promotions and offers valid only for Liverpool chain stores.
  • Alerts vía mensaje de texto* if you make purchases, advances or have cash.
  • Additional cards that have no cost.

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Requirement to apply for the card

Some of the necessary requirements to apply for the Liverpool credit card are:

  • A monthly income of 4000 pesos is required.
  • This card is delivered with or without credit history.
  • When you have a credit history, enjoy the Express Procedure.

Liverpool Livertu Card – Liverpool

This card mainly favors university students, since they enjoy benefits very afín to those of other credit cards from the chain of stores, but with slightly more maleable requirements and in accordance with university life.

These include:

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  • Age of the applicant between 18 and 23 years.
  • Income of at least 2500 pesos per month.
  • It is delivered without credit history, however, one of the parents must be joint and several when there is no income.
  • You must be studying.

Factories of France-Liverpool card

It generally offers the same benefits as the classic Liverpool credit card, although we cánido add that it has exclusive promotions and offers for chains and boutiques in Liverpool and Factorías de Francia.

Among the basic requirements for the application we find:

  • Minimum income of four thousand pesos per month.
  • A credit experience is not necessary, but the processing and issuance of it is much faster if you have it.

Departmental Card Suburbia – Liverpool

In this case, it does not have an annual fee and offers a ten percent discount on the first purchase you make with it at Suburbia Stores and at

In addition, it has an integrated electronic wallet, allowing you to collect and save electronic money on certain promotions.

  • The monthly income required to apply for it is 2000 pesos.
  • It perro be processed with or without credit history.
  • Be over 25 years of age.
  • Valid and legal identity document.

Liverpool VISA Card

The Liverpool VISA card has, among other benefits, participation in the Puntos Rosas loyalty program, offering a percentage in points for purchases you make in the Liverpool chain (stores and boutiques) and other businesses.

In addition, it has the backing of VISA that allows the use of the card in any part of the Mexican territory and outside its borders.

You perro withdraw cash at ATMs in Liverpool, RED and PLUS stores.

Among the main requirements for the application and approval of the card are:

  • Verifiable monthly income of 5,000 pesos
  • You must have a bank, departmental credit card, personal payroll, automotive or mortgage credit, as a credit reference.
  • Be over eighteen years of age.
  • Proof of address.
  • Legal and current identity document.

How to get Liverpool cards?

The process to apply for and obtain Liverpool credit cards is quite fácil.

First of all, you must go to the premises of the Liverpool chain with all your requirements, we recommend that you select the one closest to your home or place of work.

Requirements for FONACOT credit

En línea replenishments or requests for Liverpool credit cards are only made if you already have one before.

If you are a new customer, you must necessarily attend one of the warehouse locations.

Where cánido I use the Liverpool credit card?

Depending on the Liverpool card you have, you have at your disposal a wide variety of commercial premises and virtual stores where you perro buy.

These include:


Liverpool Visa Credit Card allows you to make purchases in Liverpool stores and boutiques, commercial premises in France and all establishments that accept visas inside or outside México.


Other Liverpool credit cards: with these you perro make purchases at Liverpool and Factoría Francia stores, as well as opting for cash withdrawal at ATMs.

However, it cannot be purchased at other national or international commercial establishments.

How to make Liverpool Card payments?

Generally, the cards are paid monthly, so you perro pay off the different purchases made with them.

Payment perro be made in person at the different banks authorized to receive them, including:

Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash

  • Bancomer.
  • IXE.
  • Banamex.
  • HSBC.

You perro also cancel for greater convenience through the website from section my credit or in the Liverpool Pocket Aplicación which perro be used for Android and iOS devices.

In addition, it perro be paid with BBVA Bancomer or Citibanamex debit cards and vía SPEI transfers.

More procedures in México:

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 Liverpool credit card: how to process it
  Liverpool credit card: how to process it
  Liverpool credit card: how to process it

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