Litepick | Earn Litecoin completely

Litepick | Earn Litecoin completely

Litepick It is currently one of the easiest and fastest options to earn cryptocurrencies, more specifically fractions of Litecoin completely free of charge.

There are thousands of pages with which we will be able to earn fractions of our favorite cryptocurrencies totally free, but the truth is that the vast majority of these are not reliable.

They either don’t pay or stop paying before we perro even get around to requesting a payment.

In this sense, we are going to be calm, since Litepick is one of the most solid pages that we use for this task.

Not only does it pay without problems, it also has features that perro make our work on it look much better rewarded than on other afín pages.

Registration in Litepick

As it is a free page, the registration is also free.

We are only going to need an dirección de correo electrónico, a password and a desire to work it to get rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Litepick is not just a faucet where we will be able to claim fractions of Litecoin for free, it has other added features that will increase our earnings exponentially.You will receive 10 free spins in your faucet when you sign up.

To complete the registration on the main page we will see the option to entrar an correo electrónico, we entrar ours and then clic on the button sign up .

Then we will have to fill out a fácil form where we will put a nombre de usuario and password.

Once inside the Litepick website, we will clic on the backlink that appears above to verify the correo electrónico.

By doing this we will receive 10 free spins in their faucet, if you don’t verify you won’t get them.

How Litepick works

In terms of its operation and bridging the gap, Litepick reminds me a lot of Freebitcoin, without a doubt the best page to earn BTC for free.

We are going to review all the sections one by one so that you perro see in what ways you perro add cómputo on this platform.


This part is the free tap, where we will be able to claim a reward in a fraction of Litecoin every 60 minutes.

What we are going to perceive will depend on the level we have at that moment on the platform.

There are several levels depending on the activity, the higher we are, the more money we are going to earn every hour.

These are the levels

This is the fastest and easiest option to get Litecoins on this platform but not the only one, since it has other sections with which to complement more cómputo to our account.

✅ Are you interested in the sites where you perro earn fractions of Litecoin for free? One of the ones that is giving me the best results is Freeltc.


in option “Games” we will be able to access a series of games where we will have the opportunity to multiply the winnings.

They are games in which we are going to have to try our luck by entering an amount of our cómputo to multiply the winnings.

games available

Slots, afirma, roulette and many more options we will have available for it.

Remember that here you put your money at risk.

It is best to try small amounts and withdraw when we have an acceptable profit.

The key is not to be greedy.


This is a weekly contest where users who have used the games on the platform will qualify.

The more money you have played, the higher you will be in the final top.

The top 20 will win a prize.

For its part, we will also qualify if we have referrals, since there is a contest where users who have the highest volume of referrals using the games are rewarded.

This is very afín to the Freebitcoin contest.


In the faucet section we will find a list of survey platforms that will reward us for carrying them out successfully.

At this time, for each completed survey we they are awarding 100 free spins on tap.

The rewards cánido vary, so it is convenient to see it before starting one, but it is certainly an excellent way to earn Litecoins faster.

referral system

Litepick has a fácil referral system that, when used properly, perro become very profitable.

With it we will receive a different commission depending on the activity of the referral within the page.

FAUCET 50% of each spin
GAMES 0.4% of each bet
SURVEYS 5% of each completed survey

In addition to our referral backlink, in this section we will find detailed statistics of our earnings with this system.

Minimum payment and how to collect

As for how and when to charge in Litepick, the answer is fácil.

Whenever you want! You perro withdraw earnings from this page from the 0.00500000 LTCa quite affordable amount, really.

To collect, it is enough to reach that amount and go to the section “Withdraw”.

There we will only have to copy the address of our Litecoin wallet and the amount of money we want to withdraw.

Pay attention to the fees charged by the platform for the withdrawal, these are marked and are usually around 0.00010000 LTC.

Then you just have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed and that’s it.

Lite Pick Reviews

We are always looking for websites and platforms that provide us with economic benefits, either in fiat currency or cryptocurrencies.

Litepick fulfills its mission as a faucet, since it provides us with small but constant amounts of Litecoin, something that is always good to increase our position in this currency.

In addition, it should be noted that the Litecoin network charges very low commissions for each transaction, not to mention that it is one of the few reliable cryptocurrencies with a long history, which is another aspect to take into account when working on a page of this style.

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 Litepick |  Earn Litecoin completely
  Litepick |  Earn Litecoin completely
  Litepick |  Earn Litecoin completely

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