LiteGPT | Earn MONEY and BTC from various

LiteGPT | Earn MONEY and BTC from various

LiteGPT it’s a platform Get Paid To in which we perro earn free BTC in various ways.

The highlight of LiteGPT is that all the profits we make are in dollars.

Either by viewing ads, claiming in the faucet or using any of the sections that we will see below.

Afterwards, we cánido choose whether to request withdrawals in dollars or in BTC.

In my opinion, it is an important aspecto, since thanks to this we cánido take advantage of withdraw LiteGPT profit in satoshis when BTC price is down.

And when the price of BTC is higher, collect the profits in dollars.

This way we will get more out of the GPT!

What is LiteGPT

LiteGPT belongs to David.

Due to the success obtained in his first project, a PTC to earn free LTC, in mid-2020 he launched this new free portal.

Although instead of sending the payments in LTC, it does in dollars and in the most famous and traded cryptocurrency in the world: Bitcoin.

Although it is a relatively new website, LiteGPT it is totally reliable and pays by Paypal and Skrill if we charge in dollars.

And through Faucetpay, WalCrypt and bitcoin wallet if we request withdrawals in BTC.

In addition, there is a very beneficial circumstance for those who, like me, want to work on LiteGPT to get free satoshis.

If we request payments through the Faucetpay microwallet, the minimum required is $0.50.

Note ➤ Due to the use of bots, multi-accounts and other traps by some users, from LiteGPT they have disabled immediate payments and have raised the minimum payment to $0.50.

Before it was $0.001.

Faucetpay Tutorial in Spanish

Registration in LiteGPT

As usual, the first step to start earning satoshis in LiteGPT is create us an account.

If you want, you perro directly access the LiteGPT website by following the backlink below.

Once on the cover, we will clic on “Check in” and a registration form will open.

In it, they will ask us to provide a nick, an correo electrónico and a password.

We fill in the fields, solve the captcha, accept the TOS and the Privacy Policy, and finally, clic again on “Check in”.

Update – LiteGPT has closed without prior notice and everything indicates that it has become a scam.

For this reason, I stop recommending this PTC and I remove the “safe” label from it.

At the time of writing this update, the site has been down for two weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back en línea.

We already have our LiteGPT account, but still there is one last step left for them to let us access it.

As soon as we send the registration form with our data we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from the GPT.

Inside, in addition to a welcome message, they provide us with a backlink to confirm the registration.

The process is as fácil as following that backlink.

With this small gesture, the account will be correctly confirmed and we perro access the sections that allow us to obtain free bitcoin.

How LiteGPT works

How LiteGPT works It is very fácil.

As soon as we entrar our accounts, there is a side menu with all the sections that make up the GPT and an image in the center with four different types of cómputos.

To make the explanation more practical and not jump from topic to topic, which cánido only confuse us, first we will see the different sections that LiteGPT has and then we will talk about the types of cómputos and the characteristics of each one.

Sections of LiteGPT

LiteGPT’s side menu is made up of nine sections.

Only one is used to earn moneybut it seems relevant to review them all so that, later on, we know where to configure our withdrawal wallet, how to request a payment and learn first-hand about the rest of the functions that we perro carry out.

Summary ➤ General view of the cómputo we have in our cómputo sheets and some statistical data.

membership ➤ LiteGPT has paid memberships that we perro purchase, if we want, from here.

Earn money ➤ Breakdown of the eight sections of getting money that the GPT makes available.

advertise ➤ From here we perro buy advertising in the form of banners or PTC ads.

referrals ➤ List in which our direct and indirect referrals.

Money ➤ In LiteGPT there are four different cómputos and, in some cases, we perro transfer cómputo from one cómputo to another.

Not all perro be withdrawn.

Entertainment ➤ In the entertainment section we will see if there is any active contest and we cánido also participate in a kind of lottery (previous payment of $0.006 per ticket).

Statistics ➤ General statistics of the GPT and statistics of our account (both personal and those of our referrals)

tutorials ➤ Explanatory vídeos with the how liteGPT works.

Type of Cómputos

Regarding the cómputos, look at this image.

LiteGPT separates our earnings into four different cómputo sheets:

primordial cómputo ➤ All the money we earn in LiteGPT (with the exception of the one we get with the “traffic exchange”) accumulates in this cómputo.

This money cánido be converted into purchase cómputo or transfer it to BTC Wallet.

Purchase ➤ The purchase cómputo that we perro use to buy advertising.

To pass cómputo to this cómputo we cánido convert part of our earnings or add funds.

Bitcoin Wallet ➤ Cómputo that we cánido withdraw.

From LiteGPT they recommend that request payments from this cómputo and not from the main cómputo sheet.

Traffic ➤ The profits we get in the traffic exchange section cánido only be spent in this very section.

With this, we cánido promote our referral backlinks from other websites in LiteGPT at no cost.

How to make money on LiteGPT

Now that we have identified the LiteGPT sections, it is time to get down to work and see the different ways to earn money that it makes available to us.

Today there are very complete PTCs in which, in addition to earning BTC by watching ads, we cánido continue adding satoshis by completing offers on the walls or answering paid surveys.

Without going any further, there it is Coinpayu as an example.

The good thing is that in LiteGPT there are also these sections, but in addition They have their own faucet, one of the increasingly used shortlinks and a couple of quite new sections since they are not usually seen on other afín pages.


PTC ads are very common on most of the pages we use to earn free bitcoins and are very easy to view.

In LiteGPT there are usually 8 or 9 ads a day and the best of all is that they don’t have focus.

To see the ads correctly we will follow these three steps:

– First of all, clic on the ad that we want to view and a new window will open in the browser.

– In the second window we clic on Watch and a third window will open.

Once opened, a countdown will be activated in the second one, so we will wait until the counter reaches zero.

– As soon as the time runs out we solve the captcha, clic on “Send” and we close the second and third window.

The corresponding earnings will be added to the Main Cómputo and we perro continue with another announcement.

Offer Walls

LiteGPT also has offer walls with which we perro earn plus money.

There are some where there are only PTC ads, like ClixWall.

However, on walls like Wannads or OfferToro, there is the oportunidad of getting more profit since they have paid surveys and offers in which we are paid to register on a website, test aplicaciones, etcétera


This section is one of the novelties that I was referring to before since it is a way of earning money that I had not seen in any PTC.

AsiaMag becomes an information portal in which, by performing a series of tasks while browsing the web, we will pay rewards in dollars.

As soon as we access this section we will see a tutorial with four basic steps to perform the task correctly.

In summary, we will have to do the following:

1- To use AsiaMag we need to have our personal identifier at hand, so we will clic on “Copy Session ID”.

2- Then clic on “bing” or in “Google plus” and we entered the AsiaMag website.

We go down until we see the horizontal bar with the title “Access ID”.

We paste our identifier and clic on “VIP access”.

3- Immediately after, a timer will appear and a countdown will be activated.

As soon as it reaches zero, more indications will appear (watch a vídeo, access a sidebar category…), so We are following them as they appear.

4- To finish, as soon as we complete the 4 tasks, clic on “Get Bonuses” and we will credit the winnings to the Primordial Cómputo.

LiteGPT Faucet

The LiteGPT faucet is the easiest section in which to make a profit.

It is as fácil as solving the captcha and depending on the number that comes out when you spin the rollers, they will give us a greater or lesser reward.

As a matter of probability, the prize that usually wins the most is the lowest, but if we are lucky and we get the number 10,000 we will win a $2 prize.


Earnings with backlink shorteners are an increasingly common practice on these types of pages.

The operation is very afín to that of PTC ads, although with a couple of nuances.

The process to see a shortlink would be:

1- We access the first shortener and wait for the destination page to load.

2- We activate the timer and follow the instructions.

Depending on the shortener we will have to perform two steps or solve a recaptcha.

3- Once the task is completed, the rewards will be added to the main cómputo.

Pop the box!

Next to the AsiaMag section, “Pop The Box!” It is the other novelty to which I was referring.

In this case, it is a game in which they espectáculo us three boxes and we have to choose one.

Each box contains a prize in real money and depending on our choice and oportunidad we will get more or less money.

traffic exchange

The traffic exchange section also allows us to earn money, although we will not be able to remove it.

To activate surfing and start rolling ads, we will have to clic on “Start browsing”.

At that moment a new window will open with a timer at the top.

These ads have Adfocus so you have to stay in the window for the counter to work.

Between ad and ad, captchas will appear.

It will be enough to solve them and the profits will accumulate in the cómputo of traffic.

As we have seen before, this cómputo it cannot be converted or withdrawn and is only used to spend it to buy advertising in the traffic exchange.


The last section to earn money in LiteGPT consists of watching short vídeos from Dailymotion.

To start generating profits we only have to access a vídeo and hit the play.

It is not necessary to watch the vídeo until the end to assign us the winnings, but we perro stop when a little green sign appears at the top with the message «You have been credited for this vídeo successfully» and the dollar amount we have earned.

LiteGPT Daily Plus

In addition to the eight sections we have just seen, in LiteGPT we perro additionally earn more money for completing the Daily Plus.

This plus consists of carrying out a series of tasks, so that once they are completed they activate the option to claim an plus reward of $0.01.

In the image we perro see that the tasks that we must complete to receive this plus are:

– View a minimum of 6 PTC ads.

– Complete 8 offers on the walls.

ClixWall ads and AsiaMag section tasks count as offers.

– Make 8 shortlinks.

– Claim twice in the faucet.

When we complete all the tasks, the plus will be unlocked and we cánido claim $0.01.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

LiteGPT pays and is reliable

Of course LiteGPT pays.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it.

And in fact, it’s so easy to hit the minimum payment that you cánido check if it pays right now.

You only have to see two ads and request FaucetPay as a payment method.

How is it done? Let’s see it.

Since October 4, immediate payments are disabled and the minimum payment has risen to $0.50.

In LiteGPT we cánido withdraw winnings using five different methods.

Depending on the payment method that we are going to use, they will require a minimum amount and the corresponding fees will be applied to us.

These are the conditions and withdrawal methods that are available in this GPT:

FaucetPay ➤ To withdraw through this microwallet we need a minimum of $0.50 and a commission of 2% is applied to each withdrawal.

For me the best option to withdraw in BTC.

walcrypt ➤ Payments through this microwallet (less known than Faucetpay) cánido be requested from $0.50 and charge a commission of 0.5%.

bitcoin wallet ➤ We perro request direct payments to a bitcoin wallet starting at $1.50.

In addition, we apply a fixed fee of $0.15 agregado 1.5% of the total amount to be transferred.

payer ➤ To charge in dollars for payer We need a minimum of $0.50 and they charge commissions of 2.5%.

PayPal ➤ The best option to collect in dollars since they do not apply commissions.

However, the minimum payout is $2.50.

Equipo up payment method

Before requesting a withdrawal we will have to configure the payment method.

To do this, we will go to our usuario profile, which we will find in the upper right-hand corner.

Once identified, we display the menu, entrar «Settings» and clic on the tab “Payments”.

Depending on the payment method we choose, we will have to fill in one field or another and clic on “Keep”.

In my case, since I am going to request the payments by FauycetPay, I only had to paste the address of the BTC wallet that I have associated with the microwallet.

This way, every time I request a payment in LiteGPT, I’m you will get to FaucetPay without having to equipo it up again.

How to request a payment in LiteGPT

Now that we have equipo up the payment method, we are ready to process our first withdrawal in LiteGPT.

The steps are the following:

1- First of all, if we want to collect in BTC, we have to convert money from the «Primordial Cómputo» to cómputo “BTC Wallet” so we’ll go to “Money > Convert”.

2- Now that we have the money converted into satoshis we cánido process the payment.

The path to follow is «Money > Withdraw money».

Once there we select the cómputo from which we are going to withdraw, the payment method and entrar the amount to be charged.

3- To finish, we clic on “Withdrawals” and we confirm the transaction.

Withdrawals of less than $0.15 are automatic and immediate.

For larger amounts, payments are made manually by the LiteGPT admin.

Main features of LiteGPT

Now that we know the main features of LiteGPT it is time to do a complete analysis and highlight strengths and weaknesses.

In my opinion, they are these:

✅ Without a doubt, the best thing about LiteGPT is that it allows you to earn money or BTC without having to invest anything.

As far as I am concerned, it is a determining aspecto since otherwise I would not work it.

✅ The earnings that we perro obtain by viewing ads in LiteGPT are low.

Especially if we compare them with what we get in PTC like Coinpayu or other portals to earn cryptocurrencies such as Idle Empire.

However, we cánido also take advantage of all the sections and get the most out of it.

In addition, it has the good part that the minimum payment is practically nil.

If we use Faucetpay as a withdrawal method we cánido go out to a daily payment.

And that happens in very few websites.

✅ LiteGPT has three memberships: one free and two paid.

In general, I do not recommend buying memberships in any PTC since, for them to be profitable, we need to have hundreds of active referrals.

However, in this GPT it may be interesting to acquire the “Active Usuario” even without referrals.

It’s all a matter of crunching the numbers, and depending on how active we are in the GPT, calculate if we pay.

LiteGPT Reviews

LiteGPT is a completely free site where we cánido easily continue to earn satoshis.

After verifying that it pays, I have added LiteGPT to the list of faucets and PTC to earn free bitcoins.

I have written a guide as detailed as possible for you to understand all the features of LiteGPT.

There are some that perro be confusing, such as the conversion of cómputos or sections “Pop the box!” and “Asian Mag”.

As always, if you have any questions, you perro leave a comment below or contact me through popular networks.

Until next time and hit bitcoin!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 LiteGPT |  Earn MONEY and BTC from various
  LiteGPT |  Earn MONEY and BTC from various
  LiteGPT |  Earn MONEY and BTC from various

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