Litecoin » What is it and how does it work?

Litecoin » What is it and how does it work?

The world of Internet business has changed drastically thanks to the appearance of cryptocurrencies. In the past, payments were only made through payment processors, but different cryptocurrencies began to be used for these purposes. He litecoin It is one of the cryptocurrencies that exist to make payments over the Internet.

The concept or iniciativa of ​​cryptocurrencies was first presented by Wei Daiin 1998, which proposed the iniciativa of ​​creating a new type of decentralized money (not directed by the government or any financial entity) that used the cryptography as a means of control. The first cryptocurrency created was bitcoin, and from this the new cryptocurrencies are derived.

What is litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency of type peer to peer that allows you to make instant and low-cost payments anywhere in the world. Litecoin represents ua global and open source payment network that it is decentralized (it is not controlled by any government or company) and without central authorities.

The mathematics that operate on this cryptocurrency secure the network and allow users to control their own finances. Litecoin provides faster transaction confirmation times and with improved storage efficiency over the top math-based cryptocurrency.

All transactions that are made with the cryptocurrency litecoin are stored securely in its distributed en línea database, also called blockchain. With strong industry support, transaction volume, and liquidity, the litecoin cryptocurrency is a complementary means of commerce to bitcoin,

history of litecoin

Litecoin arose on Tuesday October 13 next to the release of the open source client on GitHub. Litecoin cryptocurrency is one of the first alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin (altcoin) to be developed. It is created from a fork of both bitcoin and Tenebrix, in which the first tests of the Scrypt algorithm that emplees Litecoin were carried out.

Litecoin was developed to be to silver what the bitcoins It is gold, alluding to the enormous potential of the mother cryptocurrency (bitcoin) as a store of value tool Also, unlike Namecoin (active cryptoactive in the markets), litecoin has achieved enormous popularity.

As time passed, the cryptocurrency Litecoin started to become habitual in the cryptocurrency markets. Today litecoin is one of the most important cryptocurrencies on the market.

Who controls the bitcoin?

In the same way that nothing and nobody controls the technology of electronic correo, litecoin also has no owners. Litecoin is controlled by all Litecoin users in the world. Although the programmers improve the programathey cannot force changes to the protocol because all other users are free to choose the programa and version they want.

In order for them to remain coincidente with each other, users need to use programa that abide by the same rules. This cryptocurrency cánido only work properly if there is an agreement between all the users who are participate. Which means that all users and programmers have a strong incentive to protect this agreement.

Differences between bitcoin and litecoin

Bitcoin and Litecon have some differences in several aspects. These differences will be presented below:


Litecoin is based on the same source code as bitcoin, however it has several noticeable differences. It was developed in 2011 by Charlie Lee (former Google plus engineer), one of the main differences between these two cryptocurrencies lies in the speed of their transactions.

Because litecoin generates blocks four times faster than bitcoin, litecoin perro confirm the legitimacy of transactions faster and process a larger number of them at the same time without the need to modify the programa in the future.

amount of coins

One of the reasons why there are cryptocurrencies that have intrinsic value is because of the limit of your coins. Since a certain amount of bitcoin and litecoin are created, there will be no more. No new coins perro exist after that point.

While bitcoin is capped at 21 million currencies, litecoin will top out at 84 million.

market capitalization

Although his capitalization It pales in comparison to bitcoin, litecoin is still in the top 5 cryptocurrencies. These classifications fluctuate based on the price and quantity of coins that are in circulation.


Wallet encryption allows you to protect himso that you perro view the transactions and the cómputo of your account, however it is necessary that you entrar your password before spend your litecoins. This provides security against wallet-stealing viruses and Trojans, as well as a check before payments are processed.

How does litecoin work?

Litecoin technology offers the possibility of making peer-to-peer payments (P2P) fast, safe and low-cost without the need for a bank or entity to function as an intermediary. From the users’ perspective, the how litecoin works It is based on the fact that they have the possibility of joining a cryptocurrency wallet that allows them to send and receive litecoins.

He operation of this cryptocurrency It is based on the following concepts: Nodes (computers), Wallets (purses), addresses, transactions, mining and privacy. Each of these concepts shapes how litecoin works from start to finish.

nodes and wallets

In order to make payments with litecoin, the usuario needs programs and/or applications that serve as clients. These applications are called cryptocurrency wallets or purseswhile nodes are computers that validate transactions.

The nodes allow the usuario to participate in the network directly and cánido perform and relay transactions, while wallets allow the usuario to transact without storing the entire blockchain, and they use “simplified payment verification” to query the blockchain.


To interact with the litecoin network, the nodes and wallets manage a arbitrary number of cryptographic key pairs that perro be created without any restrictions. From the public keys, some hash which are known as addresses, and which are used as sending and receiving entities of the various payments.

Using the corresponding private key, the various payments are authorized through cryptographic signatures. Litecoin addresses do not contain or reveal information about their owner, and no contact with others is required to generate them.

All y también walletsThis cryptocurrency allows you to obtain one or more litecoin addresses (public keys) that you cánido use for other network users to give you. send payments to that address. When the usuario sends you the litecoins to the address you provided, then this is called a transaction.


A transaction is when a network usuario sends litecoins to another network usuario. All transactions that take place on the litecoin network are stored on the blockchain (block chain), which is the database where all the transactions carried out between two users are stored in a permanent and verifiable way.

When usuario (A) wants to transfer litecoins to usuario (B) from his litecoin wallet, usuario (B) builds a transaction specifying the amount of litecoins you want to transfer and the litecoin address of the usuario (B). To make the shipment, the usuario (A) signs the transaction with his private key and transmits it to the litecoin network.

The litecoin network nodes Receivers of transactions verify cryptographic signatures and litecoin validity before accepting and retransmitting them. This propagates the transaction indefinitely until reaching all the nodes of the network, with which the transaction is validated by a miner and mined in a block.

When a transaction is on the blockchain and has received confirmation from a significant number of later blocksthen the transaction perro be considered a permanent part of the blockchain, and is therefore accepted by all participants. When this happens, then the litecoins arrive in the usuario’s wallet (B).


The records on the blockchain are called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block has a backlink to a previous block, a date and transaction data. The creation of new blocks is called mining. The creation of the blockchain is done through this process.

All the miners in the litecoin network compete to be the first to find the solution to the problem of cryptography of your current candidate block. The objective of the miners is to find a valid solution for the block they are mining. This process makes block generation expensive and incentivizes miners to invest their tarea in honest shares.

When a miner finds the solution to the cryptography problem of his block, sends it to the rest of the nodes in which it is connected. In the event that the block is valid, said nodes retransmit it and add it to the blockchain. This procedure is repeated indefinitely until the block has reached all the nodes in the network.


Due to the transparency of the network of this cryptocurrency and the registration of public litecoin transactionsif a usuario decides to protect their privacy, they must prevent their real identity and addresses from being related, since any observer cánido analyze at any time its content, as well as the addresses of origin and destination of the transactions.

Litecoin Features

Litecoin has a equipo of characteristics which is important to know.

Below are the main characteristics that litecoin possesses:

  • No belongs to any country or financial institution, and perro be used worldwide.
  • It is possible to buy litecoins with dollars, euros or other currencies and vice versa.
  • There are no intermediaries: Transactions are made from person to person.
  • It is decentralized: It is not controlled by any state, bank, financial institution or company.
  • It is practically impossible to counterfeit or duplicate it thanks to its system cryptographic.
  • Transactions are irreversible.
  • It is not mandatory to reveal your identity when doing business and preserve your privacy.
  • He money belongs to the owner; It cannot be intervened by anyone nor perro the accounts be frozen.
  • They will only come into existence 84 million litecoin.

litecoin mining

The litecoin mining It is the process by which computational power is invested to process transactions, ensure the security of the Litecoin network, and keep participants in sync. The litecoin mining is the process of creating new litecoinsand the same will be necessary until the last litecoin is created, so mining has an end.

mining operation

In order to work in mining, it is necessary to have a specialized hardware and programa. The programa is aware of transactions that are presented through a peer-to-peer network and takes the necessary actions to process and cConfirm transactions. Litecoin miners do this work so they perro get fees paid by users.

In order for new transactions to be confirmed, it is mandatory that they be included in a block under a proof of millions of math calculations. Miners have to process the calculations before their blocks are accepted by the litecoin network. As mining progresses, the difficulty of finding valid blocks automatically increases through the network.

Miners may not cheat or process transactions that may corrupt the network as all litecoin nodes would reject blocks containing invalid data, as specified by the rules of the litecoin protocol. With this, the network remains secure even if not all litecoin miners are trusted.

How do you get started in litecoin mining?

In the early days of this cryptocurrency, anyone had the ability to find a new block using your personal computer. As more people started mining, the difficulty of finding new blocks it has increased so much that the only profitable method of mining today is to use very powerful computers.

litecoin value

Litecoin owns worth because it is useful as currency. They have the characteristics of money based on mathematical properties instead of physical properties. With these attributes, the only thing this kind of money needs to maintain its value is trust and adoption. In the case of litecoin, it is possible to measure it with its growth in users, merchants and companies.

He value or price of this cryptocurrency is determined by supply and demand. When demand for litecoin increases, its price increases, and when demand decreases, its price decreases. If the demand for the litecoin is zero, then the litecoin will be worthless.

There is a limited number of litecoins in circulation, and the new ones litecoins are created in a predictable and decreasing manner, indicating that demand must follow this level of inflation to maintain a stable price or value. It is necessary to know that the litecoin price It is very volatile, meaning that its value cánido change suddenly.

litecoin utility

Litecoin perro be used to buy and sell products or services between people and companies that accept litecoin as a form of payment, however it is necessary to understand that litecoin does not exist as a physical currency, but it is a digital currency. Since litecoin has a real money value, it cánido be used to carry out commerce on the Internet.

Today some companies accept litecoin as a form of payment, so if you have litecoins in your wallet litecoinsthen you perro use them to purchase products or services from these companies.

As time goes by, the use of this cryptocurrency becomes more habitual, which indicates that more companies and shops they will join this revolution, and they will accept litecoin as a form of payment.

Advantages and disadvantages of litecoin

Litecoin owns advantages and disadvantages which are important to know. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of this cryptocurrency:


Freedom of payments: The usuario will be able to send and receive any amount of litecoins instantly from and to any part of the world, at any time and without intermediaries. Users always have control over their litecoins.

Very low rates: Payments are processed with no or low fees. As these services are based on litecoin, they are offered at much lower fees than PayPal or credit card networks.

Less risk for merchants: Transactions using litecoin are secure, irreversible, and do not contain customer data. This protects merchants against losses caused by fraud or fraudulent returns.

Security and control: Users of the litecoin network have control over their transactions; it is not possible for merchants to force undetected charges, as perro happen with other payment methods. Users cánido also protect their money with copias de seguridad.

Neutral and transparent: All information about the litecoin supply is available on the blockchain for verification and use. Nobody perro control the litecoin protocol because it is cryptographically secure.


Degree of acceptance: Many people are not yet familiar with litecoin. Every day, more businesses accept litecoin to take advantage of its advantages, but they are still very few, and it needs to grow so that they cánido benefit from its network effect.

Volatility: The total value of litecoins is very small compared to what it cánido be. Therefore, small events, trades or business activities may affect its price or value. This volatility will increase as the litecoin market and technology advances.

Ongoing development: The litecoin network programa is still in beta with several features. Other tools, features and services are being developed to make litecoin better. Most litecoin businesses are new and do not offer much security.

Transactions with litecoins

The transactions carried out in litecoin they are almost instantaneous, but there is a delay of a few minutes before the litecoin network starts confirming that transaction by including it in a block. A confirmation means that there is a consensus that the processed litecoins have not been sent to someone else.

almost all transactions they cánido be done commission-free, but users are encouraged to pay voluntary commission to get faster confirmations and to remunerate miners.

All transactions made with litecoins are stored in the blockchain permanently, that is to say that all these transactions cánido be viewed in this block chain whenever. The wallets offer the necessary code to verify said transaction in the blockchain.

litecoin security

He litecoin cryptographic protocol it has a tremendous security record, and this technology is arguably the largest distributed computing project in the world. The most common vulnerability it is the usuario’s fault, since the archivos that store the necessary private keys perro be accidentally deleted, lost or stolen.

Despite this, litecoin technology is vulnerable to quantum computing, just like all cryptography-based systems. However, quantum computing does not exist and will not exist in the near future. In the event that the quantum computing could become a threat to litecoin, the protocol could be updated to operate on this type of computing.

Litecoin legality

So far, litecoin has not been made illegal in most territories. Despite this, some territories prohibit the use of foreign currencies. Other territories may limit the licensing of entities such as litecoin exchanges.

Litecoin perro be used for legal and illegal purposeshowever cash, credit cards and banking systems outperform litecoin when it comes to illegal financing. Litecoin is structured to take a big step forward in security and could also play a good role against many forms of financial crime.

It is possible to regulate the use of litecoin in a afín way to any other instrument. Like the dollar, litecoin perro be used for a wide variety of purposessome of which perro be considered legitimate or not, depending on the laws of each territory.

Using Litecoin could be difficult under very restrictive regulations, in this case it would be difficult to determine what percentage of users would continue to use this technology. A government Banning Litecoin could be preventing the development of domestic companies and markets, thus displacing innovation to other countries.

Litecoin risks

The controversies regarding litecoin are based on two aspects:

  • The repercussions that the control of litecoin in the hands of the users.
  • The repercussions on society due to its potential to transform relations between citizens.

Risks for users

Users of this cryptocurrency could suffer losses in the case of:

  • A decrease in utilization from litecoin.
  • The enormous volatility of the exchange rate.
  • The loss of money due to theft in exchange houses, programa errors, computer viruses, denial of service attacks, etcétera.

Risks for society

Society could be transformed if the use of litecoin became widespread:

  • The banks would see their influence limited on means of payment, regulation, financial stability and price stability.
  • He anonymity of litecoin cánido facilitate the use of the money in illicit things.
  • The operation of this cryptocurrency It is carried out under the assumption of the permanent availability of the connection to other computers through the Internet.
  • If this cryptocurrency reached a significant valuethis could pose a threat to the stability of currencies.

How do you get litecoins?

For get litecoins You must first have a litecoin wallet in which you perro store the litecoins you get. Litecoin wallets will provide you with one or more litecoin addresses so that you perro receive those litecoins in your wallet.

I am going to leave you a equipo of en línea wallets in which you perro register to have a wallet in which you cánido receive your litecoins. Below I leave you the backlink of different wallets in which you perro register to save your litecoins: Go to the litecoins wallets.

The litecoins perro be achieved in various ways. Below are the main ways to get litecoins:

  • Accepting payments in this cryptocurrency.
  • Buying litecoins.
  • Exchanging litecoins with someone in your area.
  • Getting litecoins through mining.
  • Earning litecoins on different platforms.

While it is possible to find people who want to sell litecoins in exchange for a payment by PayPal or credit card, most exchange houses do not allow you to use these means of payment. This is due to cases where a person buys litecoins with PayPal and then reverse half of the transaction.

buy litecoins

On the Internet there are many platforms or companies that allow you to I’ll buythis cryptocurrency using credit card, PayPal, among other payment methods. Here is a backlink to en línea platforms that allow you to buy litecoins:

Go to the platforms to buy litecoins.

Earn litecoins for free

On the Internet there are many platforms or companies that allow you to earn litecoins for free, and that you perro receive in your litecoin wallet. Here is a backlink to en línea platforms that allow you to earn free litecoins:

Go to the platforms to earn free litecoins.

Earn litecoins with investments

On the Internet there are many platforms or companies that allow you to earn litecoins by investing, and that you perro receive in your litecoin wallet. Here is a backlink to en línea platforms that allow you earn litecoins by investing:

Go to the platforms to earn litecoins by investing.

Get litecoin with mining

On the Internet there are many platforms or companies that allow you to earn litecoins with mining and that you perro receive in your litecoins wallet. Here is a backlink to en línea platforms that allow you to earn litecoins with mining:

Go to the platforms to earn litecoins with mining.


The use of litecoin has aroused many feelings in the governments and financial entitieswhich did not see well the use of litecoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies that exist, since this would take away a large part of the power they have and break the monopoly of money creation.

For several detractors of litecoin there is a very great risk that the litecoin collapse, since according to them litecoin really has no value. As it is a decentralized system, faced with this eventuality, its possessors would find themselves defenseless. For other people, litecoin has quite a promising future as an asset with all the properties it holds.

Regardless of all this, litecoin is in constant evolution, since its use is becoming quite habitual. There is a huge community that supports this cryptocurrency, and there are more every day.

final words

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not get tired. Isaiah 40:31.

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 Litecoin » What is it and how does it work?
  Litecoin » What is it and how does it work?
  Litecoin » What is it and how does it work?

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