List of defaulters

List of defaulters

That our name or the name of our company is on a list of defaulters is a serious problem if you do not know how to deal with it.

If for one thing or another we do not know that our name is on one of those lists, it cánido lead to us being denied credit systematically.

And either we have a especial line of credit, or we know how earn money or we really have a problem.

In addition to the negative image that it cánido project on any popular sphere, appearing on a list of defaulters cánido ocasione us serious economic problems.

Although for some people or entities it may be common, for the majority of the population it cánido be somewhat embarrassing.

Problems we will have if we appear on a list of defaulters

Although we do not believe it, appearing in a list of defaulters It perro ocasione us a lot of inconvenience.

It is possible that we are denied registration requests for water, electricity or gas services, that we are denied aid by banks, even the most basic.

If by oportunidad your name appears in the list of defaulters financial institution or in the list of defaulters rai It will be very difficult for any bank to grant you a loan, mortgage or financing of various kinds.

Also forget about asking for a credit card or discovering that our card has been cancelled.

In the globalized and interconnected world in which we find ourselves when we appear, for example in some telephony defaulters list, it will prevent us, in some cases, from taking out our car insurance.

And although it seems that it has nothing to do with it, both insurers and telephone companies are interconnected.

Each one of them knows our economic situation and our possible situation of defaulters.

When do we entrar a list of defaulters?

On many occasions a defaulter does not even know that he is, especially in the case of individuals.

Here in Spain, appearing on a list of defaulters is not too complicated, nor as difficult as it might seem.

In our country you cánido be included in one of these lists for contracting a debt of only 50 euros when it is a natural person.

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In the case of legal persons, you perro appear on one of these delinquency lists when the amount owed exceeds 300 euros.

These factors have led to the total number of names registered as delinquents (counting individuals and legal entities) exceeding four million.

On both occasions we must be contacted one month in advance that we are going to be included in a list of defaulters by the entity that is in charge of managing our debt.

Otherwise, immediate departure could be claimed without importing the amount owed.

During this month, you will have the right to correct, oppose and complain about the data included in the list in front of the person responsible for it, who must facilitate a communication channel.

If you have several debts, they must be presented separately, with their casuistry and specific data, but never in total.

Lists of defaulters Spain 2020

In Spain there are three lists of defaulters (popularly known as “black lists”).

These three, although there are more, stand out above the rest, they are the RAI, the ASNEF and the CIRBE.

I will explain them one by one:


are the acronyms of Record of Unpaid Acceptances.

This registry includes legal entities that owe an amount greater than 300 euros.

The entry occurs automatically and almost instantaneously when a payment has not been made.

The information contained in the defaulter’s archivo is provided directly by the banking entities.

In this list of defaulters We cánido stay a maximum of 30 months.


is perhaps the list of defaulters most famous in Spain.

If the RAI is intended for legal persons, the ASNEF is dedicated to individuals who contract a debt of more than 50 euros.

Any neglect that we may have in paying a telephone bill, gas, etcétera… will genere our name to be on this list.

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If we need to request a loan, mortgage or some type of financial aid, the credit institution on duty will consult this list to verify that our name is not on it.


The CIRBE is a big database that incorporates on a regular basis the risks of financing related to its clients.

All companies must send their economic information to the CIRBE so that the Bank of Spain is able to control and evaluate possible risk factors.

How to get off a list of defaulters

The most logical thing to get off the list of defaulters is to pay the debt.

We must compensate the payment of the debt and also demand an invoice or receipt of the same.

This should be enough to be automatically deleted.

Unfortunately, most companies do not even bother to carry out this procedure and do not update our data so that we perro be removed from the lists.

Therefore, it must be the ex–defaulter who requests and demands the deletion.

To leave the list or lists in which we are included, we must send a copy of the company ID or CIF and a receipt for the payment of the debt and a letter of claim for exit.

Each “black list” must provide us with a channel (or more) of communication so that the withdrawal of our presence perro be demanded.

The most effective method is usually in person or by burofax.

If in ten days we do not get any response and verify that we are still on the list, we perro direct a claim to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

It must be said that we cannot remain in the list of defaulters more than five years.

That will be the maximum period dictated by law to transfer data on debts.

After this time, credit institutions will no longer be able to access our reference, which in practice is the same as saying that we should be removed from the list.

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Final conclusions lists of defaulters

As seen in the articulo, entering the list of defaulters is much easier than leaving them, for a small amount owed, we cánido entrar one of them.

Leaving is always much more complicated, since we are the users who must worry about being removed from the list of defaulters.

Although the prescription of debts usually ranges between three and five years, debtor entities will always try to charge the usuario.

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 List of defaulters
  List of defaulters
  List of defaulters

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