LinkJust – Shorten your Backlinks and Earn Money

LinkJust – Shorten your Backlinks and Earn Money

LinkJust is a backlink shortener that we are going to make money on, pays for more than 20 different payment processors and has a good top payout rate of $10 per thousand visits from Switzerland.

  • Assessment: Good
  • Pay Rate: $10 and $2 for everyone
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payza, Webmoney and 20 others
  • minimum payment: Varies the payment processor, eg PayPal $1 dollar
  • referral system: Yes, you earn 10% of your referrals
  • Language: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, others.
  • accepted countries: All

What is LinkJust and how does it work?

LinkJust is a backlink shortener where we will be able to earn money by shortening our backlinks, if you have something valuable to share you perro use this platform to shorten your urls and thus earn some money.

Registration in LinkJust is very fácil, you just have to go to the follow backlink and registeryou are going to entrar a nombre de usuario, correo electrónico and password, then verify and dirección de correo electrónico and that’s it, you cánido start working with LinkJust.

That will depend on several factors, first if You have a website or not, or a youtube channelbecause if you have a download website with a lot of trafficthat is, about 1,000 daily visits and that traffic comes from Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Ecuador either Switzerland you have insured an average of more than $150 dollars per month.

As long as the majority of your visitors entrar dischargebut you perro also achieve this with a YouTube channel, if you have a good channel with many visits and share something that people are always looking for to download you perro also earn that amount or more if you have enough traffic.

The amount that you are going to earn or that you perro earn will depend on the traffic you drive daily, so making money en línea with shorteners depends on that aspecto.

LinkJust Pay

This shortener, despite the fact that you may not know it, that is, the first time you have heard of it, I perro confirm that it is paying.

LinkJust Proof of Payment

If you want to see some proof of payment you perro check it in forums and telembran groups of shorteners and in Fb groupsI leave you a backlink to one of the groups I am in and there are people who use it and are charging with this shortener, there you perro see the LinkJust payment vouchers.

Payment Methods and Minimum Payment

LinkJust Opinions and Suggestions

LinkJust is a good shortener and I recommend it, it is true that sometimes it is late with payments, but so far it continues to pay without problems, remember that if you want to earn money with shorteners you must share some type of resource that people look for a lot .

Visit the follow backlink and register

Alternatives to LinkJust

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 LinkJust – Shorten your Backlinks and Earn Money
  LinkJust – Shorten your Backlinks and Earn Money
  LinkJust – Shorten your Backlinks and Earn Money

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