LinkILike | Earn MONEY with your networks

LinkILike | Earn MONEY with your networks

LinkILike is a marketing platform with which we cánido monetize our accounts on popular networks and earn money for free.

En línea since 2012 and based in Austria, LinkILike pay for each campaign we share with our friends.

Whether on Fb, Twitter, Google plus or Tumblr.

What I’m liking the most about this website is that the content we share is usually of general interest, since it deals with current issues.

In this way, in addition to earning money, with LinkILike we will publish information of general interest to our followers.

LinkILike allows users from all over the world perro earn money by sharing content on popular networks.

LinkILike: How to register to the platform

To start using LinkILike, we will have to create and configure our account previously.

The first step will be to register on the platform.

If you want, you perro follow this backlink, which will take you to the home page.

Last update ” LinkIlike just announced that is bankrupt and they are forced to close the web.

As is logical, I stop recommending this platform and remove the backlinks from the blog.

Once there, we will go down a bit until we reach the text that says “Influencers earn money now!”, as I espectáculo in the following image capture.

Next, we clic on the gray section “Free Sign Up”.

In the next step LinkILike offers us two alternatives to complete the registration:

∘ Vía Fb

∘ With an correo electrónico address.

It is important to note that, regardless of the method we choose to register, we perro always configure our popular networks later.

Both to add one and to remove it from the system.

Since I registered using an dirección de correo electrónico, I will explain the tutorial by following the steps that I did myself.

After completing the form with our personal data, we will have to select which popular network we want to start publishing campaigns with.

As soon as we backlink our account with a popular network, we will only have to solve the recaptcha and clic on “Finish Sign Up”.

By registering and setting up our account, LinkILike will give us an plus €2.

How LinkILike works

After a few minutes, LinkILike will send us an correo electrónico welcoming us and enabling access to our account.

Now we perro configure the two main sections that will allow us to start receiving campaigns.

The first section that we must complete is the questionnaire (“Questionnaire”).

In this section LinkILike we ask questions to find out what our interests are.

As it happens in the survey panels, we will have to answer all the questions so that, later, they send us campaigns that correspond to our preferences.

By the way, if you have problems with the language, I It is recommended that you open the LinkILike website with Google chrome and use the translator.

Once the first section is completed, only we will need to connect our popular networks to the LinkILike platform.

I am using my DineroWorld account on Twitter to publish the campaigns, but the procedure is exactly the same regardless of the popular network.

To proceed, we will simply clic on Connect and we will give LinkILike permission to backlink our accounts.

Finally, we will only have to wait for LinkILike to confirm the connection and authorize us to share campaigns.

When this occurs, the administration will send us an dirección de correo electrónico confirming that our accounts are connected.

Now we cánido start earning money!

Earn money on LinkILike

We already have the LinkILike account fully operational.

It’s time to learn how to share campaigns on popular media.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that every time a campaign that matches our profile is activated, LinkILike will send us a notice by correo electrónico.

In this correo electrónico they will indicate the theme of the campaign and the remuneration they offer us for sharing it.

How to complete a campaign

Whether we follow the backlink in the notice or access our account directly, the campaign will appear in the following format:

To share the news on popular networks, we will clic on “Comunicar” and then in “Clic here before you share”.

Next, a screen will appear in which we will have to indicate in which popular network we are going to share the campaign.

Since I only use Twitter, the only option I perro select is that of this popular network.

If we add others additionally, from this section we cánido select which of them to publish.

If we add a comment, LinkILike will pay us an additional €0.10.

In total, for each of these campaigns we will receive €0.45.

Finally, after selecting the popular network with which we want to work, we will clic on the tab “Comunicar” and the campaign will be shared.

Instantly, LinkILike will assign us the reward corresponding to the cómputo.

Opinions about LinkILike

The basic operation of LinkILike is the one we have just seen, although There are some considerations that should be discussed separately.

In the end, it is about waiting until they send us a campaign by correo electrónico and sharing it on our popular networks.

In this way, little by little and with patience, we will accumulate money.

But… When cánido we request a withdrawal.

Through which processors you pay.

It is necessary a minimum of followers in our popular networks.

Let’s see:

✅ The minimum amount for requesting a withdrawal in LinkILike is €10.

Payments perro be delayed up to a maximum of 14 days.

✅ LinkILike pay through and by bank transfer. is a new Paypal service that allows users to manage money transfers faster and more securely.

At the usuario level, the only difference is that with Paypal we request payments by adding an correo electrónico address, and at we will do it using a personalized backlink.

Yeah If you don’t have a account, you perro create one and backlink it to the one you already have in Paypal.

✅ On LinkILike the number of followers is irrelevant that we have on popular networks.

In places like SocialPubli We already saw that the more followers, the more we were paid for sharing a campaign.

However, in this portal the campaigns have a unit price for all users equally.

✅ If you have the facility to recommend, the LinkILike affiliation system will be very attractive to you since has a depth of up to four levels.

The profits that we will obtain in each level will be 5% in the first level, 4% in the second, 3% in the third and 2% in the fourth level.


LinkILike is one of those pages where we perro earn money very easily.

And spending very little time.

On the one hand, it is not necessary that we access the web every day.

We have already seen that when a campaign is activated they send us an invitation by correo electrónico, so there is “no risk” of missing any.

And on the other hand, it seems significant to me that the campaigns are paid equally among all users.

Without considering the followers that each one has.

This allows let’s all start on equal terms as soon as a campaign is launched.

In campaigns, the advertiser hires a specific number of publications.

Therefore, the sooner we accept the campaign, the better, so we will make sure we entrar within the quota.

Taking into account that the PTCs and the paid survey panels and the faucets to earn free cryptocurrencies They require continuous dedication, it is greatly appreciated that there are other types of businesses with which we cánido earn money so easily.

Don’t you think? Anyway, if you want to try LinkILike, you perro register under my recommendation by clicking on the following banner.

And if you have any questions, you already know that the comments are at your disposal to ask me what you need.

Until the next articulo!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 LinkILike |  Earn MONEY with your networks
  LinkILike |  Earn MONEY with your networks
  LinkILike |  Earn MONEY with your networks

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