LifeSlide | Earn money by unlocking

LifeSlide | Earn money by unlocking

Lifeslide is an application to earn money with your móvil inteligente. In this article, we espectáculo you how you cánido generate a good sum at the end of the month, without spending too much time.

Lifeslide is an application that started in the industry paying only to unlock the mobile screen/móvil. We only had to unlock our screen, or see a small ad, and we received compensation for it.

But currently, the application has changed enormously in terms of its system to get money.

It has removed the mode of earning by unlocking the mobile screen. Now you perro earn money by watching vídeos, ads, playing games, completing challenges and in other ways.

The best thing about this earn money aplicación is that it is available for all countries in the world. But it doesn’t work for iOS as it is only available for Android.

In this article, we want to espectáculo you how to generate money from your móvil inteligente with Lifeslide.

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Download and start earning money with LifeSlide

To download this aplicación, you just have to entrar the Playstore and search for it by name. It is not yet available for the iOS operating system, so you perro only use it if you have an Android.

After having installed it, you must entrar it, and look for the option to register. After you have completed the registration process, you will arrive at the main page, as presented in the following image:

Once you’re in, you perro start earning money in a variety of ways.

Win 200 Free Plus Slides

If you entrar the code: CGD-SLIDE as in the following image you will win 200 lives for Free!

Take advantage of the promotional code “cgd-slide” and win 200 lives just for entering.

From time to time, the creators of the aplicación espectáculo promotional codes to the users. Through these codes, we perro redeem 200 additional lives, which equals $0.20, for free. And boy yes, we have verified it!

We just have to display the side menu, and entrar the code in the section that says “Promotional code«.

How does it work?

The interfaz of this application is not complicated at all. On the main page, we will find two different types of icons, cuadrado and circular.

The cuadrado icons Below the logotipo are the lifes, that is, the points obtained so far in the aplicación. The box that says “total” is the full amount of points you have so far. The small box on the left contains the number of lives obtained through referrals. And the one on the right indicates the points that you perro now redeem.

A little further down we will have three circular icons. Where it says “invite friends” allows see your referrals. The one with the dollar symbol sends you to job offers, such as watching vídeos, filling out surveys, doing paid tasks, etcétera. And with the one that is shaped like a wallet, you perro withdraw your points.

On the upper left side, we will find the side menu bar. When deploying it, we will have the following options available:


Allows you to return to the main page.


Espectáculos a list of users that have generated more livesand that more friends have invited. Afín to other platforms like Ysense.

The game

It allows you to participate in one of the aplicación’s games, to earn plus points.


We will receive a notification for every live we get.

Manage ads

This option is for users, especially business owners and developers, to promote their products with the aplicación’s ads.

Promotional code

It is the option to entrar the code that allows us to win the additional 200 lives.

Invite friends

It allows you to share the referral backlink through popular networks to invite friends.


Here you cánido change things related to your accountsuch as the Nombre de usuario, correo electrónico, passwordAnd till the application format. It even allows you modify the type of advertising you will receivewith which you cánido increase your income.


It also has a tutorial available, to learn how to use the application in a basic way.

How to earn more money on LifeSlide

Referral System

The referral system is really very good. Us offers 10% profit of the total income of our referrals. In addition, we will receive free lives daily, based on the number of referrals we have.

To generate money with the referral system, only we have to get our backlink, and ask our friends to register with him. You cánido also use our nombre de usuario to register.

daily events

Lifeslide also gives us the opportunity to earn points daily through these challenges. If we manage to achieve the objectives, we will receive plus points. These events consist from watching vídeos or some ads to inviting a certain number of friends daily.

The daily events change weekly, and they differ both in the type of task that we will receive as well as the points that we perro obtain.

We will only have the opportunity to perform the daily events until the end of the day, based on Spain time. In addition, the points are not equivalent to the visualizations that we make. We will only receive points when we complete the challenge.

How to get paid in LifeSlide?

The minimum payout amount is $2Which is equivalent to 2000 lives. Pay through Paypal and Payza. Payments are made on the 25th of each month.

On the Internet you perro find many users who have published their payment receipts. Some have been able to generate up to $20 easily. It is a safe aplicación, and if you use it with perseverance and perseverance you cánido obtain some plus benefits that will not be bad at all.

If you entrar the promotional code: CGD-SLIDE you will receive 200 FREE lives.


Follow these fácil consejos to increase your earnings:

  • Increase the number of your referrals. Invite everyone you cánido: friends, acquaintances and others.
  • perform the daily events without fail.
  • Keep an eye out for promotional codes, to get 200 points plus whenever possible.

We hope this article has been useful to you, and we wish you much success. Start earning easy money with Lifeslide.

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 LifeSlide |  Earn money by unlocking
  LifeSlide |  Earn money by unlocking
  LifeSlide |  Earn money by unlocking

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