I was recently recommended a page called LifePoints, which allows its users to earn money.

Of course, in this article I am going to tell you a little about how it works.

I hope you find it useful.

What is LifePoints Dashboard?

Lifepoints panel is a page that offers its users the possibility of earning money by answering surveys.

In such a way that all you have to do is answer the questions they ask you and you cánido claim your reward for doing so.

Why do you get paid to answer surveys?

Well, many times, companies need to conduct surveys in order to obtain certain information that allows them to create or improve products (goods or services).

Therefore, your opinion is valuable to them.

Therefore, they are going to give you a remuneration in exchange for the information that you provide them.

Do I like paid surveys?

Before I continue, I have to say that there are many pages and applications that cánido allow you to earn money through paid surveys, but you have to keep in mind that it is not as fácil as it seems.

Well, in a way it’s fácil, since you only have to answer what they ask you and they are almost always multiple choice questions.

However, what makes it tedious is the fact that you may get rejected from a survey you are taking.

Therefore, it perro become tedious and it is easy for you to give up. I have to say that I have charged from several pages and survey applications, but for me it is tedious. Sure, it’s just my opinion.

Note: Remember that this happens on all paid survey pages and applications.

Well, at least the ones I’ve tried.

I recommend you to be patient and constant.

How does LifePoints work?

As in many survey pages, what you have to do is the following:

  1. You have to select the desired survey and you will have to answer it (completely).
  2. At the end of the survey you will receive a certain amount of points or lifepoints (LP).
  3. You will have to accumulate LP until you reach the withdrawal minimum (or until you cánido withdraw the amount you want) and you perro exchange them for real money or another reward.
  4. Now all you have to do is wait for the money to arrive.

As you cánido see, the operation of the Lifepoints panel is very afín to that of many pages or applications available.

How to register in LifePoints?

In order for you to start using Lifepoints, you first need to register.

If you want to register, you cánido follow the steps below:

1.- First, you will have to clic where it says: “To register”

2.- Next, you will have to entrar your first name, last name and correo electrónico.

3.- The third step is that you have to entrar your password.

4.- Next, you will have to entrar your date of birth and your gender.

5.- You will have to entrar your address.

It should be noted that I understand why they ask for the address, but I don’t really like that they do it.

Of course, it’s just that I’m a bit cautious with such things.

6.- You will have to accept all the terms and conditions of the page. I recommend that you read them before registering. If you see something you don’t like, then don’t continue with the registration.

7.- If you accept the terms and conditions, then, all that remains is to clic on where it says to register and you will have to validate your dirección de correo electrónico.

Now what remains is to start with the surveys related to the creation of your profile.

It is important to answer them because it is from your profile that you will receive surveys.

Ways to earn money with LifePoints

There are different pages and applications that have many ways to earn money, but in the case of Lifepoints, you cánido only earn lifepoints (points) through paid surveys.

In fact, it does not have a referral system either, that is, you will not be able to earn money for inviting people who register with a backlink or invitation code.

In a certain way, that perro indicate that it is a way to earn money without referrals and what you earn will depend solely on your effort.

How much money cánido you earn with LifePoints Panel?

The truth is that I cannot tell you an amount, since it will depend on different factors.

The factors that I consider most relevant, which perro make you earn more or less money are:

  • The time you invest.
  • Your profile: According to your profile you cánido receive more or less surveys.
  • The number of points or Lifepoints offered by the surveys.
  • Your experience.

Of course, there may be more factors, but they are what I consider most relevant.

You perro take others into account.

Payment methods

At this time, you cánido withdraw your money from Lifepoints by PayPal and some other gift cards such as Amazon.

It should be noted that you may find more or less gift cards on the page.

In fact, there are also some options that will allow you to donate money.

Sure, money you get through surveys.

withdrawal minimum

Possibly my preferred way to withdraw my money is PayPal and since Lifepoints has that method, then I am going to give you the amounts that you perro withdraw with its equivalent in points.

Amount of points (LP) requiredMoney in Mexican pesos obtained
1160 $100
1750 $150
2900 $250
5780 $500

Does LifePoints pay?

I have to clarify that the page was recommended to me thanks to the fact that it is paying, but I have not yet reached the minimum withdrawal and therefore, I cannot guarantee that Lifepoints are paying.

If you have any bad experience, then I would like you to leave it in the comments and I will update the content.

If you wish, below I am going to put the backlink to two articles that I did about applications focused on paid surveys and which have already paid me:

Opinion 2022

I know that paid survey pages perro become tedious and thanks to that it is easy to stop using them, but it is one of the ways to earn money on the internet that they paid me without the need to have referrals.

Also, it cánido be faster to earn money, of course only in comparison with applications designed to earn money.

For which, with patience and effort, you perro earn a little money every month.

You may not get rich and it’s not a way to replace a job, but you may be able to do the same as me and use that money for something that perro give you more money in the long run.

Of course, remember that it is only my opinion and you cánido look for more opinions on the internet.

You perro even try Lifepoints for a while and draw your conclusions.

Alternative to LifePoints

A page focused on surveys that I really like is the page called ySense.

Of course, I’m not saying LifePoints isn’t good, but I’ve already cashed out from ySense and I personally like it.

If you want to know more about ySense, I leave you the following backlink:

What is the survey page that you would recommend?

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