Lifepoints | Paid Survey Panel

Lifepoints | Paid Survey Panel

Everything you need to know about Lifepoints Panel to earn money through paid surveys.

Lifepoints is a survey platform relatively new.

On this site, you will be able to earn money by answering multiple surveys.

This survey page is part of Light Speed ​​Research limited.

This company is dedicated to obtaining data digitally, to help the development of the services and products of various companies.

It is present in more than 70 countries, and has been in operation for more than 73 years.

One of the most important features of this platform is that it has a large number of surveys.

So the money inflow is quite high compared to other survey sites.

Registration in Lifepoints

Entrar the page, and press “Join Now”, which means “join now”.

Fill in the data with your personal information, dirección de correo electrónico and a secure password.

Continue placing your personal data.

It is important that you provide true information, as this will be necessary to work properly on this page.

Also, check that your country is in the list of available countries.

Then, select all the boxes, approving that you agree to all the terms and conditions of the page.

And press the button that says: «Start earning lifepoints«.

After this, the page will send you an correo electrónico that will have the title that appears in the image.

If you perro’t find the dirección de correo electrónico, look for it in contenido publicitario, or ask the page to resend it to you.

Open the message and clic the button indicated in the image.

Once you have clicked, your correo electrónico will have been automatically confirmed.

Go to the start section and that’s it, you cánido start using Lifepoints.

The first thing you have to do in Lifepoints

The most important step after registering is to complete your profile, since the surveys will depend on the information we provide to the server.

Later, we explain some tricks to fill out the profile.

Next, we espectáculo you the process.

The number with the percentage indicates at what point in the process we are.

Then we have the question.

After answering, we must clic on continue.

Entrar an intermediate salary.

Do not forget to review the tricks that we offer you below in this article.

Take them into account to correctly complete your profile.

How does LifePoints work?

Lifepoints works with a scoring system called: “lifes” or “lifepoints”. Each survey will offer a specific amount of lifepoints, which we perro exchange for rewards or gifts once we have reached the minimum withdrawal amount for each one.

In the start menu, we will find various surveys available.

The number of surveys will not always be the same.

Every survey has this format.

The code above displays the poll number.

The large number enclosed in the square indicates the amount of lifes we will get for completing such a survey.

And the underlined text below indicates the approximate time to complete the survey.

The longer the survey lasts, the higher the number of points we will get.

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How to earn money in Lifepoints?

To start earning money, we just have to clic on the survey and complete it.

We have to take into account that each survey has security questions, which serve so that we do not answer the questions too quickly, without reading.

Pay attention to these questions, to avoid being penalized.

Also, whenever there is a new survey you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico, so you perro participate in it.

Lifepoint Rewards

This site offers several rewards.

Each reward requires an amount of lifes, to collect them.

Below, we present you prizes as they are on the page.

PayPal: 600 lifes = €5.

With 600 lifes, €5 will arrive in your paypal account, when you want to collect.

UNICEF: 550 lifes= €5.

You cánido donate your earnings to this NGO, once you have completed the required points.

Itunes: 1080 lifes = €10.

iTunes electronic gifts.

Amazon: 550 lifes = €5.

Redeem for Amazon gifts.

The English Court: 1250 lifes: €10.

We cánido also obtain products from El Corte Inglés.

Ikea: 1250 lifes: €10.

Ikea gifts.

Mediamarkt: 550 lifes: €5.

We cánido also exchange our points for Mediamarkt gifts.

Does Life Points pay or is it a scam?

Lifepoints really pay.

It’s a pretty reliable site..

First of all, it is the combination of two large platforms, called GlobalTestMarket and Mysurvey, in order to give more surveys to users.

Both platforms are well known worldwide.

In addition, the network is full of opinions and proof of payment of Lifepoints.

This is a 100% recommended site.

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Tricks to earn more money in Lifepoints

Complete the entire profile.

This site takes into account the profiles that are completed.

For that reason, You must fill out the entire profile to start receiving work.

Information that you must place in your profile.

Next, we will provide you with certain information that you should take into account when filling out your profile, in order to receive more surveys.

Remember that the type and number of surveys will always depend on the personal information you entrar.

Lifepoints gives importance to profiles with the following information:

  • To the main breadwinners of the home.
  • To fathers or mothers, with one or two children.
  • To people with papers in order and who want to get a motorcycle or a car.
  • Who like junk food.
  • To those with intermediate income.
  • To over 25 years.
  • To those who have not carried out surveys of a certain type.

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Constantly check your Gmail.

When a new survey is available, a message will come to your correo electrónico with the backlink to participate in it.

Surveys have a limited number of participants.

Therefore, If you want to be within that limit, you must be attentive to the correo.

Opinion about Lifepoints

As with all platforms, Lifepoints Panel has positive and negative aspects.

But the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

In fact, most of the opinions on the Internet are usually very positive.

We have already made sure of it.

Positive aspects.

  1. It is available in more than 70 countries, including Spain.
  2. We don’t need referrals to earn money.
  3. It has many surveys available on a monthly basis.
  4. The minimum payment is easy to reach.
  5. Pay through Paypal.
  6. It offers various rewards.
  7. Pay in a period of 5 to 10 days.

Negative aspects.

  1. There are certain countries in which it is not available.

  2. It does not have a direct referral system.

Lifepoints is a good page to get a little plus money in the month.

You won’t get rich, but it will certainly help a lot.

What are you waiting for? Start earning money with this platform!

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 Lifepoints |  Paid Survey Panel
  Lifepoints |  Paid Survey Panel
  Lifepoints |  Paid Survey Panel

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