LifePoints | Money and rewards with

LifePoints | Money and rewards with

LifePoints is a paid survey panel resulting from the union of two of the most important pages in the ámbito, Globaltestmarket and MySurvey.

As a result of this union, this new panel has been created, which will give us the opportunity to win additional money and prizes for giving our opinion.

The reason for this union is to offer users double the opportunities, encompassing the activity of the two platforms in just one.

In this way we do not have to jump from one platform to another to look for opportunities, we have everything in the same panel.

I certainly believe that the change is very positive, since in the time that the merged websites have been running, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of surveys that users are receiving, with which the opportunities to earn money have increased considerably.

And it is that there are days that I have received up to 15 surveys, you will not give the profile in many of them, but since there are more, the possibilities also increase, that is undeniable.

Detailed LifePoints information

• Site Ownership: Lightspeed Research Limited, founded in 1946 and with more than 5 million users.

It happens to be the largest market research company in the world.

• Language: Spanish.

• Accepted countries: Spain.

• Punctuation system: In LifePoints we will have to get points, some points that we perro redeem when we reach 600 which is equivalent to €5.

• Payment methods: Paypal, Amazon, Ikea, El Corte Inglés and MediaMarkt.

Open a free LifePoints account

Creating a LifePoints account is totally free.

If you are one of those who was already registered in Globaltestmarket and MySurvey, you will not have to complete this step, in fact, the points that you have accumulated and added to this new panel will be added.

If not, you perro do it in the following button.


Lifepoints is one of the best paid survey platforms.

It offers daily studies and perro be charged by Paypal or gift voucher for Amazon from only 5 euros.

When accessing the main page, the next step will be to clic where it says JOIN NOW.

We will fill out a form with our Name and surname, correo electrónico and one password.Then we will have to go to our dirección de correo electrónico and clic on a verification backlink that the platform will send us.

Once that is done, we perro access the panel and start earning money.

The only condition that the platform puts in order to use it is to be over 16 years of age.

How LifePoints work

When we register on the platform, we will begin to receive the surveys in our correo electrónico, but we perro also complete them from the same panel.

By accessing our account, the first thing we will find is a list of the opportunities available for we.

Surveys available in the main panel

As you cánido see, each in each survey we see the time it will take us to complete it and the number of points we will get if we finish it successfully.

These surveys will remain in our panel for a few weeks, being able to complete them when it suits us, they will also appear new almost every day.

Although we cánido do the surveys whenever we want, the truth is that the sooner we fill them out, the better, since even if the study remains in your account, the more time passes, the fewer people will need your same profile, with which our chances of success decrease a lot.

How to request a payment

For this there is a section on the web called rewardsthat is where we will have to access to exchange our points obtained on the platform.

When you entrar this section we will have to clic on the orange button SPEND LIFEPOINTSand we will automatically entrar the available prizes section.

Reward catalog available at LifePoints

Then to request a specific prize we have to go to the menu and clic on Catalogue so that all of them are displayed to us.

Keep in mind that payments in PayPal are from 600 points and gift vouchers from Amazon at 550.

Does LifePoints pay?

The answer was clear, however we are talking about a page with millions of users and that had already paid me on previous occasions under the name of MySurvey and Globaltestmarket.

Payment received from LifePoints

Payments in MySurvey or Globaltestmarket were processed in 10 days and even a month in some cases.

In LifePoints things remain the same, in my case I cánido say that the payment has reached me exactly 7 days after requesting it.

Opinion about LifePoints

Personally I think it has been a success to join two pages in one.

If the result is going to be the same, it would be a waste of time for all of us to have to access two different platforms to end up carrying out the same task.

Another point in favor is that LifePoints has its own mobile application, which considerably increases our opportunities.

The interfaz is easy and intuitive, as in its web version, where once you entrar you will have it mastered one hundred percent.

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 LifePoints |  Money and rewards with
  LifePoints |  Money and rewards with
  LifePoints |  Money and rewards with

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