Lifepoint Panel | surveys to win

Lifepoint Panel | surveys to win

Lifepoints is a survey panel that pays to give your opinion on current issues.

The Lifepoints Panel website belongs to the Lightspeed company, a giant in terms of market analysis.

It was founded in 1946 and today it already has a presence in more than seventy countries.

Spain included.

As users, Lifepoints allow us to earn rewards for answering paid surveys.

Among other prizes, we perro earn money by Paypal or exchange the points for Gift Vouchers.

So we cánido buy on Amazon “for free”.

What do you think? If you like the iniciativa, I invite you to read this guide on how Lifepoints works.

From registration and login to when we ask for a payment.

What is Lifepoints Surveys

Lifepoints Panel arises from the merger between Globaltestmarket and MySurvey.

Two very reliable survey panels that were also owned by Lightspeed.

In short, what this company did was merge the websites.

Thus resulting in a new community made up of more than 5 million users.

At the level of market research analytics, the fact that Lifepoints has such a large panelist base favors all of us.

To Lifepoints allows you to take samples with much more accurate results.

And we perro earn money by giving our opinion, either collected through Paypal or Amazon gift checks.

From my point of view, this merger is beneficial for two reasons:

– The first is precisely the one that refers to the size of the community.

Having such a large and diverse community allows Lifepoints to accept large projects.

This is good, as they will need more elaborate samples.

Which translates into more surveys.

– And the second is that Globaltestmarket served the whole world.

And Mysurvey only for Spain.

After the merger, everyone perro be registered.

I use Lifepoints from Spain and it works perfectly for me.

There are some countries where Lifepoints tends to send more surveys.

In order: Spain, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, México and Colombia.

Registration in Lifepoints Panel

The first thing we will do is create an account in Lifepoints.

To do this, you perro access the registration form by clicking on the button below.

Or if you prefer, go to their website and clic on “To register”.

In the next step we will have to fill in all the fields of the form.

They ask us for a name and surname, an correo electrónico address and a password.

We will then check the box as we agree to the TOS).

And finally, we clic on “Following”.

Register now and receive 10 FREE Lifepoints

Now we will be registered in Lifepoints, but we will have to activate the account.

After submitting the form, we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from the panel.

In its content you will see a welcome message and an attached backlink.

By following that backlink our account will be automatically confirmed.

We’ll see how to make money in Lifepoints!

How Lifepoints Dashboard works

As soon as we access Lifepoints we will see a menu with 5 sections. Each section has a specific function, although when working on it, we will only access a couple of them.

Start “ The main Dashboard of the Lifepoints website.

If we receive a survey we will see it listed here.

As seen in the screenshot below.

To answer one, we just have to clic on it.

And the system will redirect us to the studio.

After answering all the questions, we will add the rewards to the cómputo.

Rewards » Catalog with the rewards and gifts that we perro get in Lifepoints.

To request an exchange of points, you only need to have the necessary amount and follow a few fácil steps.

A little later we will see it with all the details.

Lifepoints » Amount of accumulated points to be exchanged for prizes.

in this pane we do not earn money by answering the surveys.

but points.

These points are called Lifepoints and are the ones that we will use later to redeem the rewards.

Whether they are money in Paypal or another class.

Help Center » In case we have any questions or have any incident.

We cánido look at the doubts that other users have had.

And see if in any of the answers we find the solution.

Otherwise, we perro always contact support.

Membership “ History with all the rewards, cookie permissions… But also, we will have to complete our profile data 100%.

This will be essential to redeem a reward.

By adding a valid mailing address, we cánido now receive prizes.

And if they have to send us a physical one, they will do so at this address.

Lifepoints pay and are reliable

As we answer surveys, we will accumulate Lifepoints.

Little by little our cómputo will grow.

As soon as we have the necessary amount, we cánido request a redemption and receive the deserved reward.

Each prize is worth a certain number of points.

As I said at the beginning, I usually collect by Paypal or with a Check for Amazon.

Although there are several more prizes to choose from.

Redeem a reward

Regardless of the award, the process for request a point redemption in Lifepoints it is always the same.

You have to follow five steps:


We go to the section of «Rewards».

In the top menu.


We clic on “Spend Lifepoints” and it will take us to the catalog with all the rewards.


We clic on the corresponding category according to the prize we want to receive.

Depending on whether it is a payment by Paypal or by Amazon Check, etcétera.

As it happens in the dashboard Mobrog, Lifepoints for Paypal from only €5.

Once we have decided, clic on the reward.


We confirm that we have the points and select an address.

We have seen before that “Membership”, we had to complete our profile 100%.

It was for this.

This requirement is mandatory before requesting a redemption of points.

If you didn’t do it at the beginning, you will have to do it now.


We verify that the data is correct and that’s it.

Request sent.

Over the next few days, Lifepoints will contact us.

Depending on each prize, they will tell us how to proceed.

If we request a payment through Amazon, they will send us a code.

And if we ask for a prize through Paypal, they will pay us the money.

Lifepoints takes about 10 days to process rewards.

Sometimes, like my last trade, it only took 3 days.

It is confirmed that Lifepoints pays and is 100% reliable.

How to work Lifepoints correctly

At a private level, Lifepoints seems to me one of the best survey panels that there is currently.

And all this despite its recent creation at the end of 2018.

In itself, having absorbed Globaltestmarket is already an indication that it will move a large number of surveys.

However, with all the time that I have been working on the site since its creation, it is something that I have already been able to verify.

Lifepoints sends as many surveys or more than Globaltestmarket sent.

How to receive more surveys

Additionally, I would like to add some recommendations and highlights regarding this portal.

I think they cánido help you if applied correctly, so here we go.

They are the following:

– Lifepoints deals with consumer issues and, therefore, they look for users of a specific profile.

To cite a few examples, they tend to send many surveys on perfumes, movies, fast food restoranes, tobacco, alcoholic beverages… If we are consumers of these types of products and services, we will qualify in more surveys.

– The duration and value of each survey is variable.

The rewards usually range from 65 Lifepoints to 400, although it is a aspecto that is always linked to the time it will apparently take to answer all the questions.

Sometimes it takes 5 minutes and others just over half an hour.

In general, the longer the survey, the better the reward.

– On some occasions, when we do not qualify in a survey, we receive a reward of 2 Lifepoints.

It is not much, but it is always appreciated to receive an plus gift.

– Although my favorite prizes are those from Paypal and Amazon, there are more to choose from.

We perro exchange our points for Gift Cards for Ikea, El Corte Inglés, Mediamarkt or i-Tunes, among others.

Does Lifepoints ban accounts?

Of course, if we misuse the Lifepoints survey panel we run the risk of having our account closed permanently.

And the worst thing is that, depending on the type of sanction, the cómputo of points that we have accumulated to date cánido no longer be recovered.

In which cases perro Lifepoints Panel ban our account? Mainly for three reasons.

The first two involve a definitive closure of the account and in the third, there is still the possibility of recovering both the account and the entire cómputo of points.

Possible reasons for the ban

1st Case – Lifepoints is one of the survey portals with better security.

For this same reason, if they detect that we use a VPN or a VPS, it is more than certain that they will penalize us for fraudulent use of the site.

Without a doubt, it is the main reason why Lifepoints cánido ban us.

2nd Case – It is known that some surveys contain trick questions.

If we repeatedly fall or do not pay attention to the “habitual” questions, we will be warned of possible anomalies in our answers.

If we continue on the same path, in the end they will close our account.

3rd Case – The last case I have met recently.

And the most surprising thing is that it is caused by contenido publicitario correo.

Lifepoints sends us survey invitations by correo.

If the correo provider has a contenido publicitario filter active, it is possible that some of these invitations will be lost.

That is, they will not go to the inbox.

But to the contenido publicitario folder.

Apparently, from the panel this is considered as an infraction.

In order for our account to be reactivated, we will have to authorize the invitations as contenido publicitario and contact support.

After confirming it, they will re-enable the login.

Lifepoint Opinions

As I said in his day with ysense either marketagentLifepoints seems to me a highly recommended site for all those people who want to earn money en línea.

It works for everyone and it is completely free.

So why not try and convince yourself.

As I have said many times on the blog, using survey panels, faucets or PTCs we are not going to make money.

I sure don’t.

But by adding a little here and a little there, we will accumulate profits that as a whole cánido come in very handy.

Do you want to know all the panels that I use to earn money? take a look at this compilation with the most trusted paid survey panels.

And this is all I wanted to explain today.

I hope this Lifepoints Panel guide It has served to get to know this paid survey portal much better and you perro get the most out of it.

As always, if there is any doubt or I perro help you with something, you have at your disposal the comments below.

Consult what you need and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Until next time and long live paid surveys!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Lifepoint Panel |  surveys to win
  Lifepoint Panel |  surveys to win
  Lifepoint Panel |  surveys to win

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