Leveraging digitization to achieve

Leveraging digitization to achieve

In response to concerns about climate change, most organizations are looking for ways to disminuye the impact of their activities on the environment.

One approach that most companies are considering is digitizing work processes to disminuye their paper footprint.

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital form.

Information types cánido include images, objects, text, etcétera.

With the pandemic shaping the way most businesses work, now seems like the best time to embrace digital.

Digitization should be done in phases.

The following are the steps you cánido take to digitize your work:


Scan all paper archivos

The first step in the digitization process is to convert all old paper documents into digital archivos.

Scanning is one of the fastest ways to digitize and archive old archivos.

When scanning your archivos, it’s important to work from the order of newest to oldest.

Nowadays, it is not necessarily necessary to buy a physical scanner to carry out the task of scanning.

Devices like the iPhone have built-in functions that perro perform this function.

You cánido also download free aplicaciones such as Camscanner.com and Scanner-PRO from Apple Store or Google plus PlayStore for the purpose of scanning.


Use cloud storage

After you scan your paper archivos, you’ll need to make sure you have a place to store the digital copies.

Since the goal of digitization is to encourage en línea work, having archivo storage options accessible from anywhere is essential.

Cloud storage protects your data in a remote database, making it easy to back up, collaborate, and retrieve data at any time.

Some habitual cloud storage options include Dropbox, Google plus Drive, and OneDrive.

These three cloud storage options have free and paid plans.

You perro choose the option that best suits your needs.


Get a workflow tool

If you are going to be working en línea most of the time, getting a workflow tool would make the collaboration process easier.

Let’s see an example of a workflow in a digital marketing agency:

  • The publisher sends a brief from the client to Writer
  • The writer writes an article based on a brief
  • The writer sends the article to the Editor for review
  • Editor reviews and leaves retroalimentación for Writer
  • The editor returns the article to Writer to update it
  • The writer updates the article and sends it back to the editor.
  • Publisher sends to client for approval
  • The client approves the content

If you go through the workflow above, there are eight steps that involve three parties: publisher, writer, and client.

Without a workflow tool, all of the activities described above will likely require one form of paper or another.

Tools like Asana and Trello to help multiple parties collaborate on activities from one space.

This eliminates the need for paper.


Automate your contracts and billing

If you have different projects or work for different clients, it perro be difficult to keep track of payments.

Now imagine also having to physically sort paper archivos when you need details of your contract with clients.

By automating billing, you cánido not only bill your customers faster, but you perro also easily pull information when you need it from one source.

There are accounting tools like QuickBooks and Zoho Invoice that have billing features.


Switch to electronic signatures

You know that habit you have of printing contracts and forms to sign them with a pen? Now might be the time to call it quits.

An electronic signature is just as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

To make sure your electronic signature mimics your handwritten signature, scan your handwritten signature and save it for future use, or get electronic signature programa like PDFfiller or DocuSign.


The digitization process has been facilitated with the evolution of technology.

As long as you identify the right business tools for your needs, you shouldn’t face any transition setbacks when you equipo out to digitize your work.

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 Leveraging digitization to achieve
  Leveraging digitization to achieve
  Leveraging digitization to achieve

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