Learning to say no has never been so easy with

Learning to say no has never been so easy with

Want learn to say no? Are you like most people who are incapable of turning down a proposal? The lack of assertiveness to reject an invitation, a favor or a commitment perro affect your quality of life.

The problem with this is that your inability to say no, or not wanting to learn to say no, means that you have to devote your time and energy to other people’s priorities, leaving your own aside.

As if these weren’t important enough.

If you want to make your projects come true, grow professionally and have time for yourself, and what is important, you will have to learn to say no.

Strategies to learn to say no easily and gracefully:

Here are 9 strategies to make it easier for you to say it and be able to dedicate yourself to your priorities.

Remember that the importance of learning to say no lies in the opportunity cost.

That is, every time you agree to do something you don’t want, simply to look good with others, you are wasting the opportunity, time and resources to do something you really want to do.

So use these strategies to learn to say no, and start applying them the next time you get a proposal or invitation that doesn’t attract much attention.

1. Know your no:

The first thing you must do to learn to say no is to identify what is important to you and what is not.

To be able to say no, you first have to be clear about what you want to dedicate your time to and what proposals to reject. This is the foundation from which you will make your decisions.

2. Be grateful:

Analyze it as follows: If they are asking you for help, it is because they trust you, your abilities and ability to assist them.

Based on this, the first thing you will do once they ask you for something is to thank you for taking you into account. Without this meaning that you are going to say yes.

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3. Do not say no to the person, but to the request:

Make it clear that you are not rejecting the person, but declining the request or invitation. The way to learn to say no to the proposal, and not to the person, is by making it clear that you admire his work, dedication and generosity.

You must be honest with your desire to want to stay or not, be kind to explain the reason why you cannot and in this way not make the person who invites you feel rejected.

4. Explain your underlying reason:

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at the time of learn to say no, you should know that the details do not matter so much, the underlying reason matters. It may be that you are tired, that you have a lot of work, that you are not in the mood, or that you have other commitments.

Be as honest as possible and don’t use excuses to look good, as these could play a trick on you and make you look bad.

Think of it this way: This could be an excellent opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

5. Espectáculo your determination and don’t be intimidated:

If after giving your reasons, the other person continues to insist, you will have to apply the same strategy as theirs: espectáculo your determination. The best sentence you cánido say is the following:

I know you don’t give up easily, but neither do I.

6. Practice, practice and practice

To learn to say no, you perro start with situations where it is easier for you to say it, where there are not many risks and the other person cánido understand.

From the dessert that they offer you to the vendors on the street; practice it when you are alone, this is the best way to develop the no muscle.

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7. Equipo a non-preemptive

For those occasions where you already know that they are going to ask you for something that you do not want to do or with which you do not agree, you should learn to say no before they ask you for something.

Surreptitiously let him know that you are very busy; In the event that he is your boss, when he types you something, remind him of the previous conversation.

When you escoge to focus on your priorities, you are accepting by default that you will miss out on new opportunities.

As we mentioned, this is known as opportunity cost, and it’s okey to do it when you’re very clear about your priorities. When you say no to something, you are reaffirming your commitment to what you do want to do.

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9. Arm yourself with courage:

You must eliminate that feeling of guilt for not wanting to help others. Remember that the proposals are to be made but these do not imply that you should always say yes.

You’re not being a bad friend, you’re just clear about your reasons.

It is possible that they speak ill of you, that they say that you are not committed to your work or that you do not support others; Under these circumstances, understand that this is the cost you must pay to regain peace of mind in your life.

In conclusion, everything is a matter of practice, and the muscle of no, it is not the exception.

Today people instinctively say yes to everything asked of them, however, in a world of so many interruptions and demands, learning to say no is the most elegant way to be productive.

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*This article was based on the book 4 Seconds written by Peter Bregmann

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 Learning to say no has never been so easy with
  Learning to say no has never been so easy with
  Learning to say no has never been so easy with

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