Learn to write on the keyboard with typing

Learn to write on the keyboard with typing

How fast do you type on your computer keyboard? According to typing.com, an adult or a person who is studying at the university level, has to type at an average speed of 50 words per minute.

If you are not able to type at that speed, don’t worry, today I am going to espectáculo you a page that will help you learn to type on the keyboard faster.

What is typing?

typing.com is a free website that offers us a large number of lessons, tests and games to learn typing.

In such a way that, with patience and perseverance, you perro learn to type on the keyboard faster.

Also, not only will you be faster typing, but you will also be able to be more precise when doing it (you will have fewer errors).

Note: typing.com has a premium version that will allow you to access more content, but it is not necessary to purchase the premium version in order to learn typing.

Of course, if you like the page, you cánido think about purchasing the premium version.

Why should you learn to type faster on the computer?

I consider that typing is not a highly developed skill today, but it perro be very useful.

For example, imagine that you are allowed to do an assignment or that you have to turn in a report at work.

Now, if with your current speed you are able to do it in 2 hours, What would happen if you doubled the speed at which you type? Well, instead of taking 2 hours to finish your activity, you would do it in 1 hour.

In such a way that you would do the same, but in less time.

Therefore, you cánido use the remaining hour in another activity.

In fact, it is for this reason that I have decided to learn typing and they shared the page that I am talking about today.

So, if you want to be more efficient and also more effective when typing, then it wouldn’t hurt to know a little more about typing.com

How fast should you type?

Next, I am going to share a table that espectáculos the average speed at which you should write according to the grade in which you are.

It should be noted that the data I have taken from typing.com

DegreeWords Per Minute (WPM)
Elementary school (grades 3 to 5): 8 to 15 PPM
Middle School (Grades 6–8): 12–25 BPM
High School (Grades 9–12): 20–35 BPM
University / Adult: 50 PPM

How fast do you type on the keyboard?

There are different pages that perro help you to know the speed at which you type on the keyboard, but I have decided to use typing.com.

Of course, as I said before, it is not the only page that exists, but it was recommended to me and I have to say that I am liking it a lot.

Therefore, at the moment, I do not want to change platforms.

If you escoge to use typing.com you will have free access to timed or page tests that will help you to know the speed at which you type (words per minute).

Also, typing.com will let you know how accurate you are when typing.

Therefore, typing.com is a good page to perform different typing tests, which will help you to know:

  1. words per minute
  2. Precision.

Why is it important to measure the speed at which you type?

Simply put, it’s important because if you’re not able to make a comparison, you won’t know if you’ve increased or decreased your speed.

In such a way that constantly measuring your speed and precision when writing will help you measure the progress of your stated objectives.

However, it will also be useful to establish corrective measures (if necessary).

In conclusion, it is convenient that you constantly measure your progress and when you see your improvement (even minimally), you will be able to stay motivated.

In fact, many people lose motivation for things like exercise because they don’t see results.

In fact, I like typing.com because it feels like a game and you perro constantly see your progress (lesson after lesson).

I think that is what has motivated me the most.

How to register in typing?

Registering at typing.com is free and very easy, although I have to say that you cánido register as a student or as a teacher.

I have registered as a student.

Now, you perro do a Google plus search and entrar the page or you perro use the following backlink:

Now, once on the page you will have to clic where it says “Check in” and you will have to select if you want to do it as a student or as a teacher.

It must be said that you cánido register using one of the following accounts:

  • Google plus.
  • Microsoft.
  • Clever.
  • Classlink.

Once you have registered, you perro clic on the start button and you will start your way in the world of typing.

Something that I recommend is that you go to the tests section and take one of the typing tests so that you know your current speed and accuracy.

That way you perro measure your progress.

What perro you do on typing.com?

Let’s say that the typing course offered by typing.com has three levels for you to learn typing en línea.

The levels it has are:

  1. Beginner.

  2. Intermediate.
  3. Advanced.

Each level or section has different lessons that will help you learn the keys that each finger should press and improve your speed.

Of course, without losing sight of precision.

Also, typing.com has a testing section, a games section and a practice section.

Everything together has the objective that you are able to master typing.

In summary, typing.com has the following sections:

  1. Typing lessons.

  2. Typing tests.
  3. Typing games.


Typing Lessons

As I said before, typing.com’s typing lessons are divided into three levels and well, there really isn’t much to explain, except that little by little they will teach you how to type.

I say this because they will indicate the keys that each finger should press.

For example, the key belonging to the letter f has to be pressed with the left index finger.

On the other hand, at the end of each level you will be able to obtain recognition.


Typing tests

The typing tests section focuses on measuring your speed and accuracy.

Therefore, if you want to know how you are progressing, you cánido take one of the typing tests.

You perro also print a certificate.


Typing Games

Once you have the basics of typing, you perro start playing.

Playing will allow you to practice and improve your speed.

Of course, you cánido also improve your accuracy.

At the moment it has 7 games, but the truth is that they have helped me a lot.

Also, they are entertaining.

Does typing really work?

Well, I have to say that my starting speed was 37 wpm, but I wasn’t using all my fingers.

Now, my next test turned out to be 15 wpm because it was difficult for me to change the way I was typing and there are keys that are difficult for me (like q).

What I did notice was the fact that with practice I memorized the keyboard and began to increase my speed.

I have to say that I still cánido’t reach the 37 wpm that I have with my old habits, but I’m starting to get close.

Also, my movements become more fluid and I no longer have to see the keys to type.

Now what I’m looking for is to reach a minimum of 50 ppm.

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 Learn to write on the keyboard with typing
  Learn to write on the keyboard with typing
  Learn to write on the keyboard with typing

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