Learn SEO from Scratch – 100% FREE Course

Learn SEO from Scratch – 100% FREE Course

Learn SEO from Scratch. I am going to espectáculo you clearly and precisely how I learned SEO completely from scratch with the course of SEO course Romuald Fonswho is my guía in this area.

Free SEO Course

On the internet there are many SEO courses that promise you a lot but in truth they are courses that do not really teach you SEO really, I have thrown many courses myself including paid courses from Vídeo2Brain and others.

Unfortunately, and it’s not to speak ill of many of them, I didn’t learn much from those coursesonly very basic things that were not enough to grab a web page and position it.

SEO What is it and how does it work?

Before continuing, let’s define what is seoIts about positioning of a web page or vídeo in search engines, optimization in search engines (SEO: Search Engine Optimization).

In which we significantly improve the visibility of a website in search engines as much as Google plus, Bing, yahoo, Yandex, AskEtcétera., so that when people search for our website, it will appear on the first page of Google plus and in the first search results.

How to Learn SEO from Scratch

After having bought more than 20 domains and having made more than 20 websites, the reality was that I was not able to generate money with any of those pages, in fact the page that had the most visits was a game page that reached 25 visits per day.

I let all those domains expire over time, I invested money buying domains, doing tests and it was as if I was doomed to not generate visits with my sites, and that my weblogs were aesthetically speaking well.

But I i never gave upso I continued buying domains and creating content for it, but because of work I was always slow with the publication of articles, until one day when searching YouTube I came across a vídeo of Romuald Fons.

Who is Romuald Fons?

I saw this YouTuber doing some crazy things there on Youtubethe first vídeo I saw of him caught my attention, so I started watching all his vídeos, on his YouTube channel he talks about How to get money on internet with the famous TSA and adsenseso I threw all your vídeo SEO.

It’s amazing how the way I learned how to create SEO optimized articles, so that they would appear on the first page of Google plus in the first search results, even palabras clave high competition.

SEO Techniques for Beginners

I not only learned to position web pagesI also learned some SEO techniques and manage some tools that facilitate the analysis of palabras clave, level of competition, volume of monthly visits among other things.

I had been making websites for several years and seeing few results, because all those years I was doing things wrong, it is the same thing that may be happening to you right now when you are looking to generate money en línea but it has become a bit difficult for you.

The best SEO in the world

I’m obviously not the one best seo in the worldbut if I have learned enough to work on my websites and see results, I perro offer my professional services to companies, among other things, thanks to what I learned from SEO course Romuald Fons who is a before and after my seo knowledge.

The importance of SEO for my web pages

What you really need to learn make money en línea with your blog It’s called SEO, that’s the first key to be able to generate income en línea and avoid any penalty for wanting to get smart by sending fake traffic to our website.

I have created this article to invite you to visit Romuald Fons YouTube channel and go to the playlist and see his seo vídeosthere are many people like me who have learned with their free courses.

WordPress SEO Course

For next year 2022 I will get my own seo coursewhere I will espectáculo the strategy that I am implementing in my websites, I am documenting all the information so that you perro see that it is possible to position a website in the short term and generate money with it.

That is why I am going to wait until next year to speak with facts and evidence, and not come up with theories and giving examples of others, but I will be showing my own projects and my own profits and sharing all my experience with you.

I will be taught not only to make money with Google plus Adsense, but also to get local and international clients to sell them advertising on our blog, also a strategy to make subscription sites and get good income.

SEO Course, This will change your life

In the same way that I learned with the course of «SEO by Romuald Fons« You will learn that easily with the material that I am preparing, because the iniciativa is to change the way in which we genera money in the world. you perro see the free seo course that Romuald Fons has in his YouTube channelif you apply what he explains, believe me this will change your life.

If you perro sell and collect on the internet and we are one of those who carry out this type of business and make a living from it, then it is necessary that we have good seo knowledge to apply them both in our projects and in the projects of our clients.

If this article helped you, don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you are updated about the other vídeos that I will be sharing with all of you.

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 Learn SEO from Scratch – 100% FREE Course
  Learn SEO from Scratch – 100% FREE Course
  Learn SEO from Scratch – 100% FREE Course

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