Learn how to create your digital catalog for free and

Learn how to create your digital catalog for free and

As the title already says, In today’s article I am going to espectáculo you a very fácil way with which you will be able to create an interactive digital catalog. Likewise, you cánido create your digital catalog using a template or create it from scratch.

Best of all, it has a free version and you don’t lose many features.

Therefore, if you have a business, you want to start digitizing and you don’t want to start investing; then maybe this article will be useful for you.

Before continuing, I have to say that I have tried different options and the page that I am going to talk about today is one of my favorites.

(it is my opinion).

So that you cánido see that the page will help you to create a large number of things, I am going to leave you with something very fácil that I did (without a template).

Of course, since it is about showing that it is possible to create animations and even put backlinks and windows, I am going to leave you a backlink.

If you press it, you will be able to see the result and by the way you will be able to see how it looks when you share your backlink.

How to create a digital catalog?

You have already seen that you cánido create many interesting things for your business with the page of geniallywhich is the name of the page that we are going to use to create the digital catalog or any interactive image (there are even games) for a business.

Of course, the first step for you to start is go to the Genially page and register.

You cánido search the page from the browser or you cánido use the following backlink:

Do not worry, the registration process is very fácil and it should be noted that you will not be charged, of course, As long as you don’t go premium. Of course, you have more advantages if you buy a premium package, but I think you cánido start trying with a free account and then see if you perro afford one of the paid packages.

Disadvantage of the free package

Well, the truth is that I am very comfortable with the free package, since I perro create many things, however, I think that the only thing I would change to a paid plan is to remove the watermark.

Your work might look a bit more professional that way, but I’d start with a free one.

After all, possibly what you want is to start receiving more income (sales).

How to start creating?

Since you have registered, you just have to clic where it says «Create Genially» and you will be able to see the main categories that Genially has.

The main categories are:

  • Presentations.
  • infographics.

  • gamification.

  • Interactive image.

  • Vídeo presentation.
  • Guide.
  • Training material.

  • Further.
  • Blank creation.

By clicking on one of the main categories, you will be able to see all the free and paid templates that Genially has.

However, you perro also search for a template by clicking where it says “Search for a template”.

If you put there catalog, you perro see some templates.

Of course, templates ready for you to start editing and you cánido have your digital catalog ready in no time.

The template that I am going to give you as an example is called “En línea shop guide”.

The truth is that it is free and quite good.

Next I am going to leave you an image of the way a section of the template looks like.

Remember that you cánido editar all the content and adapt it to your needs.

I recently made a short vídeo on Instagram showing some of the template’s content.

If you want, you perro go see it.

Just press the next button.

Final comment

I hope that the page is very useful to you and if you know of any other page or program that you think is better, I would like you to say so in the comments.

Now, Genially teaches us how to use its page with small tutorials and that’s why I didn’t put much emphasis on how it works, but if you have any questions or need help with something, you cánido leave it in the comments.

We hope you liked our article Learn how to create your digital catalog for free and
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 Learn how to create your digital catalog for free and
  Learn how to create your digital catalog for free and
  Learn how to create your digital catalog for free and

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