Latin store near me | Know the

Latin store near me | Know the

In this Gigonway guide, we highlight the growing presence of Latino supermarkets, such as Northgate Markets, Celebración Mart and Cárdenas Markets, fueled by the growing immigrant population of the United States.

By offering essential products for Hispanic gastronomy, these latin supermarkets they provide a unique shopping experience, with an authentic atmosphere and a wide selection of fresh and specialty foods.

We invite you to explore these Latino stores and become familiar with their product offerings, while seeking authentic culinary experiences and understanding the importance of these businesses in the growth and diversity of the retail ámbito.


Northgate Gonzalez Markets

Northgate González Markets, founded in 1980, is one of the largest Latino supermarket chains in the US, employing more than 5,000 people in 38 stores in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego.

It stands out for the freshness of its products, the authenticity of its breads and sweets, and the expertise of its staff in each campo.

In addition, it collaborates with local farmers and has recently incorporated the Clinica Confort, where locals perro obtain medical attention.

Visit Northgate Gonzalez Markets


Vallarta Supermarkets

Founded by Enrique González Sr.

in 1985, Mercados Vallarta, now with 50 locations in California and employing some 8,000 people, is known for its commitment to quality and customer service, offering a wide range of products including meats, seafood , tortillas, Mexican foods, bakery products, and health and beauty elementos, among others.

Its goal for 2030 is to positively impact 100 communities.

Visit Vallarta Supermarkets


Sedano’s Grocery

Sedano’s Supermarkets, founded in 1962 by Cuban businessman Armando Guerra, is one of the largest Latino supermarket chains in the US, with more than 34 stores in South and Central Florida.

It stands out for its wide variety of Hispanic culinary products and its recent innovation, the “first robotic supermarket”, created in collaboration with Takeoff Technologies, redefining expectations for en línea ordering functionality in the industry.

Visit Sedano’s Grocery


Leo’s Market | Hispanic Grocery Store In Marinette

chains of hispanic stores, like Leo’s Mercado, are expanding in parallel with the Hispanic population in the United States.

Leo’s, the neighborhood’s first Latino supermarket, offers all the necessary ingredients to prepare traditional Hispanic meals.

Before it opened, many members of the local Latino community traveled to Chicago and Green Bay to buy their authentic products, but now they perro save time and money thanks to this supermarket.

Visit Leo’s Market


Superior Grocers

Superior Grocers, founded in 1981 in Covina, California, is a Latino supermarket recognized for offering products at competitive prices in its more than 45 stores in Southern California.

It stands out for its value, variety and quality, with an abundance of fresh products in its bakery, meat and seafood departments.

In addition, it offers additional community services such as utility bill payment processing, water vending machines, ATMs, and coin counting devices.

Visit Superior Grocers


Bravo Supermarkets

Visit Bravo Supermarkets


Cardenas Market

Cardenas, established in 1981, is recognized for offering the freshest and healthiest foods with the most intense flavors.

With 54 locations in Arizona, Las Vegas and California, and employing more than 6,500 people, Cardenas positions itself more as a family serving its community than a fácil Latino supermarket.

It offers fresh meats and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and traditional dishes from the US, México, Central and South America, as well as other countries.

Visit Cardenas Market


Gala Foods Supermarket

Gala Foods, originally known as Compare Foods, began in a modest warehouse in Queens, New York with the goal of providing the best local food shopping experience.

Forty years later, with 24 stores in five states, the company has grown well beyond Queens.

Valued by customers for its incredible family atmosphere, Gala Foods offers a wide variety of products ranging from fresh foods to health and beauty elementos.

Visit Gala Foods Supermarket


Foodtown, is a Latino market that has been proudly serving the people of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for 64 years.

It has 63 privately owned grocery stores.

You cánido buy groceries en línea and have them delivered to your home or picked up at a nearby supermarket.

Visit Foodtown


Fresh and More

Fresco y Mucho más, the Hispanic brand of Southeastern Grocers, is a very habitual grocery store in Florida that has continued to grow since its founding in 2016.

With thousands of employees in 25 supermarkets, Fresco y Mucho más stands out for offering fresh and distinctive elementos, a wide selection of products and services focused on the Hispanic community, such as a full-service Latino butcher shop and a Cocina, all at really attractive prices.

Visit Fresh and More


Party Mart

Celebración Mart, co-founded in Houston in 1972 by Donald Bonham and OC Mendenhall, offers a distinctive shopping experience at more than 60 stores in Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth, serving customers in more than 90 countries.

This Latino store is characterized by offering quality meats, fresh products, dairy products, beers, exquisite wines and specialized products from around the world, including bakery sections, fresh seafood and meat counters.

In addition, Celebración Mart offers a wide range of services, such as utility payments, check cashing, Western Union money transfers, license plate purchases, and Texas Lottery ticket sales.

Visit Celebración Mart


The Super

In June 1997, El Super Latino supermarket opened its first store in South Gate, California, and entered the grocery retail industry.

Currently, El Super has 63 stores in 13 counties in Nevada, California, Arizona, New México and Texas.

The Super is the hub of your kitchen, offering customers a wide selection of their favorite, fresh elementos at the lowest possible cost.

Visit The Super

What’s in a Latino supermarket

Latino supermarkets are emerging as leaders in the grocery industry, reportedly surpassing discount stores and natural and organic supermarkets.

Although staples like apples, potatoes, and carrots are available around the world, Mexican supermarkets offer a unique diversity of fruits and vegetables to explore.

  1. prickly pears: Sweet and juicy, perfect to enjoy alone or in a fruit salad.
  2. Chayotes: Pumpkin native to México, known in English as vegetable pear, cristophene and mirliton.
  3. fresh chillies: Varieties include jalapenos, chilacas, poblanos, and serranos.
  4. Tomatillos: Necessary for the preparation of green sauce.
  5. chayote root: A less common element in Mexican soups and stews.
  6. jicama: Eaten raw in salads, known for its crunchy texture and mild flavor.
  7. Dried Hibiscus Flowers: Used to make Agua Fría de Jamaica.
  8. fresh herbs: They include avocado leaves, cilantro, epazote, and hoja santa.
  9. pumpkin: Round or longer varieties, afín to zucchini but smaller.
  10. Lime: Also known as Mexican limes, used in a variety of sweet and savory Mexican dishes.
  11. Tropical fruits: They include mamey, papaya, mango, guava, and soursop.
  12. Nopal leaves or palettes: Used in salads and stews, preferably without bones.
  13. bananas:Larger than bananas, they are a staple in many Caribbean kitchens and are always cooked.
  14. Dried corn husks: Used to make tamales.

packaged foods

  1. toasts (baked or fried corn tortillas)
  2. Long grain rice, almost exclusive in Mexican cuisine
  3. Corn flour for tortillas, tamales, and sweets
  4. Fruit juices, such as mango, pineapple, or guava
  5. Habitual brand canned sauces and moles like Herdez, La Costea, etcétera.
  6. Canned Mexican corn for pozole
  7. Varieties of dried chiles such as ancho, guajillo, chipotle
  8. Canned chipotle peppers and pickled jalapeños
  9. Mixes for drinks such as horchata, hibiscus tea, etcétera.
  10. Dried herbs and spices such as cloves, anise, cumin
  11. Table chocolate to prepare foods such as atole and mole
  12. corn and wheat tacos
  13. Variety of canned and dried beans
  14. Chicken bouillon cubes or powder
  15. Ate (concentrated fruit paste)
  16. Small bags of pasta of various shapes
  17. Dry biscuits such as Marie Biscuits
  18. Packaged or canned pieces of nopal
  19. Annatto seeds and marinade paste for pibil pig recipes
  20. Boxes or envelopes with ingredients for soups and desserts
  21. Piloncillo (Mexican hard brown sugar)
  22. Range of Mexican candies, some with chili powder
  23. Possibility of authentic high quality Mexican vanilla concentrates.

Visión of Hispanic Grocery Stores

Latino supermarkets in the United States are growing rapidly, led by chains like Cardenas Markets that are looking to expand and offer a unique offer.

Despite its popularity among Hispanic shoppers, there is a diversity of shopping preferences, prompting big companies like Kroger and Walmart to include more Hispanic products.

With Hispanic clientele projected to quadruple over the next few decades, traditional grocery stores must devise strategies to attract this important group of consumers.


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 Latin store near me |  Know the
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