Lande | Agricultural crowdlending platform

Lande | Agricultural crowdlending platform

Lande is a new crowdlending platform to invest in loans that have to do with the agricultural campo.

When we talk about loans in agriculture, we are referring to the purchase or rental of machinery, land or any type of material or service that the farmer needs to develop and maintain his business.

The website was created in 2019 with headquarters in Latvia and although it was initially dedicated to real estate loans, in recent times it decided to focus on the agricultural market.


Lande offers a loan service focused on the agricultural business.

The minimum investment is just 50 euros and offers a plus of 1% of your investment in the first 90 days.

How to register on Lande

In a few minutes we will be able to successfully complete the registration on the Lande Finance platform.

The entire process is free, yes, to have our account fully operational we will have to verify our identity.

Although the platform is in English we will not have any problem, since it is very fácil and intuitive.

To start the registration process we go to the top menu and entrar Register.

We will see that we have the possibility of creating the account as an investor or client.

We will clic on the blue one that says Start to invest Since what we want is to earn money, clicking on that button will display the registration form as an investor on the platform.

At first we will only be asked for an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Then we will be sent an correo electrónico to verify this first information.

The next step in this registration process will be to fill in some personal information as a contact, something common in this type of company.

Our first and last name, date of birth, postal address and telephone number.

To end everything we will be asked to verify our identity.

For this need we perro do it by means of a photo of our ID, Passport (European Union) or residence permit.

We will have to send two documents, for example, ID photo on both sides and controlador’s license photo or another on both sides as well.

Then we will have to wait for the Lande Finance team to approve the documents, they usually take a few minutes.

Operation of Lande Finance

Well, let’s go to what interests us, which is nothing more than seeing the options available to Lande Finance to earn money.


It is the main section of the platform, where we will be able to see the current status of our account at all times.

To invest in Lande we must clic on Add funds .

We will be asked to make a SEPA transfer to Lande’s account.

We will be able to entrar any amount of money, but the minimum investment per agricultural loan on the web is 50 euros, therefore it is something that must be taken into account, especially if it is the first investment.


In the Projects section we will be able to vea all the loan projects available in Lande to start investing, both in the primary and secondary markets.

loan projects

We perro see in detail the information of each project, as well as its financing, the percentage of return, the duration, etcétera.

If we want it, we will be able to invest manually in each project.

It should be noted that Lande’s loans do not have a buyback guarantee, something that is certainly not in his favor.

On the contrary, what they do have is a mortgage guarantee or collateral.

return percentage in our investment in Lande Finance it will vary as is evident in the type of loans but in general in an average account it perro fluctuate between 9 and 12% per year.


If you don’t want to have to spend manually investing in each project, you perro equipo up automatic investment.

Select between the basic one, which is to invest in any project available from 50 euros or the advanced one, where you cánido configure the interest rate margins, the term or the LTV (risk).

Yes indeed, advanced coche-investment only allows you to invest a minimum amount of 250 euros per loan.


At a quick glance we cánido see the amount of money invested and earned in the primary and secondary markets, as well as the dividends obtained.

We cánido filter all this according to our search preferences.


As its own name indicates, we will see the status of our monetary cómputo at any time.

We will find all the transactions that have occurred in our account since we started using it here.

You perro select the transactions by date to accurately detail all the movements produced.

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referral system

Lande has its own referral system with which to earn passive income by inviting new users to try the platform.

When entering our operating account we will see that we have a unique referral backlink, which we cánido use to promote the site and get referrals.

The reward of this referral program is double, both for the one who recommends using the platform and for the one who registers from your backlink.

Every time a usuario completes the registration from your backlink, we will take a commission of 1% of everything that it invests within a period of 90 days from the registration.

On the other hand, the registered usuario from your backlink also you will receive a 1% commission on your entire investment in the first 90 days.

It is important to register from a recommendation backlink if you are really going to invest, because if you do not you will not receive anything additional for your investment.

Opinions about Lande

While we all know by now that all investing carries risk, investing in farm lending is a bit less risky as it is less affected by financial crises than other sectors.

Lande is a new platform that allows us to diversify our investment, something that every good investor should know and do.

Although it is not well known, the good performance shown to date makes it worthy of a mention, accompanied by the corresponding investment to test the platform and receive the interest on our money that our usual bank denies us.

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 Lande |  Agricultural crowdlending platform
  Lande |  Agricultural crowdlending platform
  Lande |  Agricultural crowdlending platform

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