Kyani Review A Legit Opportunity Or

Kyani Review A Legit Opportunity Or

If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you’ll know that I’m not a seguidor of multi-level marketing.

When you add health supplements to the mix, Kyani becomes a recipe for dishonest marketing and false claims.

That does not orinan they are being dishonest or that Kyani is a scam.

It is only the combination of an MLM with health supplements that opens the door for individual distributors to spread the truth.

In this Kyani review I will talk about who they are, how they work, and whether or not they are a pyramid scheme.

I’ll also cover their compensation plan, dream car program, and of course, discuss some complaints.

What is Kyani?

Kyani is a direct selling company that specializes in health and wellness supplements.

The company was founded by 3 Americans; Kirk Hansen, Carl Taylor and Dick Powell in 2005.

As a business opportunity, Kyani offers distributor packages so that you cánido sell their products and with an MLM business model, you cánido also invite others to join your distributor or organization.

I’ll get into more of the MLM aspects of Kyani in a bit, but first, a quick overview of the Kyani product line.

The 3 main products that Kyani sells are marketed together as the triangle of health

These include Kyani Sunrise, with the premium ingredient being Alaskan cranberry.

Due to its survival in harsh environments, the claim is that this especial blueberry is 5 times more potent than regular blueberries.

The next product in the health triangle is Kyani Sunset.

This is a gel capsule with its main ingredient derived from Alaska salmon.

Finally, Kyani sells the Nitro family of supplements that aim to increase nitric oxide levels in the body.

While the products may or may not do what they claim (a topic well beyond the scope of this article), the real growth and profits at Kyani come from a network of dealers, each aiming to be financially independent. recruiting your own network of distributors.

So yes, if you were wondering, Kyani is an MLM… or multi-level marketing business.

Is Kyani a pyramid scheme?

I’m not one to dance around the pyramid scheme issue.

If there is an “up line”, a “down line”… and if the structure resembles a pyramid as it does in all MLMs (to some degree), then it is a pyramid.

If your compensation depends on how many people you recruit (and how many people they recruit)… It’s a pyramid in my opinion.

In the 90’s I spent a couple of years building an MLM business and I would defend the pyramid issue (as my “upline” taught me) by saying that traditional businesses are pyramids too.

While that is true, I forgot to acknowledge the most important fact.

In a traditional or “pyramid” company, the vast majority of people (if not all) are making money.

In a multi-level marketing “pyramid”, the vast majority are losing money.

That is an important distinction.

And after expenses, he was also losing money.

I was also recruiting people with the ultimate goal of them recruiting people, and so on.

Product sales played a very small role in my business because the focus, and big money, was all about building a “downline” of distributors…

…which stretches out like a pyramid.

This difference between selling a product and selling an opportunity cánido put multi-level marketing companies in a precarious position…

Now, to be clear, that does not orinan that Kyani is an illegal pyramid.

Wikipedia defines a pyramid scheme as “a business model that recruits members through a promise of payments or services to enroll others in the scheme, rather than by providing investment or product sales.”

So, generally speaking… The main difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing is (as the vídeo above explains), on one… The main purpose is to generate income through the sale of products and on the other…

… The main purpose is to recruit new members.

Some multilevel schemes pretend to be legitimate by creating a product to sell, but the only way you perro buy the product is by joining the pyramid.

Or, better yet… The “product” is simply a training program that teaches you how to sell more training programs and get more people to join the pyramid so they cánido sell more training programs…

That is not the case here… You do not have to register for the Kyani business opportunity to purchase Kyani products.

More importantly, Kyani products are real products and have nothing to do with the business opportunity.

A lot of people may not like MLM (and I’m not a seguidor either), but when done correctly, it cánido be a legitimate business model.

But, despite struggling to improve their reputation over the years, dealer success rates for this type of business remain low.

However, legally speaking… just because they use a pyramid “structure” does not orinan that companies like Kyani and other MLMs are scams.

Individual dealers making false promises may be running a scam, but the companies themselves (if they follow the law) are not.

How does Kyani act?

The Kyani opportunity works like most MLM and network marketing businesses.

You perro earn money in three main ways.

  • Direct sells
  • Downline Commissions
  • various bonuses

While direct sales perro provide some steady income, the real money is in building your team of distributors and earning commissions and bonuses from your sales, which I’ll cover in the Kyani compensation plan below.

What it does orinan, however, is doing what most people don’t like to do.


Recruitment is both the power and the problem of network marketing.

If you are good at it, you will multiply your efforts and profits.

If you’re not good at it, your Kyani business will probably ocasione you frustration.

This is because the other product that is sold in network marketing is lifestyle: the dream of making hundreds of thousands of dollars and at the same time being free to live the life you want.

I understand.

I also had that dream.

I also had that dream squashed like 99% of all people trying to build an MLM business.

That lifestyle of freedom and independence depends on your ability to recruit people, and your recruit’s ability to recruit people, etcétera.

This sets the stage for frustration.

To be clear, I’m not saying Kyani won’t work.

I’m also not saying you won’t make money with Kyani because some people will.

Some could even be wildly successful.

But statistically speaking, most don’t…

Kyani Compensation Plan

Kyani’s compensation plan is quite complex.

When you recruit or sponsor someone into your Kyani business, you have the unique ability to place them anywhere in your organization.

By default, they will be placed directly below you.

But you cánido also place them under someone else in your organization.

This creates two trees or pedigrees and the terminology Kyani emplees for each is her ‘Sponsor Tree’ and her ‘Placement Tree’…the first represents her direct sponsors and the second represents the sponsors she placed at various points in her organization.

Kyani Sponsor Tree ^
Kyani placement tree ^

There are a handful of reasons why you might want to place a new recruit below another team member…

  • Team synergy (your new recruit might work well with someone else on your team)
  • Geographic considerations (it makes sense to put teams together where you cánido support each other personally)
  • Personal Relationship Considerations
  • Structural considerations and profitability (you may be balancing your organization with more width or more depth in a especial span)
  • breath and motivation (putting a new recruit under a struggling team member perro boost their confidence)

The way you structure your organization perro determine your rank and bonuses.

qualified volume

It goes without saying that the goal is to build your organization as large as possible, but you and your team members still need to sell products.

This is where your Qualified Volume (QV) comes into play.

You have to maintain your personal QV, which is always 150, whether you are a newly qualified distributor or a Double Black Diamond (see compensation plan table below).

Then you have your QV pool which is based on your team sales.

As a “Garnet” rank your pool QV must be at least 1000… up to 25,000,000 pool QV for Double Black Diamond.

More details of Kyani’s compensation plan are explained in this table…

Kyani Compensation Plan Chart

Kyani Dream Car Program

Kyani’s compensation plan is filled with various bonuses including money, trips, and even a dream car.

When you reach the rank of Sapphire or higher, you qualify for their ‘Dream Car’ program.

Qualified Ranges Eligible for the Dream Car Program

The program is structured to provide you with a down payment on a new car and then cover your monthly payments as long as you qualify.

The amount you are given to put on the car and your monthly payments are determined by your rank.

You cánido learn more about The Dream Car program here.

How much does Kyani cost?

As for MLM, if you’re familiar with other network marketing companies like Amway, Avon, or Herbalife, you’ll be familiar with Kyani.

There is nothing new or unique here (as far as the business opportunity goes).

To get started, you need to purchase a Business Builder Paquete.

There are two options…

  • Business Builder Regular Package for $499
  • Premium Package for $999.

What you get in the regular paquete is 1 each of,

  • Kyani Sunrise Bottle 30oz
  • Kyani Sunset (Paquetes) 30ct
  • Kyani Sunset gelcaps 90ct
  • NitroFX 56ml
  • Nitro FX (8 paquete) 15ml
  • Nitro Xtreme (paquete of 8) 15ml
  • 5 trial paquetes, various brochures, 1 year access to their web tools and finally a registration kit.

The Premium Builder Paquete for $999 doubles the products with the addition of 2-56ml bottles of Nitro Xtreme and 15 trial paquetes (up from 5).

From then on, it’s all about selling products and recommending the opportunity to others.

Is Kyani a scam?

Kyani is a legitimate network marketing business that offers a real opportunity to generate significant income, but success requires a unique equipo of skills and circumstances, as well as a strong network of contacts and hard work.

Although the company offers attractive incentives and rewards, such as exotic trips and luxury cars, it is important to keep in mind that this lifestyle is not easy to achieve and that not everyone cánido be a successful leader in a network marketing network.

Kyani Reviews and Complaints

A big problem with MLMs (from a corporate standpoint), is that you perro’t always control what your distributors say and do.

From false product claims to misleading statements about income potential, Kyani has had plenty of complaints.

Some of the accusations and challenges that Kyani has had to deal with are,

  • Kyani supplements cánido replace medicine and be used to fight heart disease, cancer, and even autism.
  • Excess income claims without proper legal disclosures.
  • Profits are driven by recruiting efforts rather than product sales.
  • The name “Kyani” (claimed to orinan “strong medicine” in the indigenous Alaskan Tlingit language) which sounds good for a company, is not related to strong medicine and is a loose translation at best.

In response to these issues (and to their credit), Kyani has made changes to their marketing and has cracked down on distributors they’ve found to be stretching the truth in hopes of improving their sales and recruiting numbers.

Is Kyani for you?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a tough game, and it’s not for everyone.

Successful leaders in this type of business are often charismatic, good at public speaking, and comfortable in front of a camera.

If you are not a person who likes to talk to others, present to groups, and be in the spotlight, then building an MLM business will be difficult.

Although people make money with MLM, it’s important to keep in mind that success in this type of business depends on a unique equipo of skills and circumstances.

If you don’t like selling or dealing with rejection, then MLM may not be for you.

In this case, starting an en línea business might be a better option.

What I like about Kyani

  • There is a genuine community, as well as a help and support system.
  • Kyani is a well-established company, and you won’t have to worry about them disappearing overnight.
  • For the right person, Kyani offers real potential to earn money and build an independent lifestyle.

What I don’t like about Kyani

The things I don’t like about Kyani are really the things I don’t like about all MLMs in general.

That doesn’t orinan they are bad… These are just my opinions based on my own experience as a network marketer.

Just because it wasn’t for me doesn’t orinan it’s not for you.

I encourage others to make a decision based on their own knowledge and experience.

That being said, the things I don’t like are,

  • Product Pricing – MLM products are often overpriced because the profits are shared and dispersed to multiple people in your upline/downline.

    Network marketing companies often claim that they have a price advantage because their products are concentrated and bypass traditional distribution and marketing channels.

    However, in my experience, products purchased through direct marketing companies generally cost more than afín products found in stores.

  • You are building a career with a supplier of products that you have no control over.

    If Kyani decides to increase its price dramatically or change the product elabora to disminuye production costs… You cánido’t just switch to a new supplier with a afín product.

    The organization and business it has built ultimately belongs to the network marketing company, in this case, Kyani.

  • Publicidad.

    Again, this is not a specific problem with Kyani (but rather with MLM in general).

    The business model benefits people who prey on the insecurities and desires of others by pumping them with flyers, vídeos, live events, and audio that they cánido plug into their ears for hours a day.

How many successful network marketers have you met who are not charismatic in some way, energetic, and have a strong tolerance for rejection?

To end

Years ago (like thousands of others), I struggled in my network marketing business, so I am biased against them.

I feel like many (but not all) involved build people’s hopes and dreams (inadvertently or not) knowing that their chances of success are slim due to factors over which they have very little control.

Like I said above… that doesn’t orinan they’re bad or that Kyani won’t work for you.

If you’re determined to build an MLM business, Kyani may be worth your time.

I would also recommend trying their products if you haven’t already to see if they work for you, and if you cánido confidently stand behind and sell them.

Either way, you have a lot of options if making money is what you’re trying to do.

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 Kyani Review A Legit Opportunity Or
  Kyani Review A Legit Opportunity Or
  Kyani Review A Legit Opportunity Or

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