Kviku Finance | Performance Crowdlending

Kviku Finance | Performance Crowdlending

The crowdlending platform Kviku Finance It is specialized in small short-term loans and has been running smoothly since 2013.

Initially, the company began its journey as a loan originator that offered its services to leading platforms in the ámbito such as Mintos, iUVO or Bondster, among others, until in 2020 it began to function as its own investment platform with notable success, thanks to some of the particularities that differentiate it from the vast majority of websites in the ámbito.

One of the features that draws attention is that the available loans have a much shorter term than on other pages, in this way we perro diversify more and receive our commissions in a short period of time, which will help us to have much greater liquidity. .


Kviku Finance offers returns of more than 12% for investing in mini-loans from as little as 10 euros. offers a €20 plus for your first investment of at least €100 if you register from the following button.

Some data from Kviku Finance

Kviku Finance offers loans in five different countries, which are Spain, Ukraine, Poland, the Philippines and Kazakhstan, although they will soon expand the market to several emerging countries.

Although originally it is a Russian company, its headquarters are currently in Cyprus, so it is not affected at all by the war problem that sanctions against Russian companies may entail.

The minimum investment per loan is just 10 euros, they have terms that range between 1 and 180 days. We cánido also activate automatic investment and not worry about everything. It has a buy-back guarantee deposits, investments and withdrawals are free of commission some.

On the other hand, something that will make browsing the platform much easier is that it is available in Spanish, you just have to change the default language in the main menu, to this we must add that it is a clean, clear and fácil website, for which we are going to become familiar with very quickly.

Sign up to Kviku Finance

Although we are on an investment page, opening an account is a free process, as well as quick and easy.

Clicking on the registration button will take us to the main page of the platform, where we will see another button that says Sign up along with the information on the 20-euro voucher.

If we clic on this button, a form will automatically open to create our investor account. We will be asked for a first name, last name, dirección de correo electrónico, password and country of residence.

Then we will fill out a second form where we will register as private person. In this they will ask us for a telephone number, ID, date of birth and address of our frecuente residence. Remember that it is a legal platform and therefore you need to have all users registered to avoid any type of illegality, all serious companies do it.

Once all this is done, we only have to verify our dirección de correo electrónico by clicking on the backlink that the platform will have sent us to the dirección de correo electrónico that we have used for registration and then verify our identity to start investing. For this we will only have to upload our ID on both sides to the platform and wait for them to approve us, it does not take long, in my case just 10 seconds.

How Kviku Finance works

The operation of the platform is quite fácil and does not differ much from other websites in the same campo, everything is even better organized, since the interfaz is very clean and clear.

Next we are going to review one by one all the sections that we are going to find when we entrar our Kviku Finance account.


As its name indicates, it is the total summary of your investor account, where we will see all its movements reflected.

Account summary

From this section we will have direct access to add funds from our bank account, invest in the available loans or withdraw the money earned.


In the Invest section of the main menu we will be able to configure our own self-investment portfolio simply by configuring certain parameters.

We assign the name to the portfolio and then we configure the minimum and maximum amount that we are going to invest in each loan together with the interest rate.

The range of the repayment period of our investment, which ranges between 1 and 180 days maximum, together with the countries where we want to invest, which at the moment are; Spain, Ukraine, Poland, the Philippines and Kazakhstan.

Finally, we define the amount that we allocate to each loan and after reviewing all the configuration, we perro press the button Create Portfolio.

When making a deposit we will have at our disposal a bank address with instructions to deposit our money.

Notably kviku Finance does not charge fees for depositing or withdrawingwhich is not entirely common in the world of corwdlending.

my investments

We will be able to see the status of all our investments, both present and past, establish filters or even download them.

We cánido also entrar the statement of our account and vea the total value of the account, as well as the amount of money that we have allocated to each section. We will also be able to download the investments by date, ideal for our income statement.

Primary Market

At a glance we will be able to see all the loans available within Kviku Finance, separated by countries, amounts, rates or terms, among many other statistics.

This gives the platform a lot of transparency, since we cánido see the loans one by one in detail, which always offers confidence to the investor.

Kviku Finance referral system

On the other hand, content creators have an incentive on the platform, which is nothing more than the economic incentive offered by the referral system.

Most investment platforms already offer this type of service with varying degrees of success, but the Kviku Finance system is especially attractive because it offers no limit to the amount of money that cánido be earned.

The operation is fácil, when an investor registers from our backlink, we will earn 1% of what he invests during the first 3 months without limit. It goes without saying that this will not affect the investor financially.

Final opinion about Kviku Finance

There are many P2P platforms that promise good returns before opening an account with them, but the reality is that afterward those returns do not always match reality.

This is something logical within the world of investments, since it is a living, changing world and therefore the percentages fluctuate because they depend on many factors.

The case of Kviku Finance is no exception, although in the time it has been running it has stood out for being a reliable platform, not only in terms of the profitability offered, but also in terms of unpaid loans, being an impeccable platform so far in terms of reliability.

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 Kviku Finance |  Performance Crowdlending
  Kviku Finance |  Performance Crowdlending
  Kviku Finance |  Performance Crowdlending

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