KuSwap | High-end farming platform

KuSwap | High-end farming platform

Continuing with the DeFi series, it’s time to spend some time on the platform KuSwap of the Kuchain blockchain.

A blockchain that stands out for the tiny gas commissions when carrying out any operation, even more modest commissions than in Binance Smart Chain.

The world of decentralized finance has become a whole universe of opportunities for small and medium investors, more and more platforms are launching their own network, Kucoin one of the most used exchanges in the world was not going to be less, creating your own using your native KCS token.

The KuSwap platform will allow us to invest and get quite juicy dividends through different methods, as I mentioned at the beginning, with much lower commissions than in other blockchains, so it cánido make it much more profitable for us to invest in it at medium and long term.

KuSwap is a decentralized finance platform within the Kuchain network.

We cánido do farming, staking or exchange currencies with quite low commissions.

Even if you are new, you will understand how it works by following the tutorial.

Getting started on KuSwap

To start using KuSwap we need to first entrar the platform from the registration backlink that I have left you above and then connect our wallet, in this case I recommend doing it with the Metamask extension.

The problem is that we will not be able to do it without first having created the KuChain network in our Metamask portfolio.

This is very fácil, we just have to create it in Networks and then in Custom RPC, there we will add the following, as I leave you below:

Network name: KuChain

New RPC dirección de Internet:

String Identifier: 321

Currency symbol (optional): KCS

Block explorer dirección de Internet (optional):

After filling in all the fields we clic on the button Keep and we will already have our KuChain network operational to be able to work with it, we just need to add KCS funds, since we need this currency to pay for each transaction, just like it happens with ETH for the Ethereum network or BSC for Binance Smart Chain.

Fund KCS through the Kucoin exchange

We will only be able to send KCS from Kucoin, since we are dealing with its blockchain and its native currency, so we will have no choice but to create an account, it is fast and free.

Once we have an operating account in Kucoin, the next thing will be to buy KCS or exchange with another asset that we have, such as USDT, BTC or ETH.

Then we proceed to withdraw our KCS to our Metamask wallet using the Kuchain network, in this way we perro start making transactions within the blockchain, since as I have told you we need KCS to pay for the gas of each one of them.

Options to earn money on KuSwap

Now if we are going to break down the decentralized platform of KuSwap, a platform that operates under the Kuchain network and that has its own native token KUSwhich we will be able to get within the web.

To start using KuSwap we will have to entrar the page and connect our portfolio, I recommend doing it with Metamask, although we have more options.

Once we have our wallet connected, we perro use the platform interacting with the funds we have in it.

As I have told you, it will always be necessary to have some KCS to pay for each transaction.

You cánido see the current prices of both KCS, which is the currency that the Kuchain network works with, and Kuswap (KUS), the native currency of the KuSwap platform.


In the exchange, of course, we cánido exchange between the different currencies that KuSwap accepts, in addition to adding liquidity to farm between each of them.

The remarkable thing about this option is that we are not going to lose practically anything in commissions, since we will be paid 100% of each commission to the Earned fees that we cánido withdraw to our portfolio when we please.


It is the section where we cánido pair two currency pairs to farm by adding liquidity.

At the moment there are more than a dozen interesting options at a fairly competitive APR.

Some farming options

Among the most destacable options are those of the KCS-KUS pair where we obtain very good profitability, we perro also reinvest profits thanks to the very low commissions of the Kuchain network.

It is also worth noting the high APR that we receive when farming with stable currencies and other powerful ones such as BTC or BNB, if we compare these with what they give us on other platforms or blockchain, it is quite worth it.


Of course, we do have the option of staking on KuSwap using the KUS currency.

At this moment we cánido earn KUS and KUS with coche compound, although there are times when they introduce some other currency for a short period of time.

A strategy that I follow is to farm to earn KUS using the pair KCS-KUS and reinvest part of those earnings in the KUS coche compound pool to increase the APY and maximize everything you cánido.

Other interesting options

Although we have already reviewed the most used options in KuSwap, they are not the only ones, since the platform has some other features with which we cánido increase our capital.

One of these is the LaunchPadwhich consists of launching projects during a period of time so that users perro buy a specific token at a low price, this gives the platform the necessary liquidity and also helps users earn money thanks to the fact that they cánido get hold of those tokens at a price well below the market.

Another way to earn, as it happens in other platforms like PancakeSwap, is to use the purchase of tiques in the lottery from KusWap to try your luck and get huge prizes.

Great prizes in the lottery

The operation is as fácil as buying tiques using the native currency of the exchange and we entrar a raffle where thousands of dollars are distributed among the lucky ones.

Since I don’t usually have luck, I avoid this type of system.

Another option that may be interesting for certain users is the trading battles, which consist of winning prizes based on the volume of trading that is done within the platform.

It goes without saying that to qualify for the important prizes (the first one perro take up to $1,500) you have to trade a good amount of tokens.

Opinion about KuSwap

The DeFi world is expanding, so we are going to find more and more blockchains operating in the market, this is undoubtedly very good news, since as I always say, the key to success for a good investor is to diversify their portfolio. .

KuSwap gives us the option of operating within the Kuchain network, which allows us to work with quite low commissions, something that is undoubtedly appreciated if you are a small investor, since you do not have to worry so much that your money will be take the commissions.

At the moment, only KuSwap works within this network, but it is a matter of time to find many more options to expand our investment, in any case, within this platform we have a wide variety of features to start getting dividends.

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 KuSwap |  High-end farming platform
  KuSwap |  High-end farming platform
  KuSwap |  High-end farming platform

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