Kryptex | Programa to generate money

Kryptex | Programa to generate money

Kryptex It is a free application for Windows that will allow us to earn cryptocurrencies or conventional money by installing a small piece of programa on our computer and letting it work.

What this application does is use the power of your GPU to process millions of calculations, in turn it will compensate us with direct payments to our Kryptex account so that we cánido later withdraw them to our favorite wallet, of course, the more powerful your GPU, the more money you will be generating.

Function: Programa
▪ Countries accepted: Everyone
▪ Minimum payment: From $1.00
▪ Payment method: Crypto, Fiat

This site has really caught my attention for several reasons, one of them is that it has been working for a couple of years, it is not a new site, so it makes us think of a certain seriousness and the other and perhaps even more important if possible , it is the large number of methods available to withdraw money, I will tell you about it later, but I tell you that the catalog is extensive and very varied.

complete registration

Before downloading anything and starting to earn money, we will have to complete the registration on the platform, don’t worry, since everything on it is free.

We will access the website through the button that I have left you a little above, once there we clic on where it says Sign up.

We fill out a fácil registration form with our correo electrónico and password, then we go to our correo electrónico that we have used and we will see that Kryptex has sent us a message, if you open it you will see that there is an account confirmation backlink, clic on it and access your account with your credentials.

You are now ready to download the program and start earning.

Earn money in Kryptex

Once inside our board, we will have to download the programa for Windows, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve any profitability.

The first step is the download

We see a button like the one in the image, we just have to clic on it to start the download.

Once downloaded (it doesn’t weigh anything) we only need to install it giving the pertinent permissions.

It is possible that your antivirus will not let you install the program, you just have to deactivate it, complete the installation and activate it again.

Don’t worry, Kryptex doesn’t have anything evil, but almost all antiviruses detect this type of application as harmful.

Once the program is installed, it will be executed, with which it will begin to mine using your computer’s graphics card, of course, the better your equipment, the more money you will earn.

It is possible that your PC, if it is not very powerful, has some performance problems, especially in terms of speed when browsing while the programa is running.

If you see that a certain time passes and your counter continues to zero, don’t worry, this is because Kryptex distributes the profits every several hours, they perro even take a whole day to appear, don’t crowd, don’t worry.

Referral program

In addition to our own mining, at Kryptex we are going to earn money by inviting other users to join the platform and mine.

in option “Referral program” From the main menu, we will be able to access our affiliate backlink, we will use this to promote the business and get referrals that will earn us a commission.

Get your referral backlink

The operation is fácil, we will have a single level of referrals but this will be unlimited.

With each referral that joins using our referral backlink, we will earn 3% of everything they generate within Kryptex, not too bad.

The money generated by our affiliates will be deposited in our cómputo every 24 hours, of course it will be available to withdraw, since what we and our referrals earn are combined in a single cómputo.

Minimum and withdrawal options

For me the strong point of this page, the large number of different methods that we are going to find to withdraw the earnings within it.

There are so many and they have such different minimums that we will need a table to clarify.

Bitcoin BTC 0.00025000
ethereum ETH 0.03000000
YandexMoney RUBLE 500 Russian Cards RUBLE 500 WebMoney RUBLE 500
VISA/Mastercard DOLLAR/EURO $7.00/€
advcash DOLLAR 1.00 Amazon DOLLAR 1.00

To request a payment we will have to clic on “Request Payment” and then on the method that suits us best, you must take into account that each currency has a minimum and different withdrawal commissions.

Also the delay in payment will vary depending on which method you prefer, it is not the same to request a payment by card that is instant than one in BTC, where we will have to wait for confirmations.

Frequent questions

When we install any external programa on our computer, it is habitual for a sea of ​​doubts to assail us, which is why we are going to review some of the most frequent ones to try to clear them up.

Is Kryptex a virus?

It is true that there are many programs that promise free cryptocurrencies that are, in this sense, even if your antivirus informs you otherwise, Kryptex does not have anything evil for your PC.

What this programa does is use the capacity of your GPU to solve certain processes and generate cryptocurrencies, a percentage of what is generated is taken by you and another by the platform itself.

How much will I earn?

It is a difficult question to answer.

The habitual thing is that the earnings are somewhat slow, although the web reports that with a good graphics card and leaving the PC running for a few hours a day, up to 70 dollars a month could be generated, but I already told you that this is only applicable to powerful computers .

Will my computer slow down?

Kryptex reports that it doesn’t, since it has a light mode that makes your computer work perfectly.

My experience with the programa is that YEAHif your graphics card is modest, your computer may experience slowness when working with the programa running.

Perro Kryptex be installed on multiple computers?

Yes, no problem.

If you have several computers this will help you mine much faster, as long as you do it from the same Kryptex account, a usuario cannot have more than one account.

Other afín sites

It is possible that you are not convinced by Kryptex or you simply want to expand the range of programa and applications with which you cánido earn money by mining or performing other types of passive actions.

I leave you some of the ones that we are testing successfully, free and easy to work with, since you only need a PC or a mobile phone to start getting the most out of them.

Opinion about Kryptex

You have to take these types of sites very calmly, unless you have a powerful computer, your earnings will be small and the pace of your PC will slow down, so perhaps it is convenient to install it on a computer that we do not use much and let it run all day, keeping in mind that this will wear down that especial team in the long run.

If you are one of those who have a high-end computer, perhaps it will be interesting for you, since if you bet on leaving the application open for as many hours, you cánido get quite a few dollars a month.

In any case, we are talking about a free site that is going to pay us money with minimal effort and that is always great, no matter where you look at it.

It has been running for years and it seems that paying without any problems, we put it in our business portfolio hoping that the results will be less profitable, in any case we cánido only see that with the passage of time.

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 Kryptex |  Programa to generate money
  Kryptex |  Programa to generate money
  Kryptex |  Programa to generate money

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