Kolotibablo: Payment of $35.98 by Paypal

Kolotibablo: Payment of $35.98 by Paypal

Hello collectors, today we are back with the captchas and with Kolotibabloa topic that is becoming quite recurring in our blog.

Just a few days ago we added a website to our portfolio that paid us to decipher captchas, 2Captcha and today I bring you a payment from what for me is the best website by far that we perro find in the entire network that pays us for captching, Kolotibablo.

How to get the most out of Kolotibablo

Although solving captchas is one of the oldest ways to earn money on the Internet, it is clear that it is not one of the most attractive for us.

In Kolotibablo, although we are not going to do miracles either, we perro earn good money if we know how to use it. Get good payments like today if you follow the advice that I am going to give you.

What is clear is that if you want to earn good money and above all protect your account from future bans, you will have no choice but to download the Kolotibablo desktop application. If you only use the web version you are dead, it will be a matter of time before your account gets hacked and all your work goes down the drain.

I myself have suffered in my flesh what it is to have your account suspended and it is not pleasant at all, really.

With this application we are going to work faster and we are going to get points for each completed Google plus recaptcha that will later help us to erara the errors that threaten to canalla our account.

In addition to having a much higher volume of work than in the web version, we also have another incentive called Recaptcha Points.

For each Google plus image recaptcha that we solve, we receive a Recaptcha Point. We cánido use these points to erara errors that we are making, at a rate of 100 points per fallo.

This is a very important lifesaver, remember that Kolotibablo only allows 3 errors for every 1,000 solved captchas.

How to request a payment

As I like pages that pay instantly, Kolotibablo is one of them. To request a payment we only have to reach the minimum required by the processor where we want to collect.

Once the payment processor where we want to request our money has been selected, we must entrar the amount we want to charge and then the address of our chosen processor account.

Finally, they will ask us to entrar a pin code that we will have to configure in our account beforehand.

Payment received from Kolotibablo by Paypal

✅ Payment of $35.98 by PaypalThis is by far the largest payment I have received to date from Kolotibablo and from any page that pays to solve captchas.

I think it has been demonstrated that you cánido also earn acceptable amounts in this type of business. What do you have to work on? Well yes, you have to give it your good times but as I always say, money does not fall from heaven, we have to work it out.

The payment took me less than a minute to reach my Paypal account, because Kolotibablo is one of the few pages that has instant payments activated in all the processors it emplees. Only when the number of payments is very high is it delayed by a few minutes.

Final conclusion

Yes, I know it’s lazy to get in front of a computer and start entering captchas like crazy and many of you see it as a waste of time, but the truth is that Kolotibablo is different.

The work rewards you much better than other sites and if you are constant you end up seeing the fruits, it is also a website that rewards that, perseverance. The more we work, the more money we accumulate thanks to the activity plus.

I think it is a page that is quite worthwhile and that it will surely occupy a prominent place over time in our en línea business portfolio.

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 Kolotibablo: Payment of $35.98 by Paypal
  Kolotibablo: Payment of $35.98 by Paypal
  Kolotibablo: Payment of $35.98 by Paypal

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