Kolotibablo | Earn money solving

Kolotibablo | Earn money solving

Learn how to earn money with the crowdsourcing platform: Kolotibablo.

We teach you the different methods to earn money, the available payment methods, how to use the interfaz and much more.

Kolotibablo is a platform dedicated to paid jobs.

Their main way of earning money is through captcha transcription.

But we perro also generate income with other jobs, such as doing translations.

The site also has a referral system, which has no affiliate limit.

Besides, the withdrawal limit is as low as $1.

The only thing we must warn you is that although captcha transcription does not require special training, it cánido be quite boring.

Despite that, if it is not very important to you, the platform is ideal to earn some plus money per month.

Stay with us, and we will teach you everything about Kolotibablo.

What is Kolotibablo?

Kolotibablo is a platform that currently belongs to Liquisoft LTD, and has been active since 2007.

It belongs to the crowdsourcing category.

In other words, it is a platform that allows us to earn money by doing various tasks or mini-jobs.

Kolotibablo is an intermediary between users and companies that need certain services.

The tasks delegated to the platform basically consist of complete captchain order to verify its operation.

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The platform is available both in English as in Spanish.

And it has no geographical limitations, users from all over the world perro register.

It also has a referral system which we will talk about later.

And a fairly low minimum payment of only $1.

How to register in Kolotibablo?

Registering in Kolotibablo is not complicated at all.

The registration process it only requires a few seconds, and it is completely free.

To register, just entrar the official platform, and clic on “Register”.

Then, you will be sent to a window like this.

Entrar your nombre de usuario, and your dirección de correo electrónico.

Solve a quick captcha, and wait for a message that will arrive in your correo electrónico with your new password.

done this, you will already be registered.

How does Kolotibablo work?

Once registered, you cánido now entrar the platform.

The interfaz is really easy to use.

At the top, you will find various buttons that will allow you to perform various actions.

You perro choose if you want to work through the web or the application; or if you want to withdraw your money, check the referral system, or see the available jobs.

To the right side you will find a side menu, which has the following options:

  • Captchas. Everything related to your captchas: available jobs, your statistics, the mistakes you have made, and other things.

  • Factories. The new job options available, such as text translation and others.

  • To finance. Options to withdraw your money, and know the status of your earnings and withdrawals.

  • Settings. Everything related to your personal information.

  • References. All information about referrals.

  • Tools. Other ways to earn money.

To start using the platform properly, you must complete the profile information with your name, date of birth, and your gender.

In addition, you must also choose if you want to work from the web, or from the desktop application.

Types of tasks and minijobs

As we have said before, the main way to generate money in Kolotibablo is completing captchas.

That is to say, to transcribe in a certain space the letters or numbers that appear to us in an image.

If we want to start working, we just have to select the button: “Start working”, which is at the top.

This is how the available offers will appear, as seen in the following image.

However, the platform also offers us other ways to earn moneythrough paid work.

Among them: moderating screenshots, making translations, finding objects in images, and more.

How to solve captchas in Kolotibablo?

You cánido entrar directly to solve the captchas in the button of “Start working”.

The work basically consists of completing the captchas and submitting them, in the shortest possible time.

The remuneration revolves around the $0.40 to the $1.90 per 1,000 captchas.

Therefore, the more captchas we complete, in the least amount of time, the greater our earnings will be.

However, be careful not to go too far wrong, as you cánido be penalized.

In addition, the interfaz also offers us an option with which we perro go to another captcha, in case we have one that is impossible to read or understand.

But this button has a limit per session, of only 10 tries.

If we use it more than 10 times, we will be reprimanded.

So you should use it only in necessary cases.

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The most active users on the platform will also receive an plus plus.

This plus will be based on our activity during the last 30 days.

We perro receive from a 2% (if we complete 100 monthly captchas), up to 25% (if we complete 50,000) of our total earnings.

Other ways to earn money in Kolotibablo

If you go to the section “factory” and then «Directory of Factories»you will find more jobs available.

In our case, for example, there are three types of jobs available: translations; moderation of captchas and screenshot where you will have to evaluate the work of others, and other things.

To do any of these jobs, you must complete a test.

referrals from Kolotibablo

The Kolotibablo referral system is unlimited.

That is, it has no limits of people, and it is permanent.

For each referral, we cánido earn 10% of the total income that this genre.

However, the money will not be counted until the job has been confirmed, and it is in «protected cómputo«.

To get your referral backlink, you must go to the option “References”, «Backlinks and Statistics».

Press the button: «Generate backlink», and ready.

In this same section, you cánido find all the information regarding your referrals: who registers with your backlink, which ones are active, and how much profit you get with them.

Does Kolotibablo pay or is it a scam?

Yes, Kolotibablo is a serious page that has been in the market for paid tasks for more than 10 years and making payments on time.

Just by searching on Google plus, you will find hundreds of proofs of payment that certify the reliability of the platform.

In fact, one day it could be among our top of the best pages to earn money.

Kolotibablo payment methods

To withdraw your money, you will need create a pin code.

go to «Settings»and then to “Account”.

Select the option of “Equipo Pin”.

Then, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with which you cánido create your pin.

Kolotibablo manages a cómputo system that cánido be divided into three sections, as seen in the image.

  • Accumulated cómputo. This cómputo reflects the earnings that we accumulate with the captchas and work done.

    Earnings are reflected once we complete our first 500 captchas, after 48 hours.

  • Cómputo in moderation. This option indicates the cómputo that is being evaluated by the administrator.

  • Cómputo protected. This is the money you perro withdraw, once you have reached the minimum limit.

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Regarding the Kolotibablo methods, these are the ones that are available:

  • Yandex Money: $0.50.
  • Litecoin, Coinbase, CoinPayments AdvCash, and WalletOne: $1.
  • Visa and Mastercard: $10.

Advantages and disadvantages

Regarding the pros and cons of Kolotibablo, this is our opinion:


  • Free registration.

  • A fairly low minimum payment.

  • Quick and punctual payment.

  • Many jobs available.

  • Various ways to earn money with mini-tasks.

  • A pretty serious platform.


  • Solving captchas after a certain time perro become tedious and boring.

  • The time and effort invested do not correspond to the profits obtained.

  • Very limited in its payment methods, especially in the most used ones such as Paypal, Skrill, and the like.


Completing captchas is one more way with which we cánido generate money en línea.

However, for many people the work is usually quite tedious, and they prefer to opt for other options.

But this is already a matter of personal preferences.

The most important requirements for this job are the speed we have with the keyboard, our level of concentration, the Internet connection, and most importantly, our patience and perseverance.

If we have it, we cánido easily reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Despite the fact that for some it is pleasant, and for others it is not, this is another way to increase your income.

We hope this articulo has answered your questions about this platform.

We hope you liked our article Kolotibablo | Earn money solving
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 Kolotibablo |  Earn money solving
  Kolotibablo |  Earn money solving
  Kolotibablo |  Earn money solving

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