Kolotibablo: earn money en línea solving

Kolotibablo: earn money en línea solving

Kolotibablo: earn money en línea by solving captchas, and this page you perro work in a fácil way even if it is a bit tedious but it works quite well even if you do not expect to become a millionaire with this method.

Kolotibablo: earn money en línea by solving captchas where you will be able to earn a lot of dollars month after month, then we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method and the page that we are going to use is about:

What is Kolotibablo?

Kolotibablo is a site that provides the opportunity to work from home by solving captchas.

If you have a computer or móvil inteligente with an Internet connection, you perro start working on this site for free.

It is a crowdsourcing company, this means that it is an intermediary between external companies that require certain services and users who are willing to perform them in exchange for economic remuneration for carrying out said activity.

In this case, the activity that we are going to carry out consists of solving captcha, that is how we will earn money with this platform.

You perro earn around $1.1 for every 1000 successful Captcha solves. You cánido also earn an plus plus by solving more Captchas with fewer errors.

How to register in Kolotibablo?

In order to join the platform, we just have to go to the section of Register” or in “sign in and choose the registration option “where you will be asked for a nombre de usuario, Correo electrónico, solve a captcha, we will entrar the password that they send us by correo electrónico, we will solve another captcha and validate.

How does Kolotibablo work?

Once you are registered on this platform, the main activity to earn money is solving captcha, you press start working and there the captchas will work, the payment rate varies, it may be that one day it will be $1 per 1,000 captcha and another day this at $0.50.

We cánido explain how Kolotibablo works by looking at all the sections that make up the side menu.

Mainly three tabs stand out: Captchas, Finances, Settings, References, Tools and Information:


  • Start working: To start completing captchas.
  • Statistics: Our daily statistics, where we cánido see how many captchas we have solved, how much money we have earned and how much they have assigned us for bonuses.
  • See errors: Our history of errors, or poorly written captchas.
  • Best workers: Here we perro see the users who have solved the most captchas
  • System Statistics: Amount paid by the platform for the resolution of every 1000 captchas.

    We perro look at statistics for each hour, day, week, etcétera.


Withdrawals: Here we will see the accumulated cómputo, the one that remains to be confirmed and the cómputo that we already have verified, and we perro withdraw (To confirm the cómputo, we will have to complete at least 500 captchas)Payment history: History of all the withdrawals we have made.


Account settings: Here we perro manage the security of the account, change the password or equipo up a personal PIN.

This PIN will be asked for when we request a payment, so we must remember it.

Otherwise, if we do not configure it, the default PIN is 1234.

By clicking on the other shortcuts, we perro access directly, to “Start solving captchas”to “Follow our statistics” already “Withdrawals”.


All information about referrals.


Other ways to earn money.

It is a page in which the main way we will have to earn money is to solve captchas, and for that we will have 3 ways to solve captchas:

  • From the browser
  • PC with a Bot.
  • Phone with an aplicación.

How to install the Kolotibablo Bot?

As I said previously, of all the options, this is the one I recommend the most, because we don’t have to install anything additional in addition to the bot and as if that were not enough, the captchas will reach us 20% faster and with more value.

To download the bot we just have to go to the option that says it works through APP, we select the second option that would be Windows Desktop and we simply clic on Download, and with that we would be downloading the bot.

Installation of Kolotibablo Aplicación:

The kolotibablo Android Aplicación is very afín to the bot for PC, and to download it we have to go to the same option that says it works through the aplicación, but this time we go to the first option that says Android Aplicación, clic on Download and It would send us to Google plus Play to install it.

Cómputo Types:

It is important that you know that in kolotibablo there are 3 types of cómputo sheets:

  • Accumulated cómputo: The money you earn from the captchas you solve will stay in this cómputo until you do at least 500 captchas.
  • In moderation: Here the captchas remain before going to the protected cómputo while they are verified.
  • Protected Cómputos: Once here, you cánido withdraw that money whenever you want (as long as you have the minimum withdrawal).

This process only happens with the image captchas, the recaptchas automatically go to the protected cómputo.

It’s up to us to choose how we want to work.

You should know that if we want to work from the Bot or the Aplicación, it will be enough to install it and log in.

But from the browser there are two steps that we must follow.

  • Install a certificate.
  • Download a Complemento to the browser.

Recommendation: work from the Bot, since more money is earned.

Right now the current offer that the page is managing is 1.1 dollars solving 1000 captchas, the sections that the page gives us are the following:

  • Work vía web
  • through the aplicación
  • Send money
  • Tracking Statistics
  • References

In the section of “Start working” You will see all the available tasks to be able to solve captchas and start earning money en línea easily, for example:

  • captcha images solution
  • AntiGate Tasks
  • Moderation of captchas with images
  • Fun captcha
  • GeeTest Captcha
  • captcha

Recommendation: You must be careful not to make too many mistakes as they could pause your account or permanently cancel or ban it.

Kolotibablo for mobile devices:

You perro solve the captcha both from your computer and from your cell phone, since the company has an aplicación for mobile devices.

How much money perro you earn with Kolotibablo?

The amount of money you cánido earn will depend on several factors, first of all the time you have to solve captcha, because if you don’t have a lot of free time you may not generate a dollar a day, but if you have a lot of time and you are By typing quickly you perro easily earn up to $2 dollars a day.

Keep in mind that depending on where you are from, it may be the case that you only have 500 captchas available to solve, to break this limitation you perro use a VPN without problem since it is allowed.

The objective of using the VPN is not to have limitations with the captcha, so we perro work as long as we escoge without problem.

How to earn money with Kolotibablo?

We will have different ways to earn money in kolotibablo, the main one would be the captchas, having to choose so many image captchas, recaptchas and also funcaptchas.

Regardless of which captcha is solving, when starting the job we will have several options:

  • Pause to stop receiving captchas.
  • The current offer.
  • A time bar, in which we have to solve the captcha before the bar fills up.
  • A gear where we perro escoge what types of captchas we want to appear.

The value with which the captchas arrive varies from 0.42 cents per 1000 captchas up to a maximum of 2.5 dollars.

As you cánido see how to work in Kolotibablo is a very fácil task

methods and minimum Kolotibablo retreat:

CryptoSwapp.com What is this? Instant transfer to your P2P cryptocurrency exchange wallet in BTC, LTC, ETH or BCH Instant minimum 0.5 USD
AdvCash Direct payment to AdvCash.com account Instant minimum 1 USD
Litecoin Payment from our Litecoin purse in LTC.

Only original Litecoin.

Not tokens.

36m 3s minimum 1 USD
Internal Transfer Internal transfer to another Kolotibablo account Instant minimum 0.5 USD
Capitalist Direct payment to Capitalist.net account Instant minimum 1 USD

Kolotibablo referral system:

Kolotibablo also has a referral system, which allows us to earn plus with the people who register with our backlinks, we will earn 10% of our referrals, if we manage to get many referrals who are active working we will increase our income by working less .

However, the money will not be counted until the job has been confirmed, and it is in «protected cómputo«.

To get your referral backlink, you must go to the option “References”, «Backlinks and Statistics».

Press the button: «Generate backlink», and ready.

In this same section, you cánido find all the information regarding your referrals: who registers with your backlink, which ones are active, and how much profit you get with them.

Does Kolotibablo pay or is it a scam?

Kolotibablo: earn money en línea by solving captchas is a serious page that has been in the market for paid tasks for more than 10 years and making payments on time.

Just by searching on Google plus, you will find hundreds of proofs of payment that certify the reliability of the platform.

The time to receive the money may vary depending on the method chosen, although it is usually very fast.

Below I espectáculo you the receipt of the last payment received in just a few hours.

Positive and negative aspects of Tolotibablo:

Before moving on to the conclusions, let’s review the most destacable positive and negative aspects of this veteran captcha transcription platform, such as:


  • Veteran, serious and reliable platform.
  • Legal and sustainable business.
  • Completely free.
  • It has crowdsourcing jobs to generate more profit.
  • Very low minimum payment.
  • They pay on time.


  • Solving captchas is very heavy and boring.
  • The benefit with our effort and time that we dedicate to it is extremely low.
  • More habitual methods to withdraw earnings are missing (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etcétera)

Tell us what you thought of this article about Kolotibablo: earn money en línea solving captchas, which cánido serve you in your economic situation! You perro leave your comment that is important to us, do not forget to share and follow us on our popular networks.

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 Kolotibablo: earn money en línea solving
  Kolotibablo: earn money en línea solving
  Kolotibablo: earn money en línea solving

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