koiniom | Surfing and PTC that PAYS in Bitcoin

koiniom | Surfing and PTC that PAYS in Bitcoin

koiniom It is a portal with which you cánido earn free bitcoins.

It has two sections: the PTC and surfing.

Two types of users come together in this type of platform.

Some who want to buy ads to promote their sites and others who are the ones who consume those ads.

In our case, we will use the Koiniom website to earn satoshis by viewing those ads.

I have been working Koiniom for several years and, after receiving many payments, I cánido assure that pays and is totally reliable.

What do you think? Interesting, right? So let’s see how it works and what we must do to start generating profits.

Registration in Koiniom

Koiniom’s surfing works for users from all countries.

Therefore, everyone cánido earn BTC on this website.

Before starting the registration process, we must take into account one aspecto.

Koiniom pays in BTC, so to receive that money, we will need a bitcoin wallet.

As in all PTCs and faucets, it is imperative that let’s have a proper purse.

In this sense, if you don’t have one yet, you cánido create it in coinbase or on Blockchain.

Both portals are 100% free.

At Koiniom we perro collect through our bitcoin wallet.

When we have solved the issue of the wallet, we cánido create an account in Koiniom.

To do this, we will have to access their website and follow the steps that they indicate.

If you want, you cánido go directly to the registration form by clicking on the following button.

Access the registration form

The only information that they will ask us for is the address of our bitcoin wallet.

This address is made up of a series of numbers and letters.

We will only have to copy and paste it in the corresponding box.

In this way, what we will do is indicate to the PTC which wallet we want it to pay us.

As we will see later.

Once the wallet address has been pasted, we will clic on “Start-Earning”.

With this, we cánido access the web and start generating satoshis.

From now on, in future entries, we will only have to use the same address.

In the event that we use another, we will not access our account.

but by mistake, we will be creating a new account.

How Koiniom works

in koiniom we will focus our activity on seeing ads.

The reward we will receive for each ad is variable.

It will always depend on the exposure time that each one requires.

The longer, the more satoshis they will pay us.

And the less it lasts, the less satoshis we will receive.

Koiniom will reward us with Tokens for the actions we carry out.

Tokens, which we cánido exchange for satoshis or doges when requesting a payment.

Koiniom offers us four ways to earn free bitcoins:

Surf “ With our own activity surfing the ads.

The good part is that you perro see the ads in the background.

PTC » In the PTC section we will also earn satoshis by watching ads.

Although on this occasion, there is adfocus.

That means that we must continue watching the ad for the countdown to begin.

Offer Walls » On the walls we cánido earn satoshis in greater quantity than with the ads.

There are surveys, offers and campaigns of different kinds with which to continue adding profits to the cómputo.

Membership system » Another option is to invite our friends.

If they register in Koiniom with our backlink, we will receive a 15% commission.

And additionally, 10% for second level referrals and another 5% for third level referrals.

Earn satoshis on Koiniom

As soon as we access our Koiniom account we will see several sections.

First they espectáculo us what our referral backlink is.

And a little further down, three tabs will appear:

Activate Window Ads → The surf section

View Advertisement → PTC section.

offer walls → Walls of offers with paid surveys.

Activate Window Ads

In the surf section we will have to go watching ads until there are no more.

Clicking will open a new window in the browser.

A captcha will then appear.

And after solving it, the first ad will start rolling.

If we look at the bottom right of the screen, a counter will appear.

As ads have adfocus, we will have to stay on that page for the timer to activate.

At the end of the countdown an arrow will appear.

That after following it will take us to the next announcement.

When we finish watching an ad, we add the earnings to the main cómputo.

There are times that between ad and ad a captcha pops up.

It is a anti-bot measure.

It will be enough to solve it and it will take us to the next ad.

But if they detect any suspicious activity, they cánido deny you access to that IP.

And if it persists, Koiniom will end up banning that account.

View Advertisement

These announcements are somewhat different from the previous ones.

In this case, by clicking on the tab, we they will espectáculo the satoshis that they will pay us to see that ad.

To see it, we will only have to clic on “Clic here to earn”.

A new window will open and while the ad runs, on the previous screen we will see a counter.

In these ads there is no adfocus, so we perro do something else while we see them.

When the counter reaches zero, we will clic on «Verify».

At the moment they will add the satoshis to the cómputo.

And we perro continue with the next announcement.

offer walls

Koiniom has 4 offer walls in its portfolio.

In my opinion, the most productive is Wannads, since it has paid surveys.

There is also another with more ads, another with offers, etcétera.

All the rewards we earn on the walls are calculated in dollars.

And at the end of the survey or the offer in question, they will make the change to bitcoin and add it to the withdrawal cómputo.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

koiniom pays

The minimum payout at Koiniom is very low.

When we reach 1,000 satoshis on the cómputo sheet, we will be able to request our first withdrawal.

And best of all, we perro withdraw directly to the bitcoin wallet.

To request the payment we will simply clic on “Request Withdraw”.

Next, we confirm the address of the wallet and accept.

Within a maximum period of 48 hours, Koiniom he will send us the money.

In the latest update, Koiniom has added faucetpay as an additional payment method.

Main features of Koiniom

We have seen how Koiniom works, but it is worth making a couple of aprecies.

This way we will know how to get the most out of the web.

✅ Some Koiniom ads they don’t have AdFocus and others yes.

My advice is that you start with those who do have adfocus.

I do it like this, this way, as soon as I finish them and start with the others, I open another PTC and mezcle the work in both.

Let’s say that somehow I try make better use of time.

✅ Ads usually last between 5 and 60 seconds.

Rewards vary based on two factors: the exposure time and the price at which the bitcoin trades.

On the one hand, the longer the exposure time, the greater the reward we will receive.

And on the other, the less dollars a bitcoin costs, the more satoshis they will pay us.

✅ That the minimum payment is 1,000 satoshis allows us to receive payments much more often.

Of all the PTCs I use, Koiniom is one of the ones with the lowest withdrawal minimum.

Opinions of koiniom

koiniom It is a relatively old page.

It came to light in August 2016, so it’s been several years at full capacity.

Since then, he has always paid on time, so we could list it as a reliable PTC.

Furthermore, you will not deny thatIt is greatly appreciated when a PTC has a low minimum payment.

In this sense, Koiniom only asks us to accumulate 1,000 satoshis.

It is unpredictable to know the number of ads that come out every day.

That will depend on the number of advertisers and the number of visits they buy.

But what I perro corroborate is that, being active, we perro get a monthly payment from Koiniom very easily.

And here we come.

What do you think of Koiniom? If you have any questions, you cánido use the comments to ask what you need.

Or if you want, contact me through popular networks.

If you like the Koiniom page and want to start earn free bitcoin, you cánido register by clicking on the button.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!

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 koiniom |  Surfing and PTC that PAYS in Bitcoin
  koiniom |  Surfing and PTC that PAYS in Bitcoin
  koiniom |  Surfing and PTC that PAYS in Bitcoin

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