KnowledgePanel Review: Is It Worth It?

KnowledgePanel Review: Is It Worth It?

There is perhaps the best Get-Paid-To platform in the world.

But if you cánido’t take advantage of it, it hardly makes any difference to you.

KnowledgePanel is a system that boasts of being an industry leader and “the largest probability-based en línea panel in the US”, with over 55,000 members.

So what’s in it for you and me? Let’s find out.

What is a Get-Paid-To site?

Get paid to sites are another posible and habitual option.

Just like PPC sites, GPT programs sell advertising space, as well as surveys, vídeos to watch, etcétera.

The site then promotes these opportunities to its members.

When a consumer participates in viewing an ad or taking a survey, they earn a share of the revenue that the GPT website earns from the sale of that ad space.

First, I’ll walk you through the basics, so we perro find out who they are and if they really are legit.

Then, we’ll review the pros and cons, and conclude if they’re worth it.

KnowledgePanel overview

KnowledgePanel is a subsidiary of the company called GfK, which is short for Growth from Knowledge.

The company has been in business for a whopping eight decades, which should represent tons of experience and knowledge, as well as indisputable legitimacy.

The KnowledgePanel itself was founded in 1999 by two Stanford University professors.

Today, it has offices in more than 100 countries around the world.

Its main goal is to follow national trends in politics, economics, entertainment, health care, and other areas.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies, universities, government and news agencies.

However, one look at his archivo at the Better Business Bureau reveals a different picture.

They do not have accreditation and, what is worse, their grade is D-, due to the lack of response to five complaints.

And maybe there is an explanation for that.

Some users claim that a fraudulent company has hijacked the GfK logotipo and domain, so that could be the key to all the complaints and a reason for you to be very careful.

While we shouldn’t conclude that they are a scam, it could orinan that they are quite negligent when it comes to the safety of their users.

How does it work?

Now, you are probably wondering how to join the platform.

This is where it gets tricky.

Despite the fact that they have an immense number of users, it seems that they are not looking to expand it further.

Each year, there will be a few lucky winners of an invitation to join the panel.

That means you don’t have much of a oportunidad to start.

Worse still, there is absolutely nothing you perro do about it.

In addition to the fact that a select few will join each year, the system claims to appreciate different demographic categories.

Young and working adults, teens, boomers, Hispanics, everyone is welcome to join, assuming they’ve been invited of course.

Even better, one invite is valid for all members of a household over the age of 13.

Therefore, you perro maximize your earning potential by enrolling all eligible family members.

So for those of you who received an invite in the correo, here’s what to do.

Your invitation letter will contain a unique 6-digit code.

Go to the Knowledge Panel home page, tap Join now, and entrar the code to sign in.

Even if you don’t have a computer, they will provide one for you to use while you are a panel member.

Now keep this in mind: you will also receive “free dial-up Internet access”.

Oh really,Internet dial-up? I hope it’s just your outdated website.

If not, or if you don’t have fast internet at home, good luck with dial-up.

You’ll get a taste of the ’90s, in case you’ve forgotten what they looked like.

income opportunities

A new survey will appear for you about once a week, and it will take up to 15 minutes to complete.

Surveys and polls cover a wide range of topics including current events, healthcare, new products, and issues affecting the US.

Let’s talk about money now, since that’s what we’re here for.

As soon as you open an account, you will be asked to take an introductory survey worth $10.

So will everyone in your household who joins.

It is a good incentive to start.

Thereafter, each survey session you successfully complete will earn you 1,000 points.

That translates to $1 cash, pretty good for 10-15 minutes of free time activity that many people would even do for free.

The money you win cánido be redeemed for cash, gift cards, merchandise, games or sweepstakes entries.

However, you perro’t get paid whenever you want.

The threshold you have to meet is $25, which means it could be months before you perro cash that check.

Most surveys won’t even have a time frame.

You perro do them in more than one sitting.

However, for those who are time sensitive or very long, you will get an added incentive.


  • You cánido convert your points into cash.

    If you want, you cánido also convert them into gift cards or sweepstakes entries.

    But the platforms that offer cash are always my favorites.

  • The compensation is pretty good..

    You will earn approximately $1 per survey session lasting 10-15 minutes.

    Let’s do some math: $1 per week means about $60 per year.

    It won’t get you a new car, but it’s a nice incentive for an activity that many people enjoy and do for free.

  • All members of a household are welcome to join.

    When that letter arrives in your mailbox, it’s not just for you or another family member.

  • If you don’t have a computer and internet access, you cánido still become a member.

    They will provide you with a computer and internet to use while you work with them.

    Even a dial-up connection is nice when it’s free, I guess.


  • The panel is very exclusive..

    You cánido’t even be invited by your members, and there are very few households that actually get invited.

  • The payment threshold is quite high..

    With $25 required to cash out, KnowledgePanel doesn’t stand out from most of its competitors.

  • Some users complain that surveys tend to get longer over time.

    That wouldn’t be a problem if they paid by the hour.

    However, you are paid per survey session.

    And if they get longer and longer, you get the point.

  • Some users claim that the company has an evil twin brother.

    This fraudulent company reportedly disguises the KnowledgePanel logotipo and website.

    Of course, it is not their fault that they have become victims of dishonest jugadores.

    But it still means that you have to be careful.

final verdict

At this point, I perro finally cut to the chase: This business is absolutely legit and trustworthy, but I still don’t like it.

With only a few randomly selected households from across the US each year, it is virtually impossible to join.

Most respondents want a oportunidad to earn by completing surveys and polls.

So if a platform doesn’t offer you enough opportunities, it doesn’t meet your most important condition.

That being said, I would still join the system if given the oportunidad.

And that is why I recommend that you do the same if that letter ever reaches you.

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 KnowledgePanel Review: Is It Worth It?
  KnowledgePanel Review: Is It Worth It?
  KnowledgePanel Review: Is It Worth It?

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