Know the model of a car by license plate:

Know the model of a car by license plate:

One of the primordial aspects when it comes to buying or maintaining a car is know your model and year of registration.

Fortunately, today it is possible to obtain this information easily through the license plate or chassis number.

In this article we will review some of the free and paid options to obtain this informationas well as the negative consequences of not doing it.

We will also see some consejos to obtain detailed information about the car we want to buy and how to keep it in good condition.

Let’s get started!

Obtain information about a car through the license plate or chassis number

Specialized companies such as CARFAX

If you need to know relevant information about a car using data such as the license plate or the chassis number, there are specialized companies that perro help you, such as CARFAX.

These companies have worldwide databases that collect relevant information on the vehicles, such as the date of registration, the number of owners, the moments in which the ITV has been passed or if it has suffered a major incident such as an accident.

ITV or Town Hall

The City Council of your city is another source of information that you cánido go to if you need to know relevant information about a specific vehicle.

The City Council has a vehicle register in which relevant information on any car perro be consulted, such as the date of registration, the make and model, the displacement, the number of seats, the power, the fuel it emplees or the classification energetic.

On the other hand, the ITV or Technical Vehicle Inspection is another way you have to obtain important information about a vehicle based on its license plate in case you are interested in purchasing a used car.

Payment options to get information

If you need more detailed information about the car, such as its repair history, existing models, and other technical details that have been implemented throughout the various years of production, you may have to pay a price for this information.

Companies that collect and handle this information accurately and completely often offer these payment options.

Negative consequences of not knowing the information of the car

Not knowing the relevant information about the car, such as the registration date, the revisions carried out or the maintenance, cánido lead to complications when purchasing it, since there may be deficiencies and problems that have not been taken into account and that later affect the car. vehicle performance and durability.

  • If the ITV has not been passed at the appropriate time, you could have problems with the police because it is not within the law.
  • If the car has had major problems, such as accidents, it could ocasione a decrease in its value or even immobilize it.
  • If the car is too old and the necessary information is not available, there could be elements or parts of the vehicle that are no longer on the market and that it becomes very difficult or even impossible to repair it.

Get additional information about our car

Detailed information about the car

When it comes to obtaining information about our car, it is important to know as many details as possible, from the frame number to its maintenance history.

This will allow us to make better decisions about your care and repair.

Check car registration

Knowing the registration number of our car perro be very useful to obtain key information about it.

We perro check if you have any type of sanction, fenezca or even if you are temporarily unsubscribed.

Check vehicle history

Knowing the history of the vehicle will allow us to know if it has suffered serious accidents or if it has been repaired in the past.

This cánido be important when making decisions about its maintenance or purchase.

Technical inspection of vehicles (ITV)

The technical inspection of vehicles is a mandatory requirement for all cars in Spain.

In it, the technical aspects of the car are reviewed, from the engine to the tires, to guarantee its safety on the road.

Obtain information through the general direction of traffic (DGT)

The General Directorate of Traffic offers access to a large amount of information about our car, such as its owner or if it has any type of financial burden.

We cánido also find out if you have any type of limitation regarding the days of circulation or speed limits in some areas.

  • In summary, to obtain additional information about our car, we cánido:

Buy a car

Consejos to obtain detailed information about the car we want to buy

If you are thinking of buying a car, the first thing you should do is obtain detailed information about the vehicle in question.

For this, it is recommended that you carry out a series of steps that will help you to know everything you need about the car before purchasing it.

Here are some consejos that will be of great help:

  • Do extensive research on the vehicle using the license plate or VIN.
  • Contact the seller and request all available information about the car.
  • Review the vehicle’s maintenance history and related documentation.
  • Take a test drive to check the state of the car in motion.
  • Verify that the mileage recorded on the dashboard matches what has been advertised.

How to know both the information of the owner and the car itself

In the process of buying a car, it is important to know both the information of the owner and the vehicle.

To do this, there are several methods that allow you to obtain this information in a safe and legal way.

Some of them are the following:

  • Consult the database of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) to obtain information on the vehicle and the owner.
  • Carry out a technical inspection of the vehicle (ITV) to check the condition of the car and its history.
  • Contact the seller and request all the available information about the car and its owner.

Personal data protection

It is important to bear in mind that, during the process of buying a car, personal data of both the owner and the vehicle are handled.

Therefore, it is essential to guarantee the protection and privacy of both.

Here are some recommendations in this regard:

  • Verify that the information obtained is up-to-date and true.
  • Treat personal data with confidentiality and responsibility.
  • Delete or destroy personal data once the purchase process is complete.
  • Adopt adequate security measures to protect personal data against possible threats.

Maintenance of our car

Electric car battery recharging

If you own an electric car, it is important that you know how to recharge the battery, since maintaining the proper charge is vital for its operation and duration.

It is recommended that you charge your car overnight, as electricity prices may be lower.

Charging points are usually located in strategic places, such as public aparcamiento lots, gas stations and shopping centers, and you perro find them through a mobile application.

In addition, it is important that the charge does not exceed 80% of the battery capacity, as this will prolong the life of the battery.

Another consejo to keep in mind is not to leave the car unplugged for a long time, as this cánido genere total battery depletion.

Tire Consejos

Tires are a vital part of car maintenance, as they are the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground.

It is important that you regularly check their pressure, since incorrect pressure cánido affect the stability of the car on the road and ocasione increased wear.

Also, you need to make sure the tires are aligned correctly to prevent uneven wear.

Keep in mind that, in times of rain, the depth of the pattern is important, so you should always check that the pattern is at least 1.6 mm deep.

Finally, make sure that the tires are in good condition and replace them if you notice any irregularities in them.

Applications mobiles to pay for the blue zone

In general, most cities put a time limit on vehicles parked in certain areas, known as blue zones, to avoid prolonged aparcamiento.

If you have to park your car in these areas, make sure you pay accordingly to avoid objetivos.

Mobile applications are a convenient and fácil alternative to pay for the blue zone.

You only have to download the application, indicate the aparcamiento area and the time you want to park your car, and you’ll be ready.

In addition, some applications allow you to extend the time from your mobile, so you will not have to return to your vehicle to make the payment.

Remember that not paying for the blue zone cánido lead to objetivos and cánido be detrimental to traffic in high-traffic areas.

Recent logins

Consejos for BMW lovers

If you are a BMW lover, you would surely like to know everything about your car.

To get started, we recommend that you look up the specifications of your model on the official BMW website.

So you perro know all the technical characteristics of your car.

Also, if you are thinking of buying a used BMW, be sure to check its history.

You perro do it through the license plate of the car or the frame number.

This will let you know if it has had a previous accident or if it has suffered any type of damage.

Finally, we recommend that you take maximum care of your BMW.

Always take it to the official taller for maintenance and always use original parts.

This will guarantee that your car will always be in perfect condition and will last much longer.

Data that perro be obtained through the car registration

If you need to obtain information about a car through its license plate or chassis number, there are several options.

One of the best known companies for obtaining this type of information is CARFAX.

You cánido also go to the ITV or the Town Hall.

However, keep in mind that many of these options are usually paid.

Also, if you do not know the information about the car, you may suffer negative consequences, such as not being able to pass the ITV.

On the other hand, you cánido also obtain additional information about your own car through its license plate.

So you cánido check your history of accidents, objetivos and even if you have already passed the ITV.

For all this, it is interesting to know how to obtain information through the license plate of the car.

Other functional methods to get car information

If you don’t want to use any of the above options to get information about a car, there are other functional methods.

One of the easiest ways is to ask the car owner directly.

Another option is to go to an official dealer or taller of the car brand.

They will also be able to provide you with additional information about the car.

Finally, you perro use popular networks to find information about the car model you need.

On Fb, for example, there are specific groups for each make and model of car where you perro find all the information you need.

The methods to obtain information about a car are varied and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

The important thing is that you choose the method that best suits your needs to get the information you are looking for.

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 Know the model of a car by license plate:
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