King of Prizes: Get Earnings through PayPal and

King of Prizes: Get Earnings through PayPal and

We teach you everything about the new GPT: King of Prizes.

Learn the multiple ways to earn money with this page and we will answer all your questions about it.

King of Prizes is a relatively new platform that only came out in 2019.

Despite that, it has a lot of potential.

It belongs to the same creators of Gift Hunter Club and is considered within the GPT category for the different ways in which we perro earn money with it.

In addition to having a good Cashback system, we will be able to obtain our earnings through paid surveys, the offer wall, paid tasks and by clicking on ads.

It has the payment methods most used by users: Paypal, Amazon gift cards and AirTM.

But its rewards catalog is much broader, with more than 250 gift vouchers.

It also has a 1 level referral system.

And the best thing about this platform is that it is available to all users in the world, including all Latin American countries.

Watch this articulo until the end and learn how to take advantage of this new platform.

King of Prizes Features
Category paid tasks
Company Innovative Hall Media Technologies S.L
referrals 1 level
Accepted Countries For all users in the world over 16 years of age
Payment method PayPal, AirTM, Amazon Gift Cards and over 250 gift cards
Language Spanish and English

What is King of Prizes?

King of Prizes is a platform that belongs to Innovative Hall Media Technologies SLthe company that created the well-known Spanish page Gift Hunter Club.

This is a very dynamic platform, as it offers multiple ways to earn money.

It falls into the GPT (Get Paid To) category, thanks to the fact that we cánido earn money with paid tasks, surveys, clicks and others.

One that has particularly caught the attention of many is its cash back system.

Although it is currently not available on the platform.

Another way to receive rewards is through their system 1 level referrals.

It also offers different means of payment, among which are Paypal, AirTM and various gift cards.

And the best thing is that it is available to all users in the world, without any geographical limitation.

Differences between Koins and Tokens

King of Prizes works through a scoring system.

The Koins are the main currency of the platform with which we perro redeem all the usual prizes and rewards.

The tokens, meanwhile, are the currency used to participate in the different raffles offered by the platform.

These raffles give away different prizes: products, games, consoles and other things.

In some cases, you may receive discounts on some of the other products.

To participate in these raffles you must level up, which you do by earning more koins.

The page has tasks that will allow you to earn one of these two currencies, as is evident in the image above.

How does it work and how to win money in King of Prizes?

Before you start earning money, you must register on the platform.

The registration process is extremely fácil and it has no cost.

You perro use your Fb or your Gmail to create an account.

The interfaz of this platform is very easy to use.

The combination of colors along with the location of each button makes it much easier to navigate through the web.

If you want to start earning money with King of Prizes, you must clic on the option: “Earn Coins”.

paid surveys

This is one of the main methods to win money in King of Prizes, and in fact, one of the best paid.

The page offers us two types of surveys: common surveys and the daily polls.

You will find the “common” surveys in the surveys section.

In order to participate in these surveys, you must Complete all the information in your profile. And it is important that all the information you provide is real.

If your answers in the surveys contradict each other, they will automatically close your account.

The average profit for each survey is 70 to 500 koin.

In general, each one usually lasts 10 minutes.

Then there are the daily surveys that, as the name implies, you perro complete daily.

The surveys in this section are from Wannads, a survey panel owned by the same company as King of Prizes.

As with previous surveys, you will need to fill in your profile information and you will receive surveys each time there is one that matches your profile information.

For every survey you take here you perro earn 100 to 300 koinsand you cánido usually complete each one in 10 minutes.

paid offers

In this option you will find 9 offer wallswhere you cánido perform different types of tasks: complete surveys, visit web pages, download applications, play games and much more.

This section also provides a good remuneration.

Depending on the offer we complete, we perro earn from 100 to 3000 koins for every offer we complete.

Not all tasks are available for all countries.


This is the easiest way to win money in King of Prizes.

As its name indicates, we will simply have to clic on the button, complete a small puzzle and we will be sent to the ad page.

To receive the money, you must wait the indicated time.

You don’t have to tell yourself, on the button you clicked, time will be displayed that you need to keep the page open to complete the task.

After that, the “confirm” option will be enabled and you will receive money once you clic there.

Thanks to the clicks, we cánido win koins and tokens.

In general, we will be able to win from 5 to 10 points.

The announcements are constantly updated, so most of the time you will have tasks available.


It is another way to earn money on the platform.

But it is not available for now.

King of Prizes Referral Program

As in all GPT, King of Prizes has a referral system to increase our earnings.

If you want to know everything about your referrals, you just have to clic on the “referrals” tab.

Here you will find your referral backlink and the statistics of all your referrals.

This affiliate program is just 1 level and you will receive 1,000 koin ($2) for each usuario who registers with your backlink and gets their first 2,000 koin ($4).

Once you start inviting people, you will entrar the monthly contest where the prize for first place is 3,500 koins.

At the bottom of the page, you will find some banners to place on your blog or page, in case you want to earn referrals this way.

List of prizes available

One of the most important features of this platform is the wide range of alternatives for redeem our points.

We will not only be able to withdraw our money through traditional payment methods such as Paypal, AirTM and Amazon gift vouchers.

King of Prizes has gift cards for: Zara, Bershka, Decathlon, Ikea, Nike, Google plus Play, Nintendo, Netflix, Spotify, Xbox, PlayStation and many more.

In fact, there are more than 250 gift vouchers on the list.

The minimum withdrawal amount largely depends on the method you choose to redeem your points.

The lowest amount is for PayPal which only requires 5000 koins or $10 to receive your money.

The platform allows you to withdraw your money in euros or dollars, depending on what you most want.

Does King of Prizes pay or is it Scam?

Of course.

The company behind King of Prizes is very respectful and trustworthy in this world of platforms to earn money.

Those who have used Gift Hunter Club (page that makes your payments since 2013) know the seriousness of this company.

In addition, there are several payment vouchers on the web that will help you clear up any doubts.


The minimum withdrawal amount remains within the estándar amount on these types of platforms.

One thing that really stands out about this page is the variety of tasks and jobs that it offers us.

Which, without a doubt, will allow us to exchange our points in a short time.

King of Prizes is a perfect platform for users from all over the world.

Although there may be limitations for some users (especially Latin Americans) in the amount or type of tasks available, the truth is that has many things to offer us.

There is no geographical limitation and almost any means of payment is available.

But with AirTM you cánido receive your earnings and send it to other virtual wallets without problems.

So, if you want to start earning money with a reliable and versatile platform, King of Prizes is your best option.

And here we have come with this article.

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 King of Prizes: Get Earnings through PayPal and
  King of Prizes: Get Earnings through PayPal and
  King of Prizes: Get Earnings through PayPal and

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