Kift : Live the nomadic life in a van!

Kift : Live the nomadic life in a van!

whatYou’re an adventurous digital nomad who loves the freedom of the van life, but feels a little lonely? Introducing Kift, a platform that connects like-minded people who love to work and travel.

Find out everything you need to know with this Kift review before you take the plunge.

When you first search for Kift, you’re met with an eye-catching website and the promise of everything you need to live, work, and play as a digital nomad. whatintrigued? I definitely was!

Simply put, Kift is a platform that brings together digital nomads and anyone living the van life.

They offer a fully equipped kitchen, cozy living areas, cozy plant-based food, and outdoor activities as part of their membership-based community!

You may already have a passion for the van life, have rented an RV from an aplicación like Outdoorsy before for a long drive, or simply want to be part of a community of working travelers with afín interests.

Either way, this Gigonway guide explores all things Kift so you cánido escoge if the aplicación is truly creating a new and “better” way of living as a digital nomad.

What is Kift?

Kift helps digital nomads, primarily those who live in RVs, meet a community of like-minded people.

Through Kift you perro gain access to a network of homes across the United States where you cánido work and live.

Kift offers a safe way to disconnect from city life and reconnect with nature.

The platform welcomes digital nomads who travel in vans to community houses that have Wi-Fi, refrigerators stocked with food, and outdoor activities.

Better yet, getting a Kift membership gives you access to their properties throughout the Western United States.

Kift also aims to inspire others on the path of the van life.

They do it through luxurious equipped motorhomes.

You perro buy a new van, equipped and designed in the way that you like best.

ohOr rent a van to get a taste of van life before committing to it full time!

Who founded Kift?

Kift was born around 2019.

Colin O’Donnell is the director ejecutivo and founder of Kift.

His ambition was to connect more with nature.

Loving the van life and community life, Colin wanted to find a way to connect the two.

And just like that, Kift was created!

Fast forward to 2022.

O’Donnell has 4 homes across the Western United States and a growing community, continuing his mission to inspire people to work and live anywhere.

What are the features of Kift?

Now that you have a basic understanding of Kift’s mission, you’re probably interested in what they perro offer you. ohLet’s take a look!

community houses

Kift offers digital nomads living in an RV a space to work and live in comfort, safety, and a sense of community.

These community houses are shared with other Kift members, and since they all came together because of their love of work and travel, you’re bound to find a new friend—or many!

Community houses offer:

  • fast wi-fi
  • assorted fridges
  • Laundry
  • showers
  • guarded aparcamiento
  • Direct access to nature
  • Community-based services and activities like yoga, mountain biking, events, and more

The current locations of their community houses are located at:

  • Discovery Bay, WA
  • Portland/Mt.

    Hood, Oregon

  • Lakeport, CA
  • Joshua Tree, CA


whatYou need a van to start your van life journey? Then Kift cánido have a truck that meets all your requirements.

Kift offers the option to rent a van, afín to companies like Wicked Campers.

Using this option allows you to get a taste of van life before making a full commitment.

ohYou don’t want to give up your homey apartment before you know if you’ll really love the camper life!

If you’ve already decided to live the van life full-time, you perro also buy a motorhome through Kift.

Kift vans offer all the luxuries of home.

With a toilet, full kitchen, outdoor shower, and comfortable bed, it’s your home away from home.

Kift NFT

Kift’s final feature is his NFT.

The world of NFTs is a bit complex, so let’s keep it fácil! You perro buy a non-fungible token that gives you access to be part of the Kift DAO.

whatWhat is the DAO? It’s the community that helps run Kift.

They make the decisions like where the next house will be and you perro be a part of it by buying an NFT.

Kift is a non-profit organization that believes in a community of decision makers.

They want to empower everyone to help change and shape the future of their company.

The Kiftables NFT also gives you 50% off memberships and early access to events!

How do you join Kift?

Van life on the road allows you to be constantly surrounded by nature, but you also don’t always have access to showers and washing machines.

You may also start to feel a bit isolated.

That’s where Kift comes in.

whatSounds like something you need to mingle with a community of digital nomads and eat well? Then you should consider joining this unique and growing community.

Kift memberships start at $425/month and give you unlimited access to homes in the Kift community.

A bit pricey, but when you compare it to vacation companies like Vacasa and Airbnb, as well as the rising costs of rentals in the US, it’s manageable.

If you are interested in joining Kift, you have to answer a few fácil questions and then you will receive a follow-up call from a community member to continue the process.

Kift Benefits

Access to community houses while traveling

Van life perro be lonely and to combat this, communal houses are a great iniciativa.

Take your mobile room to one of Kift’s many community houses and you’ll meet some fun new roommates.

Goodbye giant RV parks, hello comfortable homes full of like-minded digital nomads.

Ability to establish networks of like-minded digital nomads

whatYou are looking for a group of colleagues who work on the road and love nature? Then you may find them in Kift.

Kift aims to bring nomads together in a space where they feel included and comfortable.

Sounds good right? You might find your new best friend through Kift, or maybe even your next partner!

Motorhome rental or purchase offers

If you don’t currently live in a van but want to be a part of the Kift community, they’ve got you covered.

Kift offers an easy way to access a motorhome.

You perro buy a van from Kift or simply rent a motorhome for your next adventure.

Open doors [open house] to try before you buy

It is important to test something before committing 100%.

Kift has introduced open houses where you perro sign up to take a look at what Kift has to offer.

A great way to try before you buy and see if the Kift life is right for you!

Disadvantages of Kift

Expensive compared to RV parks

One of the biggest drawbacks to this unique platform is that Kift is a bit expensive, especially when compared to other options.

For its basic plan of $425 a month, it gives you access to some properties in the western United States.

Compared to an RV park, that’s quite a lot! Not only do you often get more privacy and space in RV parks, but there are many more RV park options and staying overnight isn’t nearly as expensive.

However, you should put this in perspective and consider the advantages that come with the higher Kift fee.

It’s about what works for your monthly budget and what you’re looking for to experience.

Limited community houses…currently

Kift currently only has 4 properties to choose from.

They plan to expand the houses they own, and even go international.

But for now there are not many places to choose from.

If you like to wander then this kind of van life cánido be a bit restrictive.

Lack of information in advance

When you Google plus Kift, there isn’t much out there.

There are a few reviews from people who have stayed with Kift and a few vídeos showing the lifestyle in their community houses, but that’s about it! There is not much information available for you to make a fully informed decision.

If you want information in advance,need to do more work! For example, doing more research by talking to a community officer will help you find out if this lifestyle is for you!

It’s a niche way of life

Van life is not for everyone!It’s as fácil as that! You may love the comfort of your own home, and that’s okey.

But I encourage you to try it, at least once so you cánido say you’ve tried it.

It is only available in the United States

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US and only in 4 locations.

It is a pity, since life in a van is very habitual in other areas such as large countries such as Argentina or in Europe.

Is Kift worth it?

Overall, Kift is worth it if it works for your lifestyle, which means it should be in van living or common spaces.

However, if this type of lifestyle excites you, then the Kift community is for you! ohYour innovative solution to America’s housing crisis is the hope we all need right now.!

Even though Kift is still building momentum as a new company, this community could be the new way to live.

The company hopes to inspire digital nomads on the path of the van life, with safe and welcoming spaces to relax and work.

They offer a way to find a community of people doing what you do, all while getting closer to nature!

But it is a niche lifestyle.

Not everyone wants to live in a van or be constantly on the road.

The comforts of home are important to many of us, and community living isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, either.

Before you dive into Kift’s offerings, remember to be self-analytical and really ask yourself if it’s something you’d like to try.

If you’re ready to take a leap of faith and try something new, you should definitely give Kift a try to meet a fantastic community of people. ohYou’ll likely find new adventures, epic people to share them with, and the freedom to work and live on the road more comfortably.!

To end


  • Community of like-minded people
  • Ideal for van life on the road in the USA.
  • Access to high-quality community homes
  • It has other offers, such as renting and selling vans


  • High price per month
  • Limited community houses
  • specialized brand

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 Kift : Live the nomadic life in a van!
  Kift : Live the nomadic life in a van!
  Kift : Live the nomadic life in a van!

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