Kickass Traffic

Kickass Traffic

Good morning friend! Today I am going to talk about Kickass Traffic.

A new page to earn bitcoin that we added and with which we will automatically earn satoshis for our FaucetHub account.

This page was declared the best bitcoin faucet 2018.

Already I have talked about FaucetHub on occasionIf you want to know how this cryptocurrency wallet works, you cánido read the articulo here.

I hope it helps you, since FaucetHub is necessary to collect our satoshis that we get in Kickass Traffic.

Without further ado, let’s go to trouble!

Kickass Traffic Registration

Registration on this page could not be easier.

Clic on the upper banner or on this backlink once there, only we will have to put our FaucetHub address.

Once you put your address where you want to receive your rewards, we will A screen will appear for you to choose the payment method.

They give us three options, we will choose FaucetHubsince it is a wallet where we cánido collect cryptocurrencies from different faucets, including this one.

then we shall clic on “start earning” And that’s it, we perro start earning bitcoin with this page.

Shall we continue??

Earn bitcoin with Kickass Traffic

Once clicked on “start earning” It will take us to the next screen, where we will have to solve a captchat.

Don’t worry about the captchats, we will be able to choose between Solvemedia and ReCaptcha.

Once the captchat is solved, another window will appear with a counter.

When the counter reaches 0, a screen will appear on the right of the screen that will allow us to move on to the next ad.

This page has focusso we will have to be with the page open during the duration of the ad (depending on the reward it will be more or less).

I’m sure this also interests youChange Wallet Aplicación

In the upper part we perro see the satoshis that we have earned in this ad and in the lower part we will have several options.

If we clic on “next website” we will go to the next ad.

If we clic on the house, we will go to the top of the page.

Offers at Kickass Traffic

Once the initial announcements are finished we perro go to the offers section.

Here we will have three panels with which we perro earn satoshis.

The difference with the previous page is that they will pay us in dollars.

The page itself will pass it to satohsis (we have a calculator) to pass it to our FaucetHub account.

As you perro see in the image, there is three pages of offers in Kickass Traffic.

They will all be in synthesis the same.

See ads.

You must choose the figure that is repeated and wait a few seconds and that’s it.

Clixwall and AdclixWall will pay it instantly and in Ptcwall it is Net30, that is, we will have to wait 30 days to receive our prize.

In these offer panels We cánido also earn bitcoin by doing surveys and registering in other PTC or other pages.

In these cases we will have to clic for a few days.

Kickass Traffic referral system

This page has a good referral system, we will earn 30% of what our friends earn.

we perro bring all the friends we want in a first level.

If you want to register with my backlink and help me upload I get out of the crisis you perro do it through this backlink.


A great faucet page for earn satoshis completely free with little effort.

This page will occupy us a few minutes a day and with the passage of time, we will see that our FaucetHub wallet is going up.

If you like registerso totally freeyou just have to clic on the banner below.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and start earning money and increasing your FaucetHub wallet in an easy and fun way!

I’m sure this also interests youinvest in bitcoin

If you want to know other articles afín to Kickass Traffic you perro visit the category bitcoins.

We hope you liked our article Kickass Traffic
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 Kickass Traffic
  Kickass Traffic
  Kickass Traffic

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