Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding

Keep Rewarding is a new page that we added to salgodelacrisis. I get into this page on the recommendation of Isaac from, one of our friendly websites. Is a GPT page, they will pay us to do tasks, surveys, download small applications and so on… His registration is completely freewe cánido register from this banner and we will start with 0.25$ totally free!! How cool? Well, you’re going to like it even more when I tell you that the minimum payout is only $1!!

He Keep Rewarding registration is completely free (as always), you cánido register from the backlink above, then, You will go to the landing page, you have to look for the “register” section.

Afterwards, we will have to fill in our dataincluding our dirección de correo electrónico. in that correo electrónico you must confirm the registration. Now yes, we perro go to the Keep Rewarding page and log in with our nombre de usuario and password. We will immediately see the $0.25 reflected in our cómputo of points.

how do we earn points (which we cánido exchange for dollars) in Keep Rewarding?because we will have to go to the panel that we have in the middle of the page

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In this panel we will look at all the ways to earn money in Keep Rewarding. Here I put the most important ones. We cánido see them in the “earn money” section:

  • Daily Surveys. Section in which we will find polls every day
  • Surveys. If you like to take surveys, this is your panel, here you will find daily surveys with which to add more points
  • tasks. here you perro do small jobs with the CrowFlower platform

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  • Watch vídeos. we also have the option to earn points for watching vídeos on different platformsif you like to watch vídeos, it is a good option
  • Pay to clic. The PTC of a lifetime, we will get paid to see ads with advertising. There are also different panels that will make you earn more points
  • Earn Passively. win points for just listening to the radioyou perro do it while you do your ptc or your daily tasks
  • referrals. Every self-respecting page has to have a good referral systemyou perro invite the friends you want, you will earn 10% of the first classified in the contests they carry out, they will earn plus points
  • contests. Will win Plus points for the first classified for the contests they carry outso by the face

The minimum charge on this page is very low, just $1which in points equals 110 pointswith which, in a short time we cánido achieve it.

He Payment method chosen is Paypal and Amazon checksalthough the The second option is only for residents of the United States and Canada, if you are from the rest of the world, we have Paypal.

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A good option to earn money. This page has been paying since 2012and we hope for a long time time, since with the fiascos that I have had with the PTCs, it is time to find one that really works. And nothing more to say for today friends, like every day, I wish you good luck and much success!!

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 Keep Rewarding
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