Juicyads, the best way to earn money

Juicyads, the best way to earn money

In our beginnings in the adult campo we have always tried to test alternatives and different types of monetization, fleeing from annoying popups and intrusive advertising that has little to contribute to the usuario.

When you have to compete against other adult pages, the best way is to make navigation easier for the usuario, make it fácil and zero intrusion.

Juicyads was chosen for try it for 6 months (after trying others like Exoclick, plugrush, eadvertising… we’ll talk about these companies another day) and it was undoubtedly one of our favorites with positive results.

In our case we had two websites (which we sold a few months ago), one of HD vídeos and another of adult comics.

Both monetized with Juicyads and combined with other advertising companies.

What is JuicyAds and how does it work?

Before moving on to earnings you have to know how it works juicyads.

It is basically an adult only advertising company that was launched in 2006, with different types and formats to make money from advertising on the web.

It should be noted that for several years they have been winners of different awards.

Practically every year they win one, accumulating more than 24 since its creation.

As highlighted on the web, it is one of the top 10 advertising networks (in the adult ámbito) according to the W3Techs classification.

And, in 2019, approximately 11% of adult websites had advertisements from JuicyAds.

JuicyAds allows us to:

  • buy banners advertising on other websites: to advertise your website.
  • sell spaces advertising: for a fixed amount and for a certain time you cánido sell a space on your website.

    Here lies the true power of juicyads and where it stands out the most from the competition.

  • make money with juicyads direct advertising: It’s like an adsense but for adults.

Advertising through Banners

It is the typical way to earn money with advertising.

You place the banners on your website, give them a name and location and earn money.

With this form you will totally depend on the daily visits of your web.

Sell ​​advertising space on your website

To sell spaces you will have to activate it for each banner.

Depending on the number of visits you have, where they come from and the advertising space in question, they will pay you more or less for the space.

You put the price you consider or if you don’t want to complicate you cánido put “Self-pricing”.

To have a reference you perro go to the “Buy Ads” tab and review how much is paid more or less for a banner with the characteristics of your website.

Here is an example that has happened to us:

  • visits from The United States, Germany and the United Kingdom pay very well.
  • visits from Europe is usually paid habitual.
  • visits from Latin America, China and India pay poorly.
  • a banner higher up on the web you pay better.
  • Even if you have few impressions if you have many clicks it pays better.
Example of sale of areas.

Zone 125×125, receives 398 daily clicks and is rented for 7 days at $698.77

The more areas you rent, the more likely you are to receive a positive or negative retroalimentación.

If you are receiving reviews and positive votes for each rental you make, you will gain confidence, and it will be easier to receive new people interested in renting an area of ​​your website.

In our case we got more than 1500 positive feedbacks since we started working with JuicyAds:

Earnings with JuicyAds

The earnings of continuation is of consecutive months, which we were testing different sites, selling banners, etcétera:

Tiger Media payments (Juicyads is under this company), through Paypal.
Tiger Media payments (Juicyads is under this company), through Paypal.

What do you need to start making money with JuicyAds?

Step 1. The first thing you need, as in any other platform, is register.

Entrar the basic information such as name, surname, your city, etcétera.

Accept the terms and you’re done.

You will receive an dirección de correo electrónico verifying the account.

Step 2. With the registration ready, it was time to add our website.

Ingresa to “Sell Ads” and “Add Website”.

Step 3. Choose the format of the Ad.

They give you three options:

  • popunder: the windows that appear when a usuario browses the web or when visiting it for the first time.
  • Mobile Code/LiquidFire: a redirection of the visitor from the mobile to another website.

    It pays very well but I do not recommend it since it is quite negative for positioning.

    There are also CPA offers.

  • banner: those of a lifetime, in different sizes and to put anywhere on the web.

Step 4. Select the banner, size and customize it or leave it by default.

Step 5. Equipo a minimum price for each clic.

Our recommendation is to leave it as it is and put “AutoPricing”.

Step 6. Place the banner on your website and earn money.

Payment methods

We have only received our earnings through PayPalbut there are other ways:

  • Paypal ($2.50 commission + 2%)
  • Paxum (without commissions)
  • ePayService (no commissions)
  • ACH (no fees)
  • Wire ($35 commission)

Final Opinions on JuicyAds

It is without a doubt an adult advertising company with which we have made money, a leader in the ámbito.

There is many “fat” websites of adults working with juicyads, this is a sign of trust.

Is easy to use and allows you to directly sell your own bannersThis functionality is not common in all companies.

Waking up one day and seeing that a banner has been sold is pure happiness, especially when that banner is one of the most expensive on the web.

We have received the prompt and hassle-free paymentsyou do not have to give a thousand personal details and it cánido be received in any Paypal account or through other payment methods.

What don’t we like? They have been with the same system and interfaz for many years, they could invest a little money to “modernize” the platform.

Still, if it works for you I guess you won’t want to touch it too much.

Have you decided to try it? Register from here.

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 Juicyads, the best way to earn money
  Juicyads, the best way to earn money
  Juicyads, the best way to earn money

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