Juicy Fields | Invest in Marijuana

Juicy Fields | Invest in Marijuana

Juicy Fields It is a crowdfunding platform that will allow us to invest in the production of cannabis, something that may surprise many but that is completely legal and cánido provide us with a good return on our business portfolio.

The website launched in 2017, it works with growing companies with legal licenses to plant and genera medical marijuana.

The company is based in Berlin (Germany), a place to which it had to move due to the difficulties and obstacles in terms of taxes that it received from our country.

Medical marijuana is a science-based solution that is completely legal in most civilized countries, but since there is so much taboo and inability to see beyond their noses, the company faces numerous obstacles in getting funding through the traditional banks, that’s where we come in.

We stopped promoting Juicy Fields

Juicy Fields is no longer among the businesses we promote for various reasons, we do not advise investing in that page.

What is Juicy Fields and how to register

What Juicy Fields offers us is the option of sponsoring a plant, through our investment.

An investment for all budgets, since the minimum price per plant is just 50 euros.

There are several strains, each with a certain value and a different profitability, but don’t worry, we’ll see that later, now we focus on how to register.

Although it is a page where you have to invest, registration is a free process in which we are only going to need an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

When entering the platform from the button that I have left you above, you will have to go to where it says “Sign Up” and we entrar our correo electrónico, immediately afterwards we will receive an correo electrónico to confirm the account, then we will fill out a profile with all the information that will be required of us, such as name, surname, address, etcétera.

How to sponsor a plant

As on this page we are going to have the option of fully translating it into Spanish, we will not have any problem when starting to use it.

Our objective will be to sponsor plants that will give us an economic return in a given period of time.

Logically, the more plants you sponsor, the more money you will receive.

clone store

This section is where we are going to be able to make our investment and sponsor the plants that are going to give us that yield, there are different strains that we are going to review one by one.


· Price: €50.00 per plant

· Income per plant: From €68.00 to €83.00

Growth period: 108 days

· Harvest: From 45 to 55 grams

· Sale price: €1.50/gram


· Price: €2000.00 per plant

· Income per plant: From €300.00 to €400.00

· Annual harvests: 4

· Harvest: From 150 to 200 grams

· Sale price: €2.00/gram


· Price: €2000.00 per plant

· Income per plant: From €500.00 to €750.00

· Annual harvests: 3

· Harvest: From 200 to 300 grams

· Sale price: €2.50/gram


· Price: €2000.00 per plant

· Income per plant: From €900.00 to €1200.00

· Annual harvests: 2

· Harvest: From 300 to 400 grams

· Sale price: €3.00/gram

To sponsor a plant, we only have to select the plan that best suits our wishes, the minimum is only 50 euros.

Once selected, we entrar the number of plants that we want to sponsor and make the purchase.

We have several different methods to do it; Bank transfer (SEPA), Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.

When making our payment effective, we will have to wait for the transaction to be completed, the waiting time will be linked to the method we have chosen.

With the confirmed payment in Juicy Fields, the sponsorship of our plants will start and we will receive our dividends in our account from time to time.

How is it charged?

As we begin to receive the profits from our sponsored plants on our cómputo sheet, we will be able to withdraw them without any restrictions.

To withdraw we must clic on “Cómputo Sheet” in the main menu, from there it will take us to the options available for the withdrawal.

▪ Bitcoin▪ Ethereum▪ Tether▪ Bank Transfer

We only choose our favorite method and follow the steps that they will give us.

The waiting times are the same as when we make a deposit, a few minutes or hours for cryptocurrency payments and 1 to 3 business days for bank transfers.

Is it a legit site?

First of all, you should know that even the safest site in the world at the moment you entrust your money to it, you are already putting it at risk, this is something that any investor should know before anything else.

Juicy Fields is a legal and registered company, which does not depend on any financial market, since it is based on crowdfunding, that is, on the contribution of users in financing said product.

In fact, it is a platform that provides transparency as far as possible, even anyone cánido go to check the facilities and plantations of their medical marijuana.

All this together with the more than likely growth of the industry in the near future, where it aspires to become the number one brand of high-quality THC and CBD vaporizers in the world, makes the confidence in the project maximum, without forgetting the reserves produced by any investment platform.

Opinions about Juicy Fields

Most people usually associate the consumption of marijuana with vice and drug addiction, although it is true that a large part of consumers could be included in these groups, we must not overlook that we are dealing with a medicinal plant, which has been shown to that helps alleviate pain and other conditions in different diseases.

It is for this reason that more and more countries are lifting certain restrictions when it comes to owning this plant.

Therefore, what Juicy Fields does is totally legal, it has all the legal permits in the countries where it operates and it does an incalculable job for those chronically ill people who need it to be able to lead a life as dignified as possible.

We are facing a growing market and one that as an investor we perro take advantage of, always with the utmost caution but knowing that if it is well diversified, it will serve to increase the benefits of our portfolio.

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 Juicy Fields |  Invest in Marijuana
  Juicy Fields |  Invest in Marijuana
  Juicy Fields |  Invest in Marijuana

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