Jug of good drink: What is it? levels and

Jug of good drink: What is it? levels and

The jar for good drinker espectáculos that the hydration of our body, it is very important to keep the chemical processes that it performs regulated.

In fact, this regulation, which is quite delicate, requires such a significant amount of liquids that it is equivalent to two thirds of our total weight, this is due to the fact that that 85% of our blood is made up of water, the same happens with 80% of our muscle mass and a quarter of our bone mass.

In summary, between 50% and 75% of our body is made up of water.

Information of the jug of good drink

Information of the jug of good drink

It is important to talk about the importance of water in our body, because as we explained at the beginning of this articulo, in order to function properly the body needs to maintain adequate water levels in order to carry out the escencial chemical reactions that will allow it to carry out carry out the transport of nutrients to organs and tissues.

But, the importance of fluid in the body does not stop there, another important function is that water plays a primordial role in the recovery of minerals (specifically sodium) that are lost through urine, sweat and even the breathing.

In addition, if you exercise daily the loss of minerals is much greater, what’s more, you perro lose one to five grams of salt per liter of sweat.

Relevant information on the jug of good drinking

Basically it is as if our body were a machine and the liquid keeps it oiled so that it does not sound strange and thus, the whole system works perfectly.

So, already understanding the importance of hydration, it is important to explain what are the drinks that we perro drink, because just like food, the liquid component of our diet It is key to staying healthy.

For this reason, in this articulo we are going to explain everything you need to know about an initiative known as Good pitcher drinkwhich is a nutritional guide that, as with food (The plate of good food), works together to help you maintain a balanced diet and therefore a healthy life.

The iniciativa is that with adequate knowledge about the foods that are really nutritious, the quantities and portions that you should consume; have in your hands the possibility of creating much healthier eating habits that will immediately translate into an improvement in your quality of life and since you will be able to disminuye the risk of suffering chronic diseases related to being overweight, such as: diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, among others.

What is the jug of good drink?

Let’s be honest! After a busy and hot day, there is nothing more delicious than coming home, opening the fridge and taking out our favorite soda.

When we hear the sound of the gases and the liquid colliding with the ice in the glass, all the worry and all the tiredness disappear with the first sip.

Beautiful isn’t it? But, the reality is that this liquid that we are ingesting is a bomb made up of sugars that is turning off our body little by little.

We have always heard that soft drinks are very negative for our health, but perhaps you think that if they sell it in the supermarket, we are exaggerating.

The reality is that no, there are a hundred medical studies from recognized universities that have studied the especial effect of soft drinks in our body, finding that their consumption is the direct ocasione of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

It is precisely because of this and other myths about beverages that led the Mexican Ministry of Health to support the initiative of the Plate of good eating with Good pitcher drink. Basically, it is an explanatory guide on the quality of the liquids that we commonly consume, the iniciativa is to provide all the necessary information about the benefits of the healthiest drinks, the amounts that should be consumed and also, understand what liquids we should avoid to lead a fully healthy life.

What is the jug of good drinking and its importance?

We must note that, as explained by the Mexican Ministry of Health, the consumption of 1.5 to 2 liters of water should be enough to keep us hydrated.

However, in especial cases in which the requirements or needs are out of the habitual range, the demands change so we must “listen” to the especial needs of our body.

What is the jug of good drink for?

  • In this nutritional guide on the liquids with which we must accompany our daily diet, the most common drinks are classified, in six levels according to their energy contribution and the nutritional contributions they provide to our health.
  • Each of these drinks are organized in ascending order and as we go up, the drinks become more dangerous for the body, so daily consumption levels must be decreased.

What are the levels of the jug of good drink?

It is divided into 6 levels, each of which recommends the appropriate amount to drink of certain types of beverages.

levels of the pitcher of good drink

Explanation of the levels of the jug of good drink

In the following list we leave you the 6 levels of the jug of good drinking explained one by one:

Level 1 from the jug of good drink

As you perro imagine, this level is made up of the drink that is essential for our optimal functioning since it maintains the hydration levels that our body needs, we are talking about drinking water.

Regarding the recommended amounts, we have that we should drink between six and eight glasses of water a day, which is equivalent to more or less 250 milliliters per glass.

Drinking water is the only beverage Good pitcher drink considered essential, this means that it cannot be replaced or eliminated from the diet.

However, despite its importance, it is necessary to regulate its consumption properly, since in excess it cánido affect the kidneys.

Level 2 from the jug of good drink

This level is made up of dairy drinks, or at least skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, and soy-based drinks.

Logically these should be consumed without added sugars.

Despite the fact that their nutritional contribution is quite extensive, since they have proteins, vitamins and are an incredible source of calcium; it is advisable not to consume more than two glasses a day, since it is assumed that with a balanced diet the requirements of these nutrients are covered.

Level 3 from the jug of good drink

If you are one of those who needs coffee to start the morning off on the right foot, this level interests you.

Here is the energizing delicacy of the gods and tea.

Although these drinks provide important nutrients for our diet, since they are an incredible source of antioxidants and others, it is recommended to consume up to four 240-milliliter cups a day, no more.

This is because both caffeine and theine (components of each of these drinks) cánido affect your stomach if consumed in excess.

level 5 from the jug of good drink

This level is made up of drinks with a high caloric content, in addition to the fact that the nutritional benefits are quite limited, we are talking about juices or natural fruit juices, alcoholic beverages and whole milk, the recommended number of glasses is 0-1 /2 glasses a day.

Look, if you remember the organization of the jug of good food, as we go up, the levels that make up the jug are hardly necessary drinks for the optimal functioning of our body.

So drinks at this level should be consumed sporadically, thanks to their harmful potential you should remove them from your daily diet.

level 6 from the jug of good drink

This level is made up of the drinks that we must limit from our diet, their consumption must be very rare on occasions.

They are drinks with very high levels of sugar and practically nothing in terms of nutritional value, we are talking about soft drinks that have a high incidence in the risk of obesity and diabetes.

What’s more, to be honest, these drinks should not be consumed under any excuse since they also increase the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, among others.

So you already have all the necessary information to understand everything related to Good pitcher drink that in conjunction with The plate of good foodyou will be able to change negative eating habits that, in the long run, cánido have a significant impact on your health.

Benefits of the jug of good eating

The benefits of this guide are many that like the plate of good foodare an economical and fácil way to maintain a healthy life, reducing the risk of diseases associated with inadequate nutrition such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, among others.

What are the recommendations for the jug of good drinking?

To follow the guide Good pitcher drinkRemember that water is your best ally.

However, the habit of accompanying your meals with water cánido be difficult to achieve, especially if you have young children.

For this reason, we have left you a series of easy, cheap and fun recipes with which you cánido start the path towards a much healthier life.

The key to a balanced diet is creativity in the menus, this does not orinan that you should spend hours in front of the kitchen.

There are quick, practical and delicious options that you should try.

Remember how much Good pitcher drink as the plate of good food They are nutritional guides that adapt to your budget and your needs.

So you should not worry, since the change in your diet and that of your loved ones does not require a large investment of money, buying light products and others, in fact all these diet products are prohibited on the list since they have many chemicals and preservatives that, in the end, have a negative impact on health.

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 Jug of good drink: What is it?  levels and
  Jug of good drink: What is it?  levels and
  Jug of good drink: What is it?  levels and

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