Job Portals | More than 50,000 Vacancies

Job Portals | More than 50,000 Vacancies

Job Portals How to get a job? Getting a job is sometimes a bit difficult, since sometimes the demands are many or you simply do not have the necessary experience. There are many factors that cánido make it difficult to obtain a good job and it is important to take into account many aspects so that your search is not distressing.

Defining your talents and your knowledge, preparing and reinforcing them daily to expose them during the search to find a job, is essential. You need to be clear about what you want to work on and what skills you have for that type of work.

During our personal and professional training we create a pattern where we are forming our personality, attitudes, abilities, skills. In the same way, we exploit talents, we become competent and we define our tastes in certain things.

Therefore, carry out a self-assessment and ask yourself What do I want to work on? In what area perro I stand out? How effectively cánido I do this kind of work? It is essential, since we must not only take into account the economic aspect, but also the guarantee of carrying out this work in a professional and successful manner.

Keys to having a job without experience

Obviously, before you begin your search for get a job fast and no experienceit is important to prepare a written physical support where you cánido expose all your information and all your data of interest.

Preparing a letter of preparation and writing a good sintetiza, always highlighting what is professional, is absolutely necessary since obtaining your job depends to a large extent on this document.

A very important fact is that if you do not have experience but you have knowledge of some work tool, you cánido prepare your work portfolio with your friends and acquaintances, that is, you perro get work experience with them.

How to make a good sintetiza?

The curriculum is a document through which you perro express all your personal data, your educational background, your skills and your professional and work experiences in an orderly and well-specified manner. Through this document you will be able to make all your information known and be able to get a job.

This document is made up of a series of sections that you must fill out with the information required in each section. Since it perro help you get work without experience and also I work in the government. Next, we will guide you in its realization. Join us!

Part 1: Personal data

In this section, as its name indicates, you must place all your personal information such as: names, surnames, identification number, age, date of birth, telephone numbers, room address, correos electrónicos and any other information of interest that defines you personally. .

Part 2: Professional objective

This section is important for brevity and precision, since you must make a brief description of the objectives that you have proposed in the short and medium term with respect to the job you are looking for.

Likewise, you must also define what knowledge and skills you present in relation to the job, why you are interested in the job and what you could contribute to the business or company in a positive way.

Part 3: Academic training

Throughout this section, you must state what your academic training has been or is being, that is, all your studies completed, specifying the course of study that you did or are doing (if you are still in progress) with the degree level you you are studying

Next, you must integrate in which study center, university, institute or technology you are studying or in which of these you graduated. As well as you must specify in which city or country they were or are being carried out, with the year of completion respectively.

Part 4: Complementary training

Complementary training refers to all those training courses or workshops that you took in addition to your professional education studies. In this sense, it is important to take into account all the courses that are related to the type of job you are looking for, as well as specify where they were taken and in what year.

Part 5: Work experience

All those jobs that you have done must be written and well specified in this section. You must be very concise and orderly, since in many jobs experience is a priority aspecto.

It is important to include the following information for each job: period of time worked (in dates), type of job for which you were hired, in which company or business, in which city it is located and what were the different functions that you fulfilled in the .

An example of this would be: Assistant in the Marketing department of the company Markdig, CA for 2 years (02-26-2010 to 02-25-2010) located in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain where I performed functions such as the promotion of the brand vía internet and the administration of the company website.

Part 6: Languages

This point is important if you are one of those who speak several languages ​​(English, French, German, Spanish, etcétera.), especially if the job requires it. You perro specify if you took a national or international course that has contributed to the use of the language.

Here you must also be precise about how much you handle the spoken language (basic level, intermediate level, advanced level) and in the same way, in its written form.

Part 7: Other information of interest

In this section you cánido expand all the information and expose any other data necessary to get a job and that you have not been able to specify in the previous sections. For example, if you have a driving license (for jobs that are related to traffic), if you are available to travel, among others.

Consejos on how to get a job fast

You perro’t always get and easy and fast work, but we will teach you how to achieve it. Surely you are going through a bad time at work and you question yourself daily How to get a job easily?The search for employment, as I said at the beginning, is not an easy task, and that is the compelling reason that has brought you here.

Indeed, there are many factors that you must take into account to make this fact a reality. Most people look for a job that helps them solve their economic situation mainly, although some focus on the professional and personal fulfillment.

There is no specific recipe for get a job fast and easybut if a series of recommendations that will make you approach this fact and that is what we will expose you below:

1. Know yourself and evaluate yourself

Although it seems a bit silly, it is essential to learn to know yourself in order to determine what we are prepared for and what we cánido do. Sitting down to establish what our abilities are and what are the virtues that we cánido use to contribute positive things to our workplace is essential.

All this cánido be a bit difficult and, at the same time, frustrating. But without a doubt, he will provide us with a guide to be able to get a job in which we perro fit in and where we perro develop personally and professionally.

Ask yourself, what do I want? That is what I like? What talent is my forte to develop myself? I like reading? Do I like research? Do I like to be in contact with other people and socialize? Do I like working with numbers and calculating? I like to work with children? It is essential to get a job.

All these questions are the ones that you must answer yourself to begin to determine certain preference characteristics because although you do not think it is important, the environments and daily routines that accompany that work must also adapt to you and your comfort so that you cánido feel comfortable and give up on it

Nighttime Jobs

If you are one of those who prefers to work at night, for example, you should ask yourself things like: do I prefer to work in a calm environment or in an environment where there is a lot of movement of people? In which campo or fulfilling which functions do I prefer to work? As a waiter, as a watchman, as a bartender? Etcétera.

draw conclusions

Make lists, write all your answers on paper and then Analyze and draw conclusions. It is important to take into account all your specialties and the courses or professional studies for which you have been trained, since together with the above, you cánido create great opportunities and create great backlinks that you did not see yet.

2. Study your personality

Your personality, your attitude and your way of acting in certain situations must also be established to fit in a certain type of work, since you must question yourself I perro work under pressure? Perro I make decisions in situations of massive stress? How do you act in high pressure situations?

3. Equipo the type of work

This is essential when going out to get a job, since no one gives up and succeeds in a job they don’t like. Establishing the type of work you want to do is essential, and all this is obtained through the self-assessment that we talked about earlier.

Essay written with time and calm about your perfect job cánido be very helpful. Establishing the type of people with whom you would like to share your work time is also important, since teamwork determines the success of the company or business.

If you are available to meet a equipo schedule, if you are willing to follow instructions and abide by rules, you must establish some types of work. Now, if you don’t like to meet schedules or follow anyone’s instructions, there are other types of jobs that are more preferable for you.

Would you like to get a job en línea? Do you like to work from home? Would you like to be your own boss? Do you like administration? Do you like the design? All these questions you should ask yourself when selecting the perfect job for you.

Many factors come into play here, including whether or not you like wearing an everyday uniform. Once all these parameters that are of interest have been made and established, you will be able to determine what type of employment you prefer and thus facilitate your search.

4. Determine what you perro contribute to your job

This is another point of great relevance when looking for a job. Since being in a certain job, our performance and all our abilities are going to contribute in some way to our workplace but Is it good or bad? Are our talents related to the type of work?

Just as our skills come into play, our professional preparationour skills and even our ability to adapt and follow instructions to get a job, all aspects related to our personality also come into play.

The value that all these personal characteristics bring to our work is notorious, although sometimes it may not seem so. Dealing with other workers, dealing with the public, the way in which you function without creating problems, without hindering or being a reason for delays due to personal aspects, is important.

5. Profile that companies need

There are companies or businesses that when they are looking for personnel to work for have a profile that establishes the series of factors that that person must have to be accepted as part of the work team.

Comparing those characteristics with yours, being honest with yourself, will waste time and know if you are suitable or not for that type of work. As well as, detalla what your skills are or what are the experiences you have and that will allow you to fit perfectly into the type of work.

The search for work in certain companies is difficult, in fact, it cánido sometimes generate frustrations. You cannot allow that to be part of you, since it is not that you are not capable or that you are less than others. Not all of us have the same talents, while they develop there, you cánido do it elsewhere.

6. In what kind of companies would you like to work?

When we talk about how to get a good job, we surely tend to think of big companies and it is partly true that there are companies that perro help you get good jobs.

Determining the type of company in which you want to work is closely related to the type of work you want to dedicate yourself to. This is important because there are many hours that you will spend in your working days, so feeling comfortable with your work is essential.

It is habitual that due to the great competition that exists between companies and the great demand for daily jobs, the search is difficult, but as long as you keep your objectives clear you must be persevering so that you perro get the job of your dreams.

Careful search, patience and carrying out a good previous process will make you find many job opportunities for which you cánido choose and it is there where you must determine everything that we have exposed previously and, at this point, above all, ask yourself: What kind of company do I want to work for?

Comfort will make our performance at work much better. A good salary, a good workplace, and good co-workers are important, but if you are not comfortable with the type of work you do and the place you operate in, you will not be successful.

7. Prepare even more in your field

We all have an environment and a job in which we specialize, for which we study and for which we want to dedicate ourselves for the rest of our lives, which is what we call our dream job!

However, we always have something more to learn and knowledge never hurts. Preparing yourself in what you know you are good at, expanding the knowledge you have about it and specializing more every day, will make you a successful professional and the job doors will always be open for you, whether you have experience or not.

In all jobs, knowledge of the subject and your development is important, since what is wanted is the emergence of the business and the company through you and many who, like you, are dedicated to the same branch.

Contacts, making yourself known through them, cánido also be very helpful in getting a job. Interacting in different forums, making weblogs, joining groups that are dedicated to the same thing as you will make you grow and get to know you.

8. Put grief aside and be confident

Many times out of pity or fear of what you are going to face (especially if you do not have work experience) you manage to limit yourself a lot and, therefore, you do not get the results you expected, which is even more frustrating.

Insecurity, believe it or not, is the worst enemy when going out to get a job. Whether you are an academically and professionally prepared person or not, security says a lot about you and is an essential aspecto when expressing yourself and making these types of requests.

Job interviews are generally done for this, to carry out a study on your personality and to know how you espectáculo yourself physically and behaviorally. Positive attitudes, the way in which you behave and confidence when speaking and making yourself known are primordial, since that says a lot about you and the ability you have to face any type of situation and to handle any type. of work.

Your knowledge, your experience and your abilities should be made known without fear and you will see how getting good jobs will not be a problem for you.

9. Strengthen your weaknesses

Like all human beings, we have weaknesses and things that involuntarily make it difficult for us to do. It is habitual that we all have them, in fact, we all have weaknesses, the important thing is to know what to do with them and how to take advantage of them.

Undoubtedly, there are things that we must improve in order to be able to achieve others. Popular skills, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving ability, communication problems, public speaking, difficulty in relating are some of them that limit work performance.

Sometimes, all the knowledge you have about something is not enough, because you perro know a lot and you perro be extremely prepared with respect to a professional specialty, but if you don’t know how to function and you don’t know how to control what you know is limiting you, You are vulnerable to failure.

The skills are transferable, joining people who perro help you overcome those weaknesses will be very helpful and it is a aspecto that you perro use in your favor to develop and grow personally, it will help you when you get a job and you perro stay in it for long periods of time.

10. Make good resumes

As I mentioned before, the curriculum is a key piece in the job search since it is the first impression of you. The preparation of a good curriculum (with all its well-detailed parts, as we explained above) is essential to increase the chances of obtaining a job interview.

When the owners are looking for employees, the first thing they request is a sintetiza, which is the person’s cover letter. Previously, the experience and ability of the person was valued, now the curriculum vitae is added to this duo as a special value and of great weight.

The curriculum has expressed all your competencies, data and skills of interest for said job and according to it you may or may not keep the job. It is not just about distributing resumes throughout the city, but about making sure that it is a quality document and that it attracts the attention of those responsible.

The competition in the job search is quite a lot and there are many resumes that companies or businesses are subject to daily, so standing out from the rest should be your purpose.

11. Be patient

You cannot allow despair to take over you during your process to find a job, since it is a long process but it is worth waiting for. Take advantage of the time and prepare to improve all your skills and to strengthen all your weaknesses.

Always keep your goal very clear in mind and persevere until the end. Enthusiasm, the passion with which you want to do things and good determination will make you feel calm and clear about the goal you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term. Be patient that your opportunity will come!

List of job portals

Below I present the reliable pages to look for work, some of them are available for all countries, others for some countries and others are job portals specialized in a especial area.


It is a well-known job portal in Spain, it has been running for more than 20 years and millions of contracts were signed after contacts made on its website, it has more than 50,000 active job offers, available in Spain and other countries. Visit InfoJobs.


It is a website that has more than 20,000 job offers in its job bank, it does not matter what country you are from, if you are from Spain, México, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peruetcétera., here you will find work both to work in your country and to work abroad. Visit Infoempleo.

It has more than 8 million registered users and continues to grow, it has thousands of vacancies available, the jobs you will find here are only available for Spain. Visit

get employed

It is a portal of the Ministry of Tarea, it has more than 40,000 job offers, here you will find a great variety of offers such as engineering, hotel and tourismamong others, this website is available to everyoneso no matter where you are from you cánido get a job here. Visit Get Employed.


It is a portal of the universities of Spain, here you will find many job offers if you are from the country of course, available only for Spain. Visit University.

It is a network of portals specialized by sectors, I would say the largest popular network of professionals with job offers for everyone, this platform is Available for all countries. Visit


This job portal is very good and has many job vacancies, it is available only for Spain, Colombia, USA, France, México, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden. Visit JobAndTalent.

employment option

It is a website that allows you to browse multiple offers published on various portals. The good thing about this platform is that it is Available for all countries. Visit Optionempleo.


This portal is well known with many job offers, it is only available in the following countries: Spain, USA, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Sweden, Swiss and Netherlands. Visit Monster.

Career Builder

It is an employment portal more oriented to the United States, if you live in this country and you are from one of these states, this website is for you: California, Texas, New York State, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the cities with more than job orders in the United States they are: Seattle, WA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Los Angeles, CA, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, Denver, CO and New York City, NY. Visit Career Builder.

Your Job DR

It is a well-known portal in the Dominican Republic to look for work, your rd job is ideal if you live in that country, there you will find many job offers. Visit Your Employment RD.


Chiripas is another well-known portal also in Santurrón Domingo, Dom. Rep. in which you will see thousands of job offers, here you perro register and upload your sintetiza so that companies have it pending. Visit Chiripas.


It is an employment portal where you will also find numerous job offers available to work, it is available in 19 countries such as: Dominican Republic, México, Peru, Argentina, Chili, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, The Savior, Uruguay, Paraguayan, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, bolivian, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Visit Computrabajo.


Here you perro find temporary jobs as well as other job offers, this job portal is available in more than 39 countries. Visit People.

You only need to register and start making your job applications because this website is Available for all countries. Visit

Specialized employment pages


As its name indicates, it is an employment portal specialized in the IT and telecommunications area, with more than 3,000 job offers, more than 26,000 registered companies and more than 555,000 uploaded resumes. This website is Available for all countries. Visit technoempleo.

first job

It is a website that is focused on helping people without work experience to get their first job as its name indicates, they also have courses that you perro take if you do not handle any especial profession. Also available in all countries. Visit Primerempleo.


This portal is specialized in jobs for managers and executives, here the jobs you will find will be above €50,000 per year. It is available in several countries such as: Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Swiss, Germany, Austria, Belgium, state Joined, Europe and Netherlands. Visit Experteer.


If tourism is your thing, this website is for you. Here you will find job offers in the tourism ámbito, one of the most important sectors in any country and in great demand almost all year round. It is available in Spain, México, Portugal and Italy. Visit Turijobs.


This is another very important portal for IT professionals, since it is one of the sectors with the highest demand in Spain, it is available in more than 30 countries. Visit TicJob.


As its name indicates, it is a specialized employment portal for students, it has job offers aimed at that especial public, here you will find part job, part time job, I work during the summeramong others, is available only for Spain, Germany, Holland, Ireland, France, England, Greece, China and Arab Emirates. Visit StudentJob.

Job classifieds pages

In the classifieds you cánido also find very good job offers, since there are many classifieds that are available to everyone and we will see many of them below.


Possibly one of the best-known classifieds in the world, it is a specialized classified in job offers, it is available to everyone and here you will find thousands of vacancies available for all areas. Visit Knocker.

The Classified

ElClasificado is a classified where you will find good job offers, the wonderful thing about this portal is that it is available not only for USAbut also for all Latin America. Visit TheClassified.


This classified is more oriented to people who are residents of Dominican Republichere you will find good job offers if you are from that country. Visit Corotos.


This job classified is one of the most visited in Spain, it has a large number of job offers, but it is only available for Spainif you want to see or entrar when porting you will have to use a VPN since they are restricted to users outside the country. Visit Milanuncios.


It is a classified focused on some categories in especial such as the campo real estate, cars, jobs and productshere you will also find job offers, available only for Spain. Visit Trovit.

Free market

Mercadolibre is a classified in which you will find job offers, it does not have many but a few appear, it is available for: Dominican Republic, Argentina, bolivian, Brazil, Chili, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguayan, Peru, The Savior, Uruguay and Venezuela. Visit Free Market.

Bulletin board

It is a portal that has many job offers from which you perro choose to participate and send your sintetiza to apply for a job. Available only in Spain. Visit Notice Board.


Livio is a directory where you will find good job portals if you are from Dominican Republicsince this platform brings together companies and platforms from multiple sectors. Visit Livio.

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 Job Portals |  More than 50,000 Vacancies
  Job Portals |  More than 50,000 Vacancies
  Job Portals |  More than 50,000 Vacancies

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