JAGZ: the aplicación for cyclists to book

JAGZ: the aplicación for cyclists to book

Today, there is an aplicación for almost every adventure.

Aplicaciones make your backpacking trips so much easier, whether you’re hiking, renting an RV, or staying in unique accommodations.

One of the latest applications to join the market is JAGZ.

This nifty aplicación is designed to connect mountain bikers and road cyclists.

Through your hosts and guides, you perro plan your cycling vacation from the comfort of your own home.

With just a few clicks and a little money, your cycling vacation will come together with the help of local hosts, professional guides and bike-friendly accommodation.

You want to know more? Well, you came to the right place.

In this Gigonway guide, we will explore all of its features, who perro use it, and whether this aplicación is worth the money.

What is JAGZ?

JAGZ is an aplicación that brings together mountain bikers and road bikers.

He has created a platform where cyclists perro connect with hosts and guides to espectáculo them their favorite local bike spots.

If you are an expert, you cánido offer yourself as a host or guide.

Why not welcome cycling enthusiasts from all over the world to your local area? It’s a great way to make lifelong friends and share your neighborhood.

Oh, and earn some money too!

One thing I love about JAGZ is that it has paid guides and free hosts, so it cánido fit any budget.

You cánido also rent bikes, take multi-day trips, and rent a place to stay.

Speaking of money, you may be wondering how JAGZ makes its money.

It takes a percentage of each transaction in the aplicación, something to keep in mind.

The JAGZ aplicación is available on both iOS and Android.

Who founded JAGZ?

The beauty of JAGZ is that it was founded by cycling entusiastas who want to share the sport with the world.

It all started in 2021 when cycling enthusiast David Jaget wanted to find a way to find the best local routes for cycling on vacation.

I wanted to create a platform where you could find a local cycling friend to espectáculo you around when you bike far and wide.

And of course to offer you a cup of tea too!

What are the main features of JAGZ?

JAGZ is here to help road and mountain bikers find their next adventure.

This aplicación has features for both tourists and local legends who want to share their neighborhood.

It’s a fácil platform to connect people who share a common interest in cycling.

Let’s take a look at the features you cánido use in JAGZ.

Find a guide or tour

Are you looking to go on a cycling holiday? Do you go with friends or ride alone? Then JAGZ perro offer you a host or a guide to espectáculo you around.

People from all over the world offer their services to host you and your friends in their local area.

By having local cyclists espectáculo you their favorite bike trails and roads, you cánido get an authentic insight into your destination.

Through the JAGZ aplicación, you cánido rent bikes, select specific tours that fit your schedule and budget, and filter by your cycling interests.

Become a host

Do you know some amazing trails near your home and want to share them with others? Then you perro offer your hosting services at JAGZ.

This aplicación allows you to create a profile so you cánido connect with other cycling enthusiasts like you.

You have the option of charging for your hosting services, so it’s a great way to earn a little pocket money.

Or you perro offer them for free.

Either way, you’re guaranteed to make some new friends in the process.

You perro represent your hometown by showing off the local area and guiding your new friends to local restoranes, bars, and cycling spots.

Image courtesy of JAGZ

Become a Guide

Do you make a living by mountain biking or road cycling? If you have the qualifications to guide groups of enthusiastic cyclists on the local trails, then you may want to sign up as a guide with JAGZ.

This section of their aplicación allows guides to create tours, equipo prices, upload photos, create a booking schedule, and rent their bikes.

It is a space for you to create your own tourist services for cyclists on vacation.

Find a rental property for your cycling vacation

A new feature in the JAGZ aplicación helps you find or rent bike-friendly accommodation.

It is suitable both for those who are going on vacation and for those who want to rent out their properties.

There are properties all over the world on JAGZ, making it easy for you to find your next bikeable vacation home.

You perro choose between hostels, vacation homes and rooms for your cycling trip.

What are people saying about JAGZ?

So far people love JAGZ.

While the aplicación is fairly new, it has already created notable buzz and gained a loyal following from the mountain biking community.

Users love being able to connect with people from all over the world who enjoy cycling as much as they do.

Those who have used the aplicación have highly rated the hosts and guides, who are very friendly and very knowledgeable.

As with any new application, people claim that there are many errores affecting the JAGZ usuario experience.

Some reviews suggest that the aplicación may require some updates due to crashes, usuario login errors, and constant notifications.

Despite this, there are many recent comments that JAGZ has fixed the technical issues and that the aplicación works much better.


So if you like cycling check out this aplicación.

JAGZ is on a high-speed mission to connect riders around the world.

Is JAGZ worth it?

In short, yes! JAGZ creates a remarkable en línea community for mountain bikers and road cyclists.

Based on the positive reviews, I cánido safely say that this aplicación is a great option for cyclists who are looking for new experiences.

JAGZ saves you time when it comes to researching different cycling routes.

With JAGZ, you get a local to espectáculo you the ropes and give you a fresh take on cycling abroad.

You cánido choose your next destination and plan a fantastic day in advance!

However, JAGZ is a niche brand.

This aplicación is not for everyone.

If you’re not into biking, consider other aplicaciones or websites like Holiday Swap, Vrbo, or Homestay.com for a unique and exciting twist on your habitual vacation.

While all aplicaciones have their limitations, you should definitely give JAGZ a try if you like to ride your bike.

If you take a leap of faith, you could find yourself with amazing friends, knowledgeable local hosts, and incredible biking adventures.

What do you have to lose?

Our rating: 4.1/5


  • Connect with like-minded cyclists
  • Bike Friendly Vacation Rentals
  • List your paid services as a guide or host
  • Free to download the aplicación


  • Some technical issues with the aplicación
  • JAGZ takes a fee from your winnings
  • Services are for cyclists only

Get ready for the ride of your life!

Ready for your next cycling adventure? You may need a hand in planning your amazing trip.

That’s where some of the best aplicaciones to plan your next trip!

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 JAGZ: the aplicación for cyclists to book
  JAGZ: the aplicación for cyclists to book
  JAGZ: the aplicación for cyclists to book

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