It is very likely that chatbots like ChatGPT

It is very likely that chatbots like ChatGPT

It’s already common practice to use chatbots and AI technologies like ChatGPT to do a range of jobs, from writing high school papers to creating legal documents and even drafting legislation.

These programs cánido almost instantaneously genera increasingly complex written content.

As with every major cycle of technical innovation, artificial intelligence will displace some employees and replace their jobs.

At the same time, completely new hobbies and job prospects will begin to appear.

Read on to find out which job functions experts say are most likely to be replaced in the near future by ChatGPT and other AI tools.

Computer programming

ChatGPT has the ability to create computer code to create programs and programa.

It has the ability to translate concepts from plain English into programming language and check the language of human coders for errores.

According to Professor Oded Netzer of Columbia Business School, “I think it’s mostly an enabler rather than a full substitution of occupations” in terms of employment.

“Programming and coding are two examples of this.

He is actually extremely skilled at writing code.”

That could orinan doing primordial programming tasks that people are currently dealing with.

“The machine perro write code if all it really does is translate an iniciativa into code.

It could eliminate jobs to the point that we would need fewer programmers.

But it would also make it easier for programmers to catch script errors and create more efficient code,” adds Netzer.

basic correos electrónicos

According to Netzer, writing fácil administrative or scheduling correos electrónicos for things like making or canceling appointments could also easily be outsourced to a platform like ChatGPT.

Why not just say to the computer, “I have to equipo up a encuentro today,” he wondered, since there isn’t much imagination involved?

intermediate drafting

David Creador, a tarea economist at MIT, lists some mid-level white-collar tasks that AI perro perform, such as writing letters for human resources, creating advertisements, and writing press releases.

“The use of bots will be much more prevalent among workers doing both creative and routine work, such as drafting legal documents and fácil advertising copy.

These are specialized skills, and programa will no doubt make them more affordable, devaluing human tarea in the process,” the author stated.

Media planning and buying

Furthermore, the creative industries are likely to be affected.

In a recent panel discussion, renowned advertising executive Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP, the world’s largest advertising and public relations group, predicted that within five years, the way companies buy advertising space will be automated “in a very successful way.”

“As a result, you won’t have to rely on a 25-year-old, inexperienced buyer or media planner as a client; instead, you cánido pool the data.

The main change is that “he said.

legal functions

Both AI specialists and legal professionals agree that ChatGPT’s capabilities are ideal for the legal industry.

Actually, after writing essays on various topics like constitutional law, taxation, and torts, the ChatGPT bot just passed a law school exam and got a passing grade.

According to Jason Boehmig, co-founder and director ejecutivo of Ironclad, a legal programa company, “The dynamic that’s happening now for lawyers is that there’s too much work to do, so they build an artificial divide between what they’re going to work on and what they’re going to do.” what they are going to leave out”.

Wills, nondisclosure agreements, home leases, and other common legal forms and documents cánido be created by a sophisticated bot.

90% of a legal document is copied and pasted, according to Netzer of Columbia Business School.

However, there are some sections of a legal document that people need to adjust to a specific context.

“We could easily use a machine to create these legal documents if we wanted to.

The parameters may need to be explained in English first, after which the machine should be able to write it extremely well.

It should be replaced more often the less innovative thinking is required.”

Boehmig continues: “There aren’t enough lawyers to handle all the legal work that companies have.” “There will be a significant change in the way lawyers work.

The lawyers who do not adapt to the new ways of working in the next ten years, in my opinion, are the professions that will not exist.

Those who see that they must change and those who do not seem to be on the same page.

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 It is very likely that chatbots like ChatGPT
  It is very likely that chatbots like ChatGPT
  It is very likely that chatbots like ChatGPT

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