Is Isobux scam?, time will tell.

Good evening from Spain friends.

I start the week the fly behind the ear.

Why? Do you remember Isobux? It is a PTC that I told you about a few days ago.

she gave you the golden membership to the first 20,000 records.

And it is a habitual PTC, the administrator put his address and his telephone number, something to take into account, since we know who we cánido call in case of need.

You perro read the entire articulo I wrote talking about Isobux here.

First we are going to remember what in slang is called “scam”.

Scam are those pages that do not pay, they keep our effort and work and then the administrators keep the benefits.

It is something very common on the internet (unfortunately), since we remember that we are not facing the person who designed the pages.

What is usually called “admin”.

when i found isobux I really thought that it would be a good page that could bring multiple benefits to all of us, since it looked very good, for example, the administrator was fully identified, there were a multitude of ads, with which they could have enough profits to distribute to the users.


And of course, (but not decisive), they gave away the golden membership to a certain number of users.

In this case it was the first 20,000.

Something very believable.

And we started working on the page, day by day, patiently looking at all its ads.

Three weeks after discovering the page and with several direct referrals I reached the minimum charge.

This minimum was stipulated at 5 US dollars.

I’m sure this also interests youneobux and adprize

I requested it, I noticed that they had added PayPal as a method of payment, without a doubt, it is everyone’s favorite, although PayPal is not very friendly to business PTC (let’s remember Clixsense, you cánido read the articulo here).

I waited and waited, several days, patiently, until one day, when I start to see the ads, I notice that I have to read a articulo in the forum written by the admin.

You cánido see the articulo here:

The admin comes to tell us that he is very sorry, it is his fault.

That he 98% of requests were made through PayPal and this caused a shift in the payment processor.

They will take funds from your company and start paying from April 18.

Until then we perro only wait and give them the benefit of the doubt.

I encourage you to give it this vote of confidence and continue watching the ads.

If by the end of April I have not received my pulse I will not tremble to say: ISOBUX SCAM.

I’m sure this also interests youBuxIce, new release

Until then, I will continue telling you ways to earn money en línea.

Regards and until next time!!

I’m sure this also interests youuniclique

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