isobux does not pay

isobux does not pay

Good friends!! Today I write this, let’s say, mini-articulo, pretty pissed off.

I have come to talk about what isobux does not pay.

She has not paid, nor do I think she will.

You will remember Isobux, right, I wrote a long time ago about this PTC, here You perro read my first articulo about this PTC.

The fact is that I put a lot of interest in this PTC, for nothing later… A pity, I’m pissed off as well as disappointed, I expected the administrator to respond.

But neither he nor he responds to the tiques, nor does he answer my messages in the page’s forum.

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Therefore, from today I stop recommending it on the blog and I declare it as SCAM.

And look, she was warning him on the forum, but they haven’t paid any attention.

They didn’t pay any attention to me, it’s the truth.

I have tried to contact the admin as of April 18th.

you will remember in this articulo that the admin promised us that he would pay from April 18.

But days have passed and nothing.

Well, yes, I asked to charge 5 dollars through PayPal, after five days it appeared as payment sent, but it did not appear in my PayPal account.

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Since I already had more money accumulated to be able to withdraw, I decided to request another withdrawal, this time for just over 7 dollars.

I ordered them through Payza, in case PayPal has blocked it, I thought.

And from then until now, the account remains as before, the $7 is still pending delivery, and I suspect it will be there until the end of time.

Therefore, much to my regret (since I consider myself the first to be deceived), I declare here and now that Isobux does not pay and must be declared a scam.

It is a pity that there are people like that who play with the work and enthusiasm of the people.

But well, in these businesses there are these people and we will be here to discover them.

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Greetings and until next time friends!

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 isobux does not pay
  isobux does not pay
  isobux does not pay

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