Is Zeus Living electrifying or just

Is Zeus Living electrifying or just

whatIt’s worth it Zeus Living for your international stays as a digital nomad? We research the aplicación thoroughly to answer any questions you may have.

To make sure you are well informed before downloading the aplicación, we have also included our own review and opinions about it.

Sometimes we might want a change of scenery and wonder what life would be like in a new city.

We suggest you take a look at Outsite if you like life together.

But suppose you prefer to locate a place where you don’t have to share it with anyone else, or if you just like to be in

whatWhat to do with accommodation for more than a quick trip if you’re a remote worker who’s been sorely tempted? Zeus Living experts are here to help you with all your questions.

Zeus Living

What is Zeus Living?

Zeus Living wants to connect you with housing for whatever your needs are.

Whether you’re relocating, working remotely, searching for a city for a potential move, or even renovating, Zeus Living offers stylish and comfortable homes in cities across the United States.

The houses are fully furnished and have WiFi, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies and more.

With Zeus Living, all you have to worry about is selecting a city and being there for your arrival date.

ohThink of it as a more professional, longer-stay version of Airbnb!


Zeus Living offers homes in several cities (according to their website, the exact number is 94), but their locations are restricted to the United States.

You perro find their list of cities here.

The number of houses available in each city will vary.

While you cánido’t visit any of the homes in person before signing a lease, you perro take 3D tours of all available homes to see what they look like before you sign on any dotted line.

The minimum length of stay in all cities is 30 nights, but you cánido stay as long as you like beyond that (assuming no one else has booked your desired dates).

How do leases work?

If you choose to stay in a Zeus Living home, you will entrar into a lease for as long as you wish to stay.

To reserve a home, simply apply from the en línea listings.

Your request is reviewed by the Zeus Living team before you perro progress through the reservation process.

Your reservation will be confirmed after both you and Zeus Living sign the lease, and your required down payment has been settled.

All reservations require contact information, pet information, and acceptance of the terms, cancellation policy, and rental agreement.

You will also need to provide identity verification before registering.

If you choose to stay longer than 35 days, you’ll also need to pay for the first 30 days, along with a one-time cleaning fee and security deposit to reserve.

For 30-day stays, you will need to pay your entire stay’s rent, cleaning fee, and a security deposit to reserve.

Zeus Living also performs tenant screenings using ID verification, a soft credit check, and a background check.

Cancellation policy

Sometimes life happens, and your plans go off the rails.

If you had planned to spend some time at a Zeus Living property, but need to cancel, fear not, there is a policy in place.

While the penalties vary depending on when you cancel, they do have a 30-day cancellation policy.

See below for details on their various cancellation policies:

  • If you cancel within 24 hours of booking, and prior to checking in, you will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations more than 30 days prior to check-in will receive a full refund, less a $400 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations 30 or fewer days prior to check-in will result in payment of the first 30 nights and the $400 cancellation fee.

    All nights after 30 will be refunded.

If you want a more maleable lease, there are options available that allow you to give 30 days notice when you are ready to vacate the property.

Comments about Zeus Living

On Yelp, Zeus Living has an average rating of 3/5 stars.

Most of the negative retroalimentación points to drives being improperly cleaned before checking in (especially in relation to units where a pet had previously been housed) and a lack of clear and responsive customer service throughout stays.


If working from home is your thing, working for Zeus Living might be a perfect match! With some exuberant benefits, check out their current openings here.

If engineering jobs are more your style, fear not, those are available too, with teams in San Francisco, CA, and Vancouver, BC in Canada.

A team in Seattle, WA is also in the works! The company has an average rating of 3.7/5 stars on Glassdoor Based on over 50 reviews from current and former employees.


Whether you’re thinking of staying with Zeus Living or just looking for information on travel, housing, or work-from-home consejos, his handy blog is full of engaging articles covering all sorts of topics.

You’ll find articles on the best companies to work for in Austin, the pros and cons of living in Nashville, fun things to do in San Diego, and much more.

save some money

Leasing a place, even for just a month, cánido cost a hefty bill.

Even if the cost fits perfectly into your budget,who doesn’t like to save some money? While not a recurring savings hack, when you first open the Zeus Living website, you’ll be prompted to entrar your dirección de correo electrónico to subscribe to their dirección de correo electrónico list.

By doing so, you will receive $100 off your first stay!

To end

If you are a remote worker looking to relocate for at least 30 nights, Zeus Living It is a more pleasant version of Airbnb adapted to companies.

However, the monthly rents are high because the contracts are long and the locations are rarely in major metropolitan areas.

Finding a cheaper alternative is preferable if you’re on a tight budget for your remote work trip, especially if you don’t want to commit to staying in one place for more than a month.

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 Is Zeus Living electrifying or just
  Is Zeus Living electrifying or just
  Is Zeus Living electrifying or just

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