Is the en línea survey company

Is the en línea survey company

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when it comes to making money en línea is related to taking paid surveys.

If you’re looking for plus money because a health problem keeps you at home or you have young children to care for, en línea surveys perro be helpful.

Of course, when it comes to making money en línea, you also need to be wary of scams.

So in this y también-Rewards review I’ll explain how it works, what you cánido expect, and of course…Is y también-Rewards legit or just another en línea scam??

What is eRewards?

y también-Rewards, also known as y también-Rewards Opinion Panel, is a market research company that rewards participants for taking paid surveys and sharing their thoughts and opinions en línea.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Texas, y también-Rewards is owned by the Dynata Group and is one of the oldest en línea survey sites today.

The way survey sites work is as you would probably expect.

Companies that want to learn more about their audience or customer base pay market research companies like y también-Rewards to run surveys and act as consultants when it comes to analyzing the data their surveys genera.


But not all survey sites and the companies that hire them are the same.

So is y también-Rewards legit?

As a way to generate additional income, paid surveys and market research companies like y también-Rewards are becoming more habitual by the day, but it’s true… not all survey sites are worth your time, and y también-Rewards has some. important issues to be aware of.

I’ll get to those issues in a bit, but first…

How does eRewards work?

Like many paid survey sites like Opinion Outpost and Vindale Research, y también-Rewards works alongside big brands like Best Buy and Twitter who are willing to spend their money on your opinions and retroalimentación.

In reality, however, the process is not that easy…

The y también-Rewards Opinion Panel program is by invitation only, so to join, you’ll need to be solicited by one of their partner companies (Best Buy or Twitter as examples).

If you haven’t received an y también-Rewards invitation, you perro also earn money en línea with two other habitual en línea survey sites, Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

If you’ve received an y también-Rewards invitation, registration is easy (and free).

Once you clic the verification backlink (in your correo electrónico), you will create your profile by adding your name, date of birth, etcétera., followed by an enrollment survey that you have 30 days to complete.

To me, this step is a bit intrusive, and when you consider the privacy issues companies are having today… It’s a legitimate concern.

However, it is necessary to provide certain personal information when taking en línea surveys because they need to identify your specific demographic and match it with relevant surveys.

That being said… If answering a few personal questions doesn’t bother you, it may not be a problem.

Who is y también-Rewards for?

Let’s face it… You won’t get rich taking en línea surveys, but you cánido earn a few plus bucks.

Surveys perro also be a great way for new en línea entrepreneurs to earn their first dollar or two en línea and experience what it’s like to make money from home.

In addition to y también-Rewards, you perro also earn money from other survey sites like Survey Junkie and Dollar Inbox.

Inbox Dollars will even pay to do things en línea that you could do anyway, like watch vídeos, play games, and search the web.

who is not for

If it’s significant money en línea you’re looking for, y también-Rewards probably won’t be for you.

The real advantage of making money en línea is that the web gives you leverage.

It allows you to genera something once and get paid over and over again for it.

You perro earn real passive income…

Is y también-Rewards legit?

To be honest… I’m not sure how to answer that.

I’ll go into the details of how you pay y también-Rewards, what the rewards are, etcétera.

But first, as I mentioned above, y también-Rewards has some major issues that you need to be aware of.

Does that make them a scam? Not… (so by default it would have to say yes they are legit)

But the first problem is common to all en línea survey sites…

You take your time submitting a survey only to see a pop-up message halfway through or near the end that says: “you don’t qualify«.

This is usually because your answers reveal that you are the wrong candidate (or demographic) for that specific survey.

It’s frustrating, but it’s habitual (and even necessary) that surveys do this for accuracy.

Agregado, you may find repetitive questions in surveys to see if you’re paying attention.

Many people cheat by running the questions quickly and choosing random answers.

Therefore, if you answer these afín questions differently throughout the survey, you may be disqualified or even have your account suspended.

And of course, if you don’t qualify, you don’t get paid.

At least not the full amount.

y también-Rewards offers up to 25 points for disqualifying surveys… But if there’s one reason people call en línea surveys a scam, this is it.

The charge is that they get your information and then kick you out of the survey so they don’t have to pay.

I’m not saying y también-Rewards is to blame for this, it’s just a common complaint among all survey platforms.

However, the second problem is much bigger, and you discover it once you start digging into the many y también-Rewards reviews and complaints…

y también-Rewards Reviews and Complaints

To be clear, y también-Rewards has been known as a good survey site for many years, and again, they are legit.

I’ll get into some of the y también-Rewards issues in a bit, but to be fair, you cánido also find positive reviews…

Positive reviews (Source: Better Business Bureau)

Unfortunately, there are also some negative reviews…

One big problem they are currently having is hundreds of complaints from members claiming that they are not getting paid.

And some of them have accumulated hundreds of dollars in rewards.

In fact, there are so many complaints that the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning.

Source: Better Business Bureau

There is no greater breach of trust than not paying those who work for you.

y también-Rewards is getting paid by its partner companies for YOUR opinions and efforts… and keeping their share.

This is serious.

It’s not unlike your employer not paying you and then dodging your phone calls when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on.

If it was just one or two complaints, you could justify it as a fácil mistake or oversight.

But when there are hundreds of complaints, you start to wonder if it’s deliberate.

I’m NOT saying y también-Rewards is knowingly scamming people, but I perro’t say they aren’t either.

I’m not going to speculate and I’m definitely not making any accusations against y también-Rewards, this is just what I found on the Better Business Bureau website.

And I’ll give y también-Rewards credit for responding to many of those complaints.

Some were resolved to the customer’s satisfaction (including an $800 payout below) and some were not.

Source: Better Business Bureau

The other complaints about re-Rewards are common to most survey companies… like the disqualification issue mentioned above, and other common issues like not getting a response when you send correos electrónicos.

Bad… but not deal breakers.

Among the positive reviews, members say that y también-Rewards pays higher than average for an en línea survey company.

How much does y también-Rewards pay?

I couldn’t find any details regarding y también-Rewards payout rates, but I did find people who claim you cánido expect $4.00 or more.

If true, that’s double what you’ll earn with most surveys.

When you complete a survey, you will earn Opinion Points o Points of Opinion (y también-Rewards currency).

One hundred points equals about 33.33 cents… So if you’re looking for a $25 gift card, at your current points:dollar ratio, you’ll need 7500 points.

And speaking of gift cards, there are 50+ retailers they work with (although it seems, from reading member reviews, this changes periodically and there aren’t as many options as there used to be).

y también-Rewards gift cards and other rewards

  • eGift Cards (you should receive them 1-2 hours after redemption)
  • Physical gift cards (4 – 6 weeks)
  • magazine subscriptions
  • Air miles

minimum payment

Depending on the reward you exchange your points for (or y también-rewards currency), the minimum payout threshold perro be as low as $10 for some gift cards.

y también-Rewards Redemption

It shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but y también-Rewards now requires mobile or fixed verification when you redeem your points.

Like 2-Step Authentication, they will send you a code that you must use to redeem.

The purpose of this is to make your account more secure, but not everyone is happy about that.

Here’s a complaint from a person who suggests that the real reason y también-Rewards asks you for a phone number is for contenido publicitario.

Source: Better Business Bureau

What I like about y también-Rewards

  • Higher than average payments.
  • Relatively low minimum repayment threshold.
  • You perro search for surveys within your member account (instead of waiting for them to be sent vía dirección de correo electrónico).

What I do not like

  • It’s impossible to ignore so many complaints about not getting paid.

    I cannot say with confidence that you will be compensated for your time completing surveys, whether or not y también-Rewards is legitimate (are legit, but these payment complaints shouldn’t exist).

  • There is no referral program.
  • There is no passive income potential by taking surveys.

To end

As far as recommending y también-Rewards, the number of reported complaints and issues gives me pause, so I’ll leave it up to you.

It’s free to join and they are legit… But longtime members who have been doing their surveys for years say they used to be really good but have recently gone downhill.

It’s hard to speculate on what’s going on behind the scenes, but again, y también-Rewards is a partner with some big-name brands (whose advisers would not recommend if they were a scam), so perhaps the challenges you are having are only temporary.

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 Is the en línea survey company
  Is the en línea survey company
  Is the en línea survey company

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