Is Surveyeah safe? read this before

Is Surveyeah safe? read this before

If you’ve spent time trying take paid surveys on the Internet to get plus money, you will have noticed that not all these pages are equally reliable and effective.

Most of them claim to offer you great rewards in exchange for your opinion.

But when it comes to exchanging your points for those prizes, few survey companies they keep their promises.

Today I want to talk to you about one of those pages that is becoming more and more habitual: surveyeeah.

Is a secure survey pageOr are you just going to get wasted your time with her?

Here I am going to tell you everything My personal experience since I signed up for it a year ago: how many surveys do they send, is it real that they pay or not, how long does it take to get a reward, and what types of prizes have…

If you want to find out the truth about whether Surveyeah is safe or not To earn plus money with your opinion, keep reading…

Characteristics by Surveyeah

Type of register: free. Clic here to register.

Payment methods: PayPal and cards with money for Amazon.

Accepted countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela, and others such as Germany, France…

Language: Spanish, English, French, Italian…

Minimum amount to collect: 10 euros or 10 dollars.

As register in Surveyeah

Surveyeah is the survey page that has registration easier: you only have to write your correo electrónico, a password, select your gender, put your year of birth, and your zip code.

It will take you less than 1 minute to register on their page, and also registration is FREE.

One of the things that gave me the most confidence since signing up for Surveyeah is that They did not ask me for too personal information like my card or bank account number.

That’s why, Surveyeah is safe to sign upand get plus income by giving your opinion by answering surveys.

The topics for which they will ask you are very different: from the kind of clothes you buywhat brands you use, even what kind of food you eat, what television programs you watch, or what is your favorite music.

In the vídeo below I share a step-by-step tutorial for signing up for Surveyeahand start taking surveys from the moment you register.

Remember that it is very important that answer ALL profile surveys when you have registered, because then Surveyeah perro send you more paid surveys according to your profile to generate income.

As receive more surveys in Surveyeah

Some Gananci entusiastas have told me in various comments that although they have successfully registered with Surveyeah, they do not receive any survey of this page.

This happens because of one of two things: Surveyeah does send them surveys, but go to contenido publicitario folderor they have not completed all the profile surveys, and therefore do not receive any.

In the first case, I recommend that check your contenido publicitario folderand if there’s an correo electrónico from Surveyeah there, mark it as “not contenido publicitario” if you’re using Gmail, or mark it as “junk” if you’re using Hotmail.

In the second case, as I told you before, It is important that you fill out all the profile surveys. To do so, log in to your Surveyeah account, and clic on “Profile”.

Once there, look at the “Complete my profile” column, next to each category clic on “Start”, and answer all questions until you have completed all the surveys.

This is what makes a big difference between receive many surveys, and receive hardly any.

It is also important how you answer these questions, because depending on your answersyou will receive more surveys, or less.

For example, if you say that you do not have a jobor that your income is low, and that you hardly buy clothes or other types of products, and that you do not travel, they will hardly send you surveys to give your opinion on those issues.

But if you put that if you usually travel, buy and consume With the majority of products that they ask you about, there will be a greater oportunidad that they will send you more surveys.

do you surveyah It is safe? My personal experience

Surveyeah is a paid survey site pretty new compared to others like globaltestmarket They have been on the market for years.

I’m registered in it for a year approximately, and it is one of the survey companies that has given me the best results so far.

The only rewards they have are money through PayPal and Amazon.

I prefer it to be that fácil: there are many other pages that only offer prizes like calendars, cell phone cases, home accessories…

And also, many points are needed to be able to order those products, and it takes more than 4 weeks to receive them at home.

I don’t do surveys to get prizes of that type. I do them to earn plus incomeand buy the products that I want with that money, without having to choose from a catalog.

That’s the reason why Surveyeah is one of my favorite sites. to fill out surveys: because they pay with moneyand not with gifts that do not compensate for the time invested in answering questions.

Surveyeah pays for each survey with money, does not do it with points that you have to accumulate

Depending on the duration (usually between 5 and 20 minutes), they pay between 0.50 cents, and a maximum of 5 dollars or euros for each survey.

So even though they don’t send many surveys a day (It is usually a survey every day), it is very easy to accumulate the 10 dollars/euros necessary to withdraw the money through PayPal.

you’re not going to get rich with this, you are not even going to earn a full salary; but it is an plus income that comes in handy to pay small expenses, or invest it in other ways to earn money.

The money I’ve earned with Surveyeah I’ve been investing it in other methods like IQ Option where you only need $10 to get started.

And that’s just how with IQ Option I have generated more than $1,800 every month investing my money from surveys in binary options.

do you surveyah pay?

Most of my students, when they started taking classes with me and I recommended that they start with the surveys, They had the same concern: that this was a scam or a waste of time.

But as received their first paymentthey verified that Surveyeah is safe and that it is transparent with its users.

In the year that I have registered on this survey page I have always been paid.

In fact, this is the main advantage of Surveyeah: when you request a payment through PayPal or Amazon, you will receive the money instantly in your account.

Other survey companies take days or even weeks until they deposit the money in the account that you have indicated.

However, with Surveyeah this deposit is done immediately, you do not have to wait not a minute to receive it.

These are the main reasons why Surveyeah has become in this last year in one of my favorite pages to earn money with surveys: registration and questions are fácil, it is easy to reach the minimum payment, and the money is transferred immediately.

It’s a good iniciativa register in Surveyah?

From my personal experience with this page, I think that Surveyeah is one of the best survey companies with which to start answering questions and generate plus money.

As a summary, these are the advantages and disadvantages that I have found:

  • Available in many countries (all of Latin America, Spain, the United States…)
  • Register It’s free and they ask for little information
  • They pay the surveys with moneynot with points
  • Payments are immediate: you don’t have to wait to receive the money
  • Each survey has a high pay

  • they only send a survey a day or every two days

And you, Have you used Surveyeah? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 Is Surveyeah safe?  read this before
  Is Surveyeah safe?  read this before
  Is Surveyeah safe?  read this before

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