Is Splitwise the best split aplicación

Is Splitwise the best split aplicación

We all love group tours.

The iniciativa of ​​traveling with friends, exploring interesting places, trying new food and partying all night is sure to excite you.

But, when it comes to popular travel, you have to get two things right.

One is planning.

You have to include everyone who is going on the trip and plan everything to the point.

With a popular travel planning aplicación, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Next is the budget.

When you travel in groups, everything from food to taxi fares tends to be shared expenses.

It’s all fun and games until you sit down to split the costs and realize you have a ton of transactions to deal with.

The good news is that there are aplicaciones to solve this mess too! Splitwise is a habitual aplicación that helps you keep track of your shared expenses and split bills easily.

Read our review to find out more!

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What is Splitwise?

Splitwise is an application that helps you perform a cost sharing tracking and split bills when traveling with a group of people.

Founded in 2011 by Ryan Laughlin, Marshall Weir and Jonathan Bittner, it initially targeted roommates and couples who share household expenses.

Soon, it became a huge hit with travelers because it was an easier and less cumbersome way to split travel expenses.

There will be so many expenses you’ll have to bear as you go along, and keeping track of who owes whom and who owes what isn’t easy.

With aplicaciones like Splitwise, you no longer have to share cold looks, argue, or empty your wallet on behalf of your friends.

There is a web and mobile version to use.

The Splitwise aplicación is available for Android and iOS devices.

Does Splitwise charge a fee?

Splitwise offers a free version that has most of its core features.

However, for those who rely on the aplicación frequently, its Pro version has some interesting additions in store.

It costs $2.99 ​​per month or $29.99 per year.

How does Splitwise work?

After creating an account with Splitwise, create a «Cluster» adding all your friends and their contact numbers.

This way, your friends are constantly updated while being able to add expenses from their end.

Whenever you want to add an expense, clic “Add Invoice” and entrar all the required information such as the amount, the people who owe money, the date, etcétera., along with an image if necessary.

Clic “Save” after adding each bill/expense you find during the trip.

At the end of the trip, you need to settle and settle the debts, do youYeah? Clic on “Settle» and you will see the amount you owe to each fellow traveler separately.

You perro pay with cash and record it as a “cash payment” or pay with PayPal or Venmo.

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What are some features of Splitwise?

  1. Choose how to split bills/expenses among members, equally, by percentage, or by specific amounts
  2. Select from 100+ currencies when recording expenses.

    It is useful for travelers as you cánido record amounts using the country’s local currency or currency specified on invoices (as long as the especial currency is supported by the application).

  3. Payment integration with PayPal and Venmo
  4. “Simplify Debts”, which helps groups resolve debt triangles by minimizing the number of transactions
  5. Keep track of the total cómputo instead of individual expenses

The ad-free Pro version includes currency conversion, receipt scanning, charts and graphs, and a few other features.

How does Splitwise make money?

The bill splitter aplicación generates revenue from ads in its free version and subscription fees from its Pro version.

What we like about Splitwise

The main advantage is that Splitwise takes a lot of the hassle out of you.

You don’t have to remind your friends of the money they owe you or be reminded of what you owe them as the aplicación will remind everyone of the dues.

You also don’t have to keep spreadsheets and spend time doing calculations.

The aplicación has the basics right!

When traveling together, everyone starts spending on everyone’s behalf at some point, and we think it cánido be sorted and cleared up at the end.

Without an aplicación to manage shared expenses, it perro easily turn into a complicated mess.

Splitwise tracks every amount borrowed and borrowed, balancing the installments, so there are only a few transactions you have to settle at the end.

Splitwise has some useful features that help travelers manage their shared expenses effectively.

The ability to create different groups, record expenses in different currencies, categorize expenses, and simplify debt is important when traveling with friends or family.

We like how this aplicación is very detailed, although it does come with a bit of complexity.

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What we don’t like about Splitwise

  • Lack of ease of payment in the application

There is no way to pay your friends directly through the aplicación.

If you have PayPal or Venmo installed, you will be directed to the aplicación so you cánido make the payment.

If your country doesn’t support either, it’s cash only.

In addition, the usuario has to record each time a debt is settled in cash or another mode of payment.

It might be better if there is an in-aplicación payment feature that helps you pay directly and record payments automatically.

  • may not all participate

If you have old-school friends who refuse to stray from manual methods, Splitwise may not be the best option.

One, everyone involved in the trip should sign up and check correos electrónicos frequently for updates.

Excessive correos electrónicos, in some cases, perro also be annoying.

Second, it takes time for users to get familiar with the aplicación.

Is Splitwise worth it?

Yeah! Unless you’ve already found a better aplicación, we think you should definitely consider this.

The free version offers all the main features, although including the currency conversion function would have been even better.

An aplicación to manage shared expenses is a must for people traveling in groups as it minimizes the possibility of disputes and relieves stress.

If you want to learn about other aplicaciones that are useful for travelers, read here.

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 Is Splitwise the best split aplicación
  Is Splitwise the best split aplicación
  Is Splitwise the best split aplicación

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