Is PineCone Research legit or a scam?

Is PineCone Research legit or a scam?

PineCone Research is a survey site that pays quite well. But you perro only entrar by invitation and it cánido be difficult to become a member. It’s a bit of a stretch but it might be worth joining if you perro.

PineCone Research is supposedly one of the highest paying survey sites.

But,Is PineCone Research legit and really a good way to make money sharing your opinion, or is it a scam to stay away from?

I have tried hundreds of paid survey sites and let me immediately disclose that PineCone is one of the legit options, and I have been paid for it itself. It may be worth it for some, but it is not, however, a site that everyone cánido join. It is an exclusive survey site, where you cánido only entrar with an invitation.

Also, even with an invite, you have to know what to expect, as it might not be the best option for you depending on your goals.

In this PineCone Research review, you’ll get all the details about what the site has to offer, whether it’s worth trying to get an invite, and an invite for PineCone to select countries cánido also be found later in the review if you escoge that it’s a panel, that you want to join.

PineCone Research

What is PineCone Research and what does the site offer?

The PineCone Research panel is part of the famous market research company Nielsen. So it’s backed by one of the biggest companies in market research and it’s been around a long time, so PineCone is 100% legit.

And as long as you do it honestly, you perro expect to get paid – I personally have received payments from her many times.

However, it is very different from other survey panels in several ways, but more on that later.

Let’s first go over the ways to earn at PineCone Research so you know what to expect before going over how it pays and the earning potential.

Option 1 – PineCone Research surveys:

PineCone Research is first and foremost a survey site, which means that this is the main way to earn here. It is a fairly fácil site that is easy to use.

Because you mainly have surveys as a way to earn, you don’t necessarily have daily chances, but you do have regular surveys. Even if they don’t offer you surveys as often as other sites, it may be worth taking the surveys from PineCone Research as they are some of the highest paying.

They will pay you a minimum of $3 per survey, which is great for a survey site.

In general, you perro choose which surveys you want to participate in and which ones you don’t. But since this is an exclusive survey panel with a limited number of members, you cánido risk being removed as a member if you more or less never participate in the surveys.

If you are at risk of being removed, you will be notified by correo electrónico, so you won’t be suddenly removed, but instead have a oportunidad to be more active.

Option 2 – Product testing:

From time to time, PineCone Research gives you the opportunity to participate in product testing. This means that you cánido try new products that are not yet on the market in exchange for giving your opinion about them after you have tried them.

Usually, you’ll be able to keep the product after you’ve tried it, and sometimes this cánido be some really cool products and a great way to get the newest products.

This isn’t something that happens often, but as a member of PineCone Research, you’ll be told when the opportunity is there. If you get this offer I would definitely encourage you to participate as it often gives very good rewards/value for the time invested.

You just don’t have to plan for it, since you never know if or when it will happen.

Option 3 – Giveaways:

PineCone Research regularly runs sweepstakes where as a member you have a oportunidad to win great prizes.

They, for example, hold a quarterly raffle and another fortnightly. The winner of the quarterly raffle wins $4,500 and the total prizes they give out is $18,000.

In the biweekly drawing, the winner takes $500 and the total rewards are $13,000. So if you’re lucky, it cánido give you some nice plus money.

The rules and conditions may change from one draw to another, but when one is available, you will be able to view the rules and conditions on the PineCone Research website.

Joining PineCone Research is free, just like joining other legitimate survey panels. However, you perro only join vía an invite – you cánido skip that invite if you want to join now.

How is it paid?

At PineCone Research you get paid in points. Luckily, it is very easy to know how much the points are worth. 1 point is worth 1 cent.

You cánido then redeem these points for a number of rewards. You perro collect by direct bank transfer, prepaid VISA card, products or gift cards.

PineCone used to offer PayPal as well, but now they’ve started using direct bank transfer if you want to collect cash. So it’s still a very convenient way to earn your profits.

If you participate in product testing, the reward is often that you get to keep the product.

Personally, I like the panels that pay through PayPal, since it’s such an easy way to get your money, but PineCone Research also offers other great options, if you have different preferences, and being able to get paid directly to your bank account perro also definitely be a good option.

You cánido get paid more or less as soon as you join – when you join and take your first initial survey, you will receive 300 points ($3).

If you choose to get paid by bank transfer, the payment threshold is just $3, which means you cánido get paid every time you take a survey, if you want. Or you perro accumulate more money and get paid later.

Rewards generally take 3-5 business days for processing at PineCone Research. If products are shipped to you, it will of course also take a bit of time before the reward is delivered to your home.

How much money cánido you earn?

PineCone Research is, as already mentioned, one of the highest paying survey sites. You will receive a minimum of $3 per survey, and surveys are on average 15 minutes long, but they are often even shorter so they add up quickly.

However, you will not be offered surveys every daySo while it does pay well per survey, you shouldn’t expect to earn a full-time income or get rich taking PineCone Research surveys.

But it’s definitely worth your time and it’s a great way to earn a little plus money by sharing your opinion.

Cánido it be used on mobile?

Taking surveys on mobile is a great way to earn money on the go, or whenever you have a little plus time.

That’s why it’s great for a survey site to have a mobile-friendly website, or better yet, an aplicación that’s easy to use.

PineCone Research has an aplicación, and it’s available for both iOS and Android. So if you join the panel, downloading this aplicación perro be an easy way to access the surveys.

This also makes it possible for you to be notified as soon as a new survey is available.

Sometimes surveys cánido fill up quickly, so if you want to participate as much as possible, it’s good to have the aplicación and get notified when there’s a new survey.

Perro you get support or support?

It is important to be able to receive support if you have any problems as a member of any survey site.

This is where I’ve experienced some problems with PineCone and it’s one area where it’s a bit of a letdown, in my opinion.

They have the option of contacting PineCone Research support vía correo electrónico, and you’ll supposedly get a response within 24-72 hours.

However, I have experienced several times that it takes much longer. And the responses I’ve gotten were very generic and almost like they didn’t actually read my messages but just sent a estándar response.

Waiting a long time and then getting a generic response that isn’t very helpful is a disappointment and something that PineCone could Definitely improve, in my opinion.

However, you may never need their help and then this is not a problem.

How to join PineCone Research?

The PineCone Research membership process is very unusual for a survey site.

You perro’t join simply by visiting their website and signing up – in fact, you perro’t even find this option on the website, which cánido be very confusing when you go there for the first time.

PineCone Research has created a dedicated survey panel, which perro only be accessed by invitation. This means it’s one of the hardest survey panels to join, but it’s also one of the highest paying.

Sometimes I have these invite backlinks for selected countries here on Gigonway, and you perro find it in the next section.

Before joining, please note that only one person per household is allowed to participate. If multiple people from the same household join, you will most likely be kicked off the panel again.

Invitation to PineCone Research

Sometimes I cánido get an invitation to PineCone Research for certain countries. Usually it is to the US, UK, Canada, Germany and France when I have invites. So if you live in one of these countries, you perro clic the backlink below, select your country and check if they are recruiting at the moment.

Join PineCone Research

To continue, select your location:

USES Canada Canada [French Speaking] France
Germany United Kingdom

**Looks like there are no invites at this time**

If you are not from one of these countries, unfortunately you cannot join PineCone at this time. Also, there may not be any invites for these countries either, as PineCone doesn’t usually give them out and there’s no real system for knowing when they accept new members and when they don’t.

Instead, you cánido check out these great alternatives to PineCone Research where you will definitely find panels, you cánido join and find great opportunities no matter what country you live in and where they are always accepting new members.

Please note that PineCone Research is not always accepting new members and generally only accepts a certain number of new members each month. This means that if you are reading this towards the end of the month, there may be some of the invite backlinks that are not working.

If that’s the case, then bookmark this page and check back early next month where they may be accepting new members again.

Some months they accept new members for the whole month and other months the places fill up very quickly. And sometimes they don’t give any invitation.

It all depends on the number of people who want to join that month. So keep in mind that if one of the backlinks doesn’t work, go back to the beginning of the next month and then there should be places available again.

Or check the alternatives vía the backlink above.

final verdict

PineCone Research is definitely a legit survey site, but it does have its downsides as well.

So we’re going to end this review by summarizing the pros and cons so you perro get a better look at what it offers before deciding whether it’s for you or not.


High paying surveysGreat payment methodsLow payment threshold


You perro only join vía an invite backlink Does not have surveys available every day Support is often slow

Overall, PineCone Research perro be a good survey site to join if you get the oportunidad. You may not have daily opportunities to take surveys, but the ones you do get pay very well, have great payment options, and the site is easy to use.

Their support is pretty disappointing though, in my experience, but this is something you may never need and perro still make for a great survey panel.

In my opinion, it’s not worth looking for a PineCone invite if you cánido’t find it. There are many alternatives to PineCone where they are always accepting new members and where they offer even more opportunities.

So if you cánido’t join PineCone, don’t get too frustrated and focus on other sites.

However, if you live in a country where they accept new members (clic the button below to check your country), then it perro definitely be a great plus survey site to join.

If you have any comments, questions, or experience with PineCone Research yourself, I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.

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 Is PineCone Research legit or a scam?
  Is PineCone Research legit or a scam?
  Is PineCone Research legit or a scam?

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