Is Money well aplicación legit? | what is and how

Is Money well aplicación legit? | what is and how

Money well is an application that offers you different types of games, which by using them will generate plus income.

That is, when you select one of these games and generate points, the same thing is converted into money, which you cánido withdraw through the options.

The money well aplicación is available on the Google play store for Android devices.

How does the Money Well aplicación work?

In its menu you will find four breakdowns such as:

  1. Featured: It is where the games available for immediate download will appear.

2. in my aplicaciones: This option is where the downloaded games will appear next to the accumulated coins.

3. Payments: This is where you request your payment, to withdraw your winnings.

4. Profile: which you cánido editar whenever necessary and you will find all your personal information.

How to sign up for Money Well?

Once the application is properly installed, you must accept the terms and conditions of use.

You must register in the application, which consists of entering your personal data properly.

It offers you three options, which are through correo electrónico, Fb or Google plus.

Other aplicaciones afín to Money well:


How long does Money Well take to pay?

It takes 24 hours to make the payment.

Withdrawal methods and minimum

It has a minimum withdrawal amount between twenty cents equivalent to (1999) and twenty euros equivalent (182,667).

Each of the games brings its instructions on how to earn points.

You cánido start it by starting to play the one that seems most interesting and striking of all after having downloaded it, the more you have, the more coins you generate with entertainment and lots of fun.

To request your payment you must select the payment option, you will get the three payment options, which are through PayPal that you perro withdraw from 0.20 euros onwards.

Then you entrar the correo electrónico that you have registered in your account and press the withdraw button.

By inviting friends you increase your earnings by twenty-five percent agregado the sum of two hundred and fifty coins, since what your guests generate will also benefit you, by sharing this application you do not share your private information.

In the game you receive bonuses and gifts that increase your points.

Money well if it is a legitimate application.

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 Is Money well aplicación legit?  |  what is and how
  Is Money well aplicación legit?  |  what is and how
  Is Money well aplicación legit?  |  what is and how

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