Is making money filling out surveys a scam?

Is making money filling out surveys a scam?

The Internet has become the gold mine of opportunities to succeed today. And if you don’t believe it, look what happened to me…

I quit my job because I was fed up from working for someone who didn’t value me, and didn’t pay me enough to be away from my family most of the day.

And without having a penny in my pocket, I finally got create my first business (a blog) and finally have the financial freedom that I had always wanted.

That was 13 years ago; Since then, I have founded other businesses and found other ways to generate additional income that today they are allowing me to earn more than 20,000 dollars every month.

But while I’m glad I came all the way to get to where I am today, My beginnings were difficult.

The hardest part was get the money to start the business that I wanted on the Internet.

Don’t think I needed a lot: I just wanted something that would give me about $40 a month to start my first blog.

So I started searching on Google plus.

The problem was that most of the ways to generate income that I found I had to pay a membership or a fairly high deposit ($200 and up).

I had that money, but now that I didn’t have a job, I didn’t want to spend my savings in a method that I didn’t know if it was going to work or not.

I started to follow weblogs and register in forums in which people told how they had started living off the Internet to see if I could take ideas from them and start putting them into practice.

One day, one of those forum members told us that he had found a new way to make money en línea easily: filling out paid surveys.

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told us that he had been testing it in recent weeks with very good results.

At first when I read it, I had quite a few doubts.

But he had already tried so many things that never worked that I said to myself “why not try one more?“.

Today I have written this post for you because every day I receive about 20 emails from Gananci followers who ask me what my opinion is about making money by filling out surveys.

And if you are here, it is because you also want to know if this is real a reliable method, or if it is a hoax more like others on the Internet.

I’m going to give you a clue: there is a secret in the polls with which You must be very careful….

Do you want to know what it is? So keep reading to find out.

What will you find in this article?

What is paid surveys?

▶ How to make money doing online surveys

▶ Can you really earn money by filling out surveys?

whatWhat is paid surveys?

paid surveys is the easiest way to start earning money by Internet.

It works like this: you sign up for a survey company, they send you simple questions to your email, you answer them, and they pay you to give your opinion.

You are probably wondering what why would they pay you for something like that, and who does it.

The answer is simple: are the product companies themselves and services that do it to improve what they sell.

Large companies hire survey companies to ask your users (you) what they likewhat are their hobbies, what interests them, and what kind of things they buy and consume.

In this way, these large companies get get to know the people who use what they sell betterand thus they can improve their products, create advertising that attracts more customers, and save a lot of money on promotion.

In exchange for that collaboration with them, they pay the people they ask questions money for giving them your opinion.

Best of all, these companies they need people like you of all ages, countries and with different tastes and interests.

So You must not have any previous experienceknowledge or skills to start participating in surveys and earn money with them.

you just need be you, feel like having fun, and answer in your own words the questions that will be sent to your email.

The great advantage of surveys is that you can work on them as long as you want and when you want.

You can answer them from your computer or from your cell phone with Internet access.

For example, what I do is fill out surveys while the ads are on when I watch a television program, when i’m waiting for the busor when I am in the market waiting to pay for the purchase.

In that way, I take advantage of those dead moments in which I have nothing to do to earn money by filling out surveys, and thus I can increase my earnings with them.

As earn money doing surveys online

1. Look for survey pages and sign up for them

Although this may seem obvious to you, you should be very careful when searching pages of surveys to register for.

I will explain below what has been my personal experience during all these years answering surveys on different pages.

But without a doubt, one of the things that you must be very clear about is that, to register on a survey page They ask you for money, don’t do it.

Because? Because signing up for surveys is always free; And if they ask you for money to do it, it is most likely a hoax, or something much worse…

This is why it’s not as easy as it seems find good survey pages that are 100% safe and reliable.

Here below I share the pages that I use currently to earn money by filling out surveys.

Registration in all of them is FREEyou will never have to pay anything to be registered.

I recommend you to register on ALL pages that apply to your country in order to increase your profits.

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1. Opinion Center

Opinion Center is another paid survey company with which you will receive several surveys per week.

The rewards they offer for answering their questions are in money, which you can collect through PayPalor asking for gift cards to buy on Amazon.

Also, for each survey carried out, you will receive entries for raffles that are held every month in which you can win different amounts of money (from $100 to $1,000).

Opinion Center It has different names depending on the country you are in.

[button url=” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#62f04e” color=”#000000″ size=”10″ wide=”no” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”none” desc=”Regístrate en Centro de Opinión Aquí”]Register in the Opinion Center Here >>[/button]
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2. give your opinion

give your opinion is one of the most habitual survey companies in the world.

They send a good number of surveys daily on all kinds of topics: food, vacations, motoring, movies, music…

For each finished survey, they will give you points that will accumulate in your account and that you will be able to redeem for prize that you prefer

In Opina there is different types of rewards.

One of them is in the form of moneywhere you perro request from an amount of $5 to $50.

Payment methods are through PayPal.

But they have also added other types of rewards that you perro request, such as vouchers to buy on amazon or coupons for different stores.

give your opinion It has different names depending on the country you are in.

[button url=” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#62f04e” color=”#000000″ size=”10″ wide=”no” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”none” desc=”Regístrate en Centro de Opinión Aquí”]Register in Opinion Here >>[/button]
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3. toluna

toluna is a company with more than 4 million registered users where, In addition to sending you surveys, you perro participate in en línea games that allow you to earn plus points.

The best thing about this page is that the points you accumulate cánido be exchanged for various types of rewards: PayPal and gift vouchers for different stores.

[button url=” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#62f04e” color=”#000000″ size=”10″ wide=”no” center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”none” desc=”Regístrate en Centro de Opinión Aquí”]Register in Toluna Here >>[/button]
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2. Fill in your profile to receive more surveys

After registering on the survey pages, you will be asked to answer a few questions to create your profile in each one of them.

This they do for be able to send you surveys that best fit your personality.

The problem is that sometimes there are certain profiles that are not the ones that this type of company is looking for, and in this way, They will hardly send you surveys.

So when you have to fill out your profile, a form of create a good one This is how you answer the questions they ask you:

  • Age: The ideal is to put between 20 and 35 years
  • Civil status: you will receive some more surveys if you say you have a partner or are married
  • Children: indicating that you have at least 1 child you will receive more surveys on this topic
  • Income: one of the most important questions.

    It is always best to indicate that you have an average income

  • Job: full-time employment is usually the best answer to receive more surveys
  • Have you done any of these things in the last few months?: This is a very frequent question in all surveys.

    If they ask you if you have bought any product, traveled, or any other type of thing in the last months, answer “yes” because that way they will send you surveys on those topics (and you will earn more money).

3. Take your first survey and start earning money

Once you have filled out your entire profile on each of the pages where you have registered, you will get your first survey.

Depending on the survey company, sometimes you will receive one in a few minutes after you have finished your profile, and others you will have to wait until the next day.

Either way, remember to look carefully in your correo at least twice a day to see if there is a new poll.

If you don’t see any in your inbox, check your contenido publicitario or junk folder.

You perro also entrar with your correo electrónico and your password in the pages in which you have registered, go to the survey section, and see there if there are new questions for you.

Every time you see a new survey, do it as soon as you perro so as not to be left out the quota of people, answer the questions they ask you, and thus you will earn money that you perro later transfer to your bank account or to your PayPal account.

perro you really make money filling out surveys?

Here’s the big question you’ve probably been asking yourself ever since you started reading this entire articulo: Is it possible to earn money by filling out surveys or not?

My answer is yes.

But BEWARE: there is a dangerous secret What do you need to know so as not to be deceived?

As I told you at the beginning, I found out about this method of making money by filling out surveys through a forum in which we all helped each other.

So that’s when I started looking for pages that would help me make enough money to create my first blog, and start my first business.

I went to Google plus, and as soon as I put the search words in it, they appeared to me several pages very afín to each other.

This made me a bit suspicious…

Have you ever come across a page where was there a picture like this?

Or, browsing any blog or a web page, Have you seen embedded ads like this?

I am sure that many times you have seen these types of ads and pages. I also saw them at the beginning when I wanted to start earning money with surveys.

I thought they were the solution to my problem, so I put the data they asked for, and my surprise was that after that, to access those supposed pages, I had to pay $39.99.

I was already so desperate that I paid them.

I really wanted that to be true.

But it was the worst decision i ever madeand which I still regret to this day.

After paying, they sent me an correo electrónico with the “supposed” list of surveys.

And you know what?

It wasn’t a long list of surveys: in it, there were only 4 pages of surveysand they were all the same pages that you have above in point number 1.

I had just paid almost 40 dollars for a list of only 4 pages of surveys that I already knew!

those pages you perro find them for free here at Gananci, or just doing some searching on the internet.

Worst of all, these pages, which are complete fraud, are still operating today.

So please, if you come across these kinds of scams, don’t fall for them: here is that same list for FREE.

In fact, in my free list there are more survey pagesand you don’t have to pay almost 40 dollars for them.

With the survey companies that I have recommended above yes you cánido make money.

I repeat it to you again: you are not going to get a full salary doing surveys.

but yes you cánido earn good plus money every month that you cánido use to pay some expenses in your home, or save that capital to invest it later in other things that generate more income, such as creating your own business or invest in the depósito market.

Which of these companies to earn money by filling out surveys have you tried? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 Is making money filling out surveys a scam?
  Is making money filling out surveys a scam?
  Is making money filling out surveys a scam?

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