Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?:

Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?:

Hello friends!!. Today it’s time to ask ourselves a good question: Really Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?. For the newest and those who do not know the PTC world, tell you that the “grid” is the typical game of the boats. In this game you will have to uncover a series of boxes that will direct you to an advertisement that you will have to view. Ads usually don’t last long, about 5 or 10 seconds. At the end of the ad you will see if you have won a prize or not. Normally it is usually a cash prize of 0.1 $ or 0.1 €. On the BTC pages, the payment will be in satoshis. Normally about 5 or 10 satoshis per prize.

Depending on the page you are working on, and the category you have on it (estándar or higher). In the estándar you perro have from 20 or 25 opportunities.

After reminding you what the Clixgrid are. We are going to ask ourselves if it is worth doing the clixgrid. Well, everything is relative. If we have enough time, it would be convenient to uncover all the boxes. Any prize that we perro get on the internet will increase your earnings. On the other hand, if you have many pages PTC and BTCand you don’t have time. So I recommend that you only do the clixgrid in Neobux.

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The case of Neobux Adprize

In neobux Specifically, the PTC page par excellence, (remind you that Clixsense changed last year to a survey page) it is no longer necessary to open boxes.

Neobux does not have a clixgrid to use, but a kind of “carousel”. In that “carousel”, for each ad seen, you will have four chances to win prizes. These prizes perro range from 10 points to cash for your cómputo. You perro also earn free Golden memberships. I have been working Neobux every day for more than 2 years and I have not received any membership. But I still do it every day.

Some of you might think that I have a lot of free time, and that’s why I have time to see all the ads. Nothing further from reality. I get out of the crisis and my family take up a lot of my time and I have almost no free time left. Even soI do the adrize every day. But do not think that I do it one by one. In this articulo I detail how adprize works. Basically it is to do it automatically, while you do something else at home or get a little distracted (everything is necessary).

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If you are short of time, I would only recommend that you do the Neobux adprize. The rest you should do only if you have time to spare.

Personally, on the PTC pages I work with (like Optimalbux and GPTPlanet) I don’t do the Clixgrid. It’s just due to lack of time. If I have a bit of free time (which is usually minimal) I prefer to dedicate it to studying metrics, palabras clave and writing in forums to increase my authority on the web. But I will tell you about that in another articulo. If you have a blog, I would recommend the same. In the long run you will benefit.

AS A CONCLUSION Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?

Repeating what I said before. It depends on your free time and the PTC or BTC pages you have to work. Many times it is more effective to work on onpage and offpage seo than to do the clixgrids in which we normally do not have much success. In my beginnings I did completely the opposite. I always did the clixgrid on all the pages I worked on. Until I understood that it was better to work on other task or survey pages or work on SEO.

Here I leave you my personal experience, I hope it will be of help to you and you will be able to earn money en línea. Regards and until next time!!

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 Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?:
  Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?:
  Is it worth doing the Clixgrid?:

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