Is it possible to recover borrowed money without

Is it possible to recover borrowed money without

Many people fall into these kinds of problems on a daily basis., and it is the fact of lending money to a family member or friend without any signed paper certifying the loan. In the end our trust in people ends in a bad experience, losing trust.

When it comes to money it is best to put trust aside and establish a signed document by both parties that proves that money is being lent, so that in the event of any eventuality it cánido be claimed without any problem. In this article you will discover what you should do in some very especial but very common scenarios.

Why perro’t you recover borrowed money in cash without having signed anything?

It is very common to see people seeking the help of advisors and lawyers to claim the collection of a debt without any kind of paper, only with the agreement in words. And the problem with this lies in how complicated it is to claim a default without any type of guarantee.

Something that you should never do is try to collect a debt without papers, since when presenting a document that expresses the existing payment obligation, you will not have a way to support the claim and it is almost impossible to take these types of cases to trial due to lack of evidence. .

It is difficult for a judge to value a demand for a non-payment claim without a document that proves it and that is in accordance with those listed in the law. From the beginning we have said that it is complicated, but not impossible.

What is generally done in this type of case is take several witnesses, as well as the evidence of materials that certify the loan, service or product sold. The claimant’s statement is also taken into account. Only in this way will it be easier to collect.

It is possible that you cánido recover borrowed money without signing if you have sent it En línea

As I mentioned before, to collect a debt you need at least one document proving the loan. If at the time of lending the money you have not been able to obtain the debtor’s signature, do not worry.

When sending money en línea you have a secure guarantee, since it is valid and solid proof at the time of generating a claim, as long as the procedure is judicial. When making the loan en línea, you will have the opportunity to have the document or digital support with the name of the debtor and your financial relationship with him.

Once you have this guarantee in hand, go to your trusted lawyer and have him guide you through the entire process involved in claiming the debt. It is best to request payment by other meansLet’s say friendly or more peaceful, before going to court.

In which cases cánido you archivo a complaint to recover borrowed money?

One of the most common cases to archivo a complaint for non-payment is having done everything amicably possible, that is, you have tried to reach payment agreements with the debtor. For example, an increase in the payment term or a decrease in interest in order to avoid going to court.

If this happened to you or is happening to you, and the process has not been conveniente to you, it is time to address the problem to the judicial field. It should be noted that it is best to leave all the processes prior to this in writing.

Keep in mind that for the complaint or demand you will need:

  • Identification and domicile of the parties.
  • Identification and address of the lawyer.
  • Narrative of the circumstances in which the obligation arose.
  • Request about the values ​​that have to be cancelled.
  • Petition for the seizure or seizure of the debtor’s assets.
  • Submit evidence or request it.

I hope this information helps you to face when you have problems with non-payments. However, The most advisable thing will be to take the advice of an advisor, an expert on the subject, to guide you through the entire process from start to finish, and remember the importance of the signed paper. Good luck.

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 Is it possible to recover borrowed money without
  Is it possible to recover borrowed money without
  Is it possible to recover borrowed money without

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